Monday, April 27, 2015

Makeup Demo & Mini Workshop at Mac Cosmetics Glorietta

Hi Lovelies! How have y'all been? April has been a busy yet a good one so far. 
I was actually busy making myself busy. lol. I've been to Boracay with my family and friends and two makeup workshops. I'm honestly more excited to share with you those workshops more than our bora trip, so maybe I'll blog about that next time.

Last Friday my husband and I went to Makati for an ocular visit of 6788 tower for another upcoming makeup workshop and later that night we'll be watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Since it'll start late I went to the Mac Cosmetics store in Glorietta 3 since it's the only therapy I got to maintain my sanity. A young Mac Artist named Marcky assisted me and we had a conversation. For the first time in my makeup career and addiction, I met a very humble and accommodating Mac Artist. We talked about the upcoming collections and more. He invited me to come over and watch a makeup demo/mini workshop for the next day with another Mac Artist and store supervisor  Ms. Del Anthony. I was even introduced to her and just like Marcky, she's very accommodating.

I came by the next day and I was late, they actually started 2 hours earlier, coz Marcky told me it'll start around 3pm and they started around 1pm. Though I missed the first demo for the first model I was able to observe how Ms. Del applied Mac Rebel lipstick with the second pretty model and seal it to avoid bleeding. I've also seen how the face should be set and how mists can freshen up the face and even the whole makeup applied will look fresh as well.

Ms. Del even encouraged us to ask questions. Most of the techniques I also learned were all about concealing facial flaws like blemishes and correcting dark under eye area.  

These are the Mac products used for the models. I really wish have them all! 
For blemishes Mac Studiofix Fluid Foundation does the trick, even without using a concealer.You just have to pat it on top of blemishes using 190 and 187 brush then set it with Mac Fix. According to Ms. Del Mac Fix is the most used Mac product by Makeup artists backstage. I have to agree coz most models from any fashion show have dewy fresh skin while doing their catwalk on the runway.
After the workshop I tested almost all the products and as always I'm in love with their lipsticks. Here  I am wandering around. Testing products and having short conversation with other Mac Artists.


My hand after swatching all the lippies from frost, matte, luster to creamsheen finish. Me want some Razzle Dazzler,Sushi Kiss, Sweet and Sour, Kinda Sexy and finally I think I've found a lippie that has the same shade and finish like my first ever Mac Lipstick named Gliss that's already discontinued. I just forgot the shade of that particular lippie. I also like their lipglass in Angel and Oyster girl.

Soon I will join again their next workshop the next technique that I want to learn from Ms. Del which is the "no makeup makeup". Just glowing skin and healthy looking complexion. Ms. Del told me on my IG they'll have one this weekend but I have a makeup gig in the morning so maybe next time.
I swear I was dying that day to get Mac Studiofix Fluid foundation and Mac Studiofinish concealer but I think I better save up more coz come May and Mac is beauty collection will be launched.

Meet my cousin Kim. She was with me the whole day yet she doesn't want to have her photos taken.

Lastly for my ootd. I went for a punk rock chick look, which is my all time favorite.
Though my face is painted with makeups, I love it when I wear gender bender clothes.
It brings out the rebel in me. By the way, I've received a lot of personal message asking me about my Barbie wants to be me tee, and the Mac artists love my spiky high tops! They said it'll also look great for their uniform that is black ensemble. They're very stylish and they didn't fail to accessorize the outfit.

I hope to see you lovelies on their next next workshop! Please look forward for my upcoming post for Heroine Make Kiss me by Isehan Event. Adios Beybeh!

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