Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Party Last 2010

I love Halloween Season!
I always look forward to it every year even when I was young.
I haven't tried trick or treating
but Halloween parties and
having a marathon of horror shows on television is what I really enjoy.
 Spooky stories are so nice to hear,
(then I'll regret listening to it) 
and shopping malls in the Philippines
will start displaying and selling scary costumes around early September.

my bestbud Marc & me at SM Mall of Asia

Last year was the happiest Halloween for me,
coz I get to celebrate it with friends.
We went to the biggest shopping mall in the Philippines,
 and played with scary stuffs.

my bestfriend Joyce feelin' demonic. lol

This one's the freakiest of all.
My friend Marc told me to kiss this creature.
The moment my nose touched it's teeth,
I jumped!!
It's really freakkkkky!!!
The lower half of it's body is missing!!
It's fake though.

I can't remember which one happened first, 
playing at the mall or our halloween party
but it surely happened a week apart.

Of course the basic things you need
for a halloween themed party are:

spider webs

face paints

pumpkins. either fake or real

Here's our behind the scenes
 from our Halloween photoshoot/ party:

Our dear friend Chiquie doing the designs for spooky webs

the fake plastic pumpkins

Me & my bestfriend horsing around
then, we started painting our faces.

We're gonna transform ourselves into Sugar Skulls.. or half skull half girl

my broken mirror. hahah~

I have no idea what I'm doing. 

 Marc has his faux bleeding cut..

For my face, I was aiming for this look:

She's my favorite makeup artist on Youtube.
Her name's Jody.
So my concept is half skull half face girl.

 My bestfriend Joyce wants this one.

I think this is Marc's concept.

I have no idea about Chiquie's concept. LOL!!^^

After painting our faces
and designing the nipa hut
where we will have photoshoot and eat together,
here's the result:

mine ^_^

my bestfriend Joyce 

my bestbuddy Marc

My close friend Chiquie

toast!! coz we've done it successfully!^_^

The paints on our face were dull and lifeless coz of the flash,
so I enhanced it using Adobe Photoshop.


I think my bestfriend did a good job.^^

Chiquie and her adorable son Zander who also played with us

red juice. ^_^

I wanna do it again this year!! What should be my next concept?
Hmmm... a Vampire?

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