Monday, November 28, 2016

Glam Fairies Makeup Artistry

Hello lovelies! 2016 is about to end, can't be thankful enough coz 2016's disrespectful af. Just kidding, Although so many twist happened early this year, the latter part has been a blast and two of my dream/life goals came true. I guess the love for makeup and face painting won't end til 2017, and hoping the full blast status will happen more in the following years. I really do think my calling has to do with brushes, palettes and faces.

I would like to share with you first the MAC products I got, and I'm planning to be a guest makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics again by January. My MAC family has been asking me if I could work with them anytime soon, but I couldn't drop off all the makeup gigs from weddings to special occasions. I miss everyone at the store, and I miss working and playing at the same time, not to mention the free makeups I could get. So dreamy!

I actually chose those makeups I could use everyday, or for my brides... and I want more!!!
Visiting my MAC Family, with my little one that looks exactly like his dad.
Now for the fun part!!! I've found another family, more of like sisters from another mother!
After searching for a glam team for a long time since I hate working alone, I'm now collaborating with makeup artist Ella and hairstylist Kristine. We share a lot in common, our love for makeups, photo shoot, making women look beautiful, and.... food!

so here, I'm with Kristine. Ella isn't into pictures and due to some personal reasons
I'm still gonna wait for the time I can post her pic. :)
I've been doing my own makeup for more than a decade and it feels so weird yet ticklish (and I love it) that someone's doing it for myself. Ella is one of the most talented makeup artist I've met, not to mention her pretty expensive makeup collection and a she's so amusing. She never fails to crack me up almost everyday!

Ella and I have different techniques and signature look and we love helping each other out, giving tips and exchanging makeups! I envy her precise makeup application and how neat the finish is.
She loves using airbrush foundation on me and I love how I look pore-less in person. :) I even tell her my secret to soft smokey eyeliner and more.

Since every two weeks we get gigs and makeup sesh, I can practice more and improve my skills though sometimes my hand and my wrist joint won't cooperate. This coming December will definitely be the busiest month for the Glam Fairies. There will be weddings and Christmas parties.
Now I would like to share with you my pretty clients from our makeup session this week.

and after every makeup gig and makeup sesh here's the after math pic. I can't... anymore :)

For my next blog post it'll surely be about the upcoming Dutdutan Version of Imus, The Tatak Sumi Etivac event. I'll be one of the host and you know guys how much I love tattoo conventions and competitions. If only my mom won't kill me I'll be the Kat Von D of the Philippines.

Til next post!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brewed TV's First Short Film: Panaghoy (Lamentation)

Who knows that soon I'll have a slight future in acting?

Brewed TV has officially published their first ever short silent film "Panaghoy", and that familiar looking girl that portrays the role of the "other woman" is yes. none other than me. Though I took the lead role, there's a heartbreaking twist at the end of this 6 minute film.

Directed by Mr. Bhoriz Vicente of Grafeine Studios and through the wonderful cinematography of Mr. Jerel Travezonda, the "hits me right in the feels" film was just filmed in one day, story revolves around three characters. Filming was just indoor and outdoor (nothing fancy), day and night setting, and the teaser was immediately published the next day. 

I had fun but I find filmings so tiring. I was just asked to throw up coz I was supposed to be drunk, and cry coz I was hurt, but dang! as soon as I got home I immediately passed out. What more for celebs filming 60 episode of a teleserye or a 3 hour sci-fi movie with special effects makeups and prosthetic? I don't think I can endure such long time of waiting and prepping myself up! But then, though everything has been slightly tough, it turned out great!

Who knew that crying would be so damn easy? I just had to look at my husband (he's behind Direk Bhoriz) and remember his stubborness and bahm! the tears just fell effortlessly.

For the release of the full clip, we aimed for the peak hour on a Saturday night. Watch the tear-jerky full clip here:

The suppport and feedback was overwhelming for the first film! Kudos to all of us Direk Bhoriz Vicente, Mr, Jerel Travezonda, Mr. Kevin Regalado, my leading man in the film Mr. Jek Sotolombo and Miss Six Bomb Beige Elorde of Eat Bulaga. May we have more films to shoot! excited and looking forward for the next!

Also thanks to Miss Mich Liggayu for showing some love and suppport!

I was also asked by my dear friends on Facebook about the breakdown of products (makeups) I used as they said it was on point/on fleek!

FACE: Skindinavia Primer Spray, Naturactor Cover Cream in 171, Revecen Face Control Foundation in Nude Beige, Mac Select Sheer Powder in NC30, Revecen Mineral Powder in Blending

BROWS: Kissbeauty 3D Brows, Makeup geek eyeshadow in Mocha, Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe

EYES: Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Mocha (crease), Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Corrupt, Mac eyeshadow in Texture, Heroine Make liquid eyeliner, Christian Dior Iconic Mascara, Ardell False eyelashes in Demi.

CHEEKS: NYX Contour and Highlight palette, Nars Blush in Orgasm, Becca Shimmering Face Perfector in Champagne pop

LIPS: Mac Kinda Sexy (for day look), NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (night look)

Brewed TV will soon feature true to life love stories and more and every followers were encouraged to send their real life experiences that might touch the heart of viewers. Who knows, you might also get an acting role as they are also looking for more actors and actress. :)

Moral lesson of our first film: 

"Even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons can be a wrong decision."

Looking forward for the next film, I wonder what the story will be, or what the short film will turn out. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Experience as a MAC Guest Artist

Before I say something for this short post, let me scream OH MY GOD!! **at the top of my lungs**

Another check on my bucket list. I've been dreaming about this all my life, to be a MAC Artist even just for a day. Many girls would definitely agree since it's every girl's dream as soon as they reach the age of 20 and start swooning over makeups, don't forget the aspiring and even pro MUA's goal, for sure.

It was a life long dream that I just don't know how to accomplish since I can't commit on working 6 days a week, but I'm still considering if I really want to become a full time, full pledged MAC Artist.

So it started when I bumped into Miss Marsie La Sangre and I've found out she's a guest artist for MAC. It usually lasts for 4 to 5 days only, and you have an option if you want product payment or monetary payment. I've been endorsed at MAC Rustan's Alabang and everything happened smoothly and swiftly. I was on duty for five days (Sept.1-5)

I've already met my co-Artists the day before and should I say I never felt at home with a job for a long time? I've met the manager Miss Jane, Ethel and Aron, and they encouraged me to apply the next day as they said I'm already welcome, just have to push with my plans. :)


I went to Estee Lauder Cosmetic's Office first for my interview and got my pass/ID at Rustan's office in Oppen Building. Wearing a corporate all black (should I say corporate goth style?) with high heels and full beat face, I was requested to start my with my first day asap. As soon as Miss Ethel handed me the brush belt, I was like "Dang! So this really is it!"

My first day wasn't really hard, or should I say I didn't have a hard time coz I totally love what I'm doing. By the way, fones were not allowed for Rustan's employees so I only get the chance to have my picture taken with the gang whenever my hubby visits me at the store.


Just like the MAC Artists, I'm there to assist the beauty needs and queries of each client, do some makeovers, give tips, techniques, suggest products and make every clients feel welcome and at the same time purchase more of what they're planning to get. :) On my free time I help maintain the store by helping them to clean, arrange the cosmetics display and even the stocks on each shelf. Still, it's such a fun task. More importantly, it's a plus if you know the products by heart since most clients ask for your opinion, best shades to get and more. I even exceeded my quota!


You get to experience all MAC products and brushes! It's like every three hours I change my lippie color, retouch my makeup or add more colors to it. One time I went on a glam goth mode and used Instigator lipstick mixed with Sin for an ombre look and most clients bought it! If I'm not in the mood for dark shades I reach for Please Me lipstick or Back in Vogue retro matte liquid lipstick.

You'll also meet new friends from the fragrance/perfumery and even from other Estee Lauder Cosmetics Companies.

More pictures!

With my new friends Ethel and May.

The whole gang (minus Miss Jane) L-R: Angel, Ethel, Me, Aron and May.

The person who never fails to support me with my craziness these days, my husband. :)

Looking forward for my next guesting with MAC or other ELC companies.
If you're a MUA and you want to become a guest artist, let me know so I can also help you become one. I was also given a chance and was given help so might as well return the favor to my fellow MUAs.

Going goth: The beautiful combo of matte lippies Instigator + Sin

 You can reach me though my FB page or IG account  if you got questions, I would love to help y'all!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Basic Personal Makeup Workshop by Marsie La Sangre

Hello lovelies! How have you been? My apologies for the long hiatus and I've been M.I.A for the past three months I guess, my life has been pretty chaotic and isn't cooperating these days, plus a very busy schedule that never left me since I got married. Anyway I'm so excited to share with you my first ever basic makeup workshop/class. Yes, in my 9 years of makeup addiction and life as a not so serious makeup artist, I've finally decided to join Miss Marsie La Sangre's workshop...

 MAC Cosmetics Alabang

I met Miss Marsie a week before when I went to Mac Cosmetics counter in Rustan's Alabang. Honestly I wanted to ask any Mac artist that time on how I can become one and at the same time try to check their Mac eye shadow palette in burgundy x9 since I pre-ordered mine online. While I was busy looking for the palette Miss Marsie came and ask me about what I need, so aside from asking some stuff about makeup, (though I was actually shy) I asked her how I can possibly become a Mac Artist like her since I was dying to become one after meeting Marcky and Miss Del last year and attending her mini demo/workshop. (click link for my blog post)

She was so down to earth and shares a lot of her techniques, at that point in my life I suddenly had the urge to pursue my passion once again since I honestly felt so down for almost 5 months and I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Should I say I was having mid-life crisis? :) There was even a time when I wasn't into blogging, doing makeup services and more, I thought the passion was gone, coz when I had my makeup gig I wasn't into it.. I even want to sell some of my makeups.. lol

As soon as I came home I looked for her on Facebook and I found out she's having a workshop in a few days, and she's just a guest makeup artist at Mac Cosmetics. Well, she had a lot of advice, and I should just be listening to a pro! :)

After browsing her timeline, I got so excited and told her I'll be joining her class. For sure, it's gonna be a refresher course for me, and with that less than hour talk at the Mac counter I get to learn a lot, as in A LOT, what more if I get to attend her class? I know for sure it's not going to be an ordinary one. I knew there's more to it.

Workshop Time!

The day came! I actually got up late so I skipped breakfast and lunch! 
But I didn't feel hungry though. :) The workshop is located at her own spa/studio in BF Homes, Paranaque City called La Bella Spa. While waiting for my other classmates Marsie and I had a mini chit chat. 

All makeups were ready! We'll start in a few mins.

Here's what's inside La Bella Spa. Feminine and clming, and I swear if we don't have a scheduled workshop I want to get my nails done! 


I won't tell what's in it, it's for you to find out if you'll attend her class, but then hand outs are provided to guide you with the proper sequence and techniques in makeup application, definition of terms and brush guide. Another useful thing for the hand outs? You can jot down notes coz Miss Marsie will be doing the demo and at the same time spill more tricks and what's the best/tried and tested products to use, or even products she swears by!


OMG! It's ZOEVA! and it's in ROSE GOLD. ALL CAPS. coz yeah. Totally in-love with the brush set!  Such a sweet surprise!

Zoeva Brush Set in Rose Gold includes: Luxe Smokey Shader, smudger, Luxe crease brush, wing liner, brow liner (my new fave!) luxe face paint (for contouring), luxe cheek finish and buffer.


Now this is pure heaven. You get to play with colors and new makeup products that are of high quality/expensive ones, brands include MAC, Nars, Morphe, Urban Decay, Graftobian, Tarte, Hourglass, Kat Von D Beauty, RCMA, Milani, L'oreal, Maybelline and more. It's so worth it, I honestly have a long list now of my makeup must haves/wishlist and most of them don't really exist in my makeup traincase. Majority of the makeups were also from MAC, and I fell madly in love with Morphe palettes.
 So if you're worried for coming to her class without much tools and makeup, you don't need to worry coz you just need to bring yourself and enthusiasm.

Demo/Lecture - All the essentials. Marsie's doing Joy's makeup while telling the proper techniques and rationale behind doing those. Yes we usually see thousands of vloggers doing makeup tutorials on Youtube and even short clips on Instagram, but this 5 hour workshop (going 6) is more than what those vlogs and blogs have to offer.

Fave part of the lesson: Proper grooming of brows, color correcting, finding the right foundie shade and setting your makeup.

Though I was told not to bring anything, I actually have two makeup bags with me, filled with all the colors and blushes possible. Good thing I brought them coz sometimes I don't want to grab the makeups and brushes that are a bit far from me.

Here's the finished look after brow grooming, following Marsie's techniques and instructions on skincare and makeup application. Though it's still not pretty obvious on camera my eyes were already smokey then.

(some were mine and some were from the makeup buffet)
Nivea Post Shave Balm as primer
Morphe Color Correcting Palette
Milani Concealer + Foundation
Graftobian Cream Foundation
RCMA No Color Setting Powder
Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC30
The Face Shop Brow Pencil
Morphe Brow Palette
Mac Brow Set in Girl Boy
Lorac Eyeshadow Palette
Milani Eyeshadow Palette
K-palette liquid eyeliner
Makeup For Ever Aqua XL eyeliner
Christian Dior Iconic Mascara
Tarte Blush Palette
Becca Shimmering Pressed Powder in Champagne Pop
Contour Palette ( I forgot the brand)
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Candy K 

I always have a hard time doing my own eyes since I have monolids, and I get to learn new tricks in "contouring" my eyes, making a faux crease and make the rest of my eye makeup look obvious without dropping my signature cat eyes coz I just can't quit doing it.


Meeting new girlfriends! When I came in at the studio/spa I only know Marsie. In the middle of the workshop I recognized my colleague way back college and another colleague from my previous work. Got 5 more new friends and they're really kind and funny. Did I say I also just need someone to talk to that's why I decided to go out and tried to divert my attention to something else?


So excited to get this! Never had one. That's the downside of being a self-taught mua/makeup addict for almost a decade. Til now what I learned were far from being "basic", coz for sure if it's your first time to sit in her class without having any idea with the brushes and palettes and more, you'll have a hard time, especially on the return demo/do-your-own-makeup part.


Whether you're an aspiring mua or you just want to improve your knowledge regarding makeup artistry and personal grooming, I really suggest that you should join her class as early as possible. It's a must for every woman, especially if you don't even know how to use an eyelash curler.. the proper way, or simple eye lining becomes a major struggle in your daily life that even prevents you to keep going.

Looking forward for more bonding moments with my new friends. We had our dinner together and I got more tips from Miss Marsie based from her experiences and life as a pro mua. It was fun, and see how we had fun while doing our own makeup...

To join Miss Marsie La Sangre's class or for her makeup services, 
kindly visit her FB page Makeup by Marsie La Sangre

She has an upcoming workshop this month and it's already full! So hurry and try to have an early reservation as soon as possible. You'll surely leave the place with a beat face, and everything's on fleek!

Next blog post: My experience as a guest makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics!