Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Organic Lip & Cheek Tint by Yors Collection

Young girls these days were going gaga and jumping over the bandwagon of the lip tint craze, one good example is my 10 year-old cousin who took home my collection of lip tints. To tell you honestly I only have a few and I reach for it whenever I want a kissable yet natural lips.

Using it as a beauty staple has been around for more than a decade and aside from the fact that it's long wearing and transfer proof, it gives the most natural shade on your lips. No wonder youngsters can wear it in school without their teacher noticing, unless they applied too much.

The rise of liptint fame on younger generations surely came from Korean pop stars and through watching too much Korean drama. Even elementary and high school students have tried to sneak it inside their bags, and those who already mastered to blend it well on their lips were never caught.

I feel grateful for receiving a special gift from Yors Cosmetic Collection's Organic Lip and Cheek Tint. I got mine in Intense Dark Red and I'm already excited just by looking at the bottle.

I did mention earlier that it's organic and vegan, and upon opening it there's no strange or funky smell since it's all natural and skin friendly. There's a roller ball applicator that even massage your lips and cheek upon application.

Yes the bottle says it's an intense dark red but it's just a tint so don't be scared. Applying it lightly just gives me a healthy flush. I blend it using my fingers and it lasted for about 5-6 hours minus eating. There are two ways in which you can wear it, full lips or gradient lips.
Gradient application
Full Color on Lips

Gradient lips is when you apply it in the middle part of your upper and inner lip and spread it outwards using your ring finger. The concentration of the tint will be on your inner lip. It might look "just bitten" or possibly the most natural rosy flush.

Full lips is when you swipe it all over your lips, or even reapply it for full color.

I'm recommending it to every vain and lippie lover chick and even to young girls who want to use it in school and please do not buy those lip tints that are sold for only 20 pesos, you have no idea what its even made of.

This product is only 180 pesos and will surely last for more than 6 months. Since it's organic be careful when using it and try to avoid contaminating it since organic cosmetics have shorter shelf life than those with more preservatives.

There's a zero chances of allergic reaction when you know you are using an all natural product. 🙂

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kylie Cosmetics Koko Kollection Liquid Lipstick

Wow! I'm stunned by my laziness that my last blog post was dated 5th of December! 
6 months hiatus for the win! How's that? I wonder what my excuses are..
Checking my drafts I got more or less 30 unpublished and unfinished articles.
I think I should update my blog as often as I can this time. I have even totally forgotten I have one.
I lost my interest in everything for two years, and hell I think I'm back. Sort of.

Anyways starting my FIRST (omg) blogpost for this year!!! I got my hands on Koko Kollection Liquid Lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics.

But first, my Koko x KUKTW Story

I still remember those times I used to spend time watching the whole season of Keeping up with the Kardashians and how I wish I could still get those idle time from the past. Watching them while having a sleep over and binge eating at midnight with my cousins during our younger days was one of those moments I wish I could relive again. As soon as we got busy with our lives (Me and Nikki got married, and she flew to Nevada while Shane and Kim are now working) we couldn't keep up with the Kardashians anymore. Sometimes we try to talk about how they changed and how bizaare it is that Bruce is now Caitlyn, and how we're still stuck with Khloe-Lamar love team, the young Kendall and Kylie and just everything that was still in 2012. I only have time to keep up with every cosmetics they release, no wonder why my Kylie Cosmetics Collection is growing.

When it comes to brilliant choice of shade selection, I love how Khloe can pull it off and how she makes some nude shade, peaches and bronzers seem perfect for fair skinned girls. In my case I just cannot pull off perfectly the other Kylie Lip Kits I own. I think I need to get a tan first coz even the shade Candy K is too dark on my lips. I finally got my hands on Koko Kollection and look how gorg the packaging is.

The wonderful glossy box contains 4 liquid lippies: 3 mattes and one gloss. 
Shades were named Damn Gina, Khlo$, Okurr and of course Gorg. 

Just when I thought I will only like Khlo$ (khlo-money) for its wearable peachy brown nude shade on me, Okurr and Gorg stunned me. It looked freaking great! Swatching it at the back of my hand didn't give them much justice. Here's how it looks on me. When I wipe off Damn Gina, it left a lot of glitters that you can still even see white dots on my lips. Since the rest were long wearing mattes, I had to rub it off with my Mac Cleanse off oil and left my lips dry.

Damn Gina is like the usual hue of Khloe's lips when she prefers glossy lippy. Nude, voluminous and sparkly. I've had So cute and Literally gloss and they lasted for a couple of hours just don't eat anything and be careful when sipping any drinks. Just like what I've said there's so much pink and silver glitters that will possibly be left on your lips. It definitely lives up to its claim of leaving a brilliant glossy look. Unfortunately, gone are the days when I was into lip glosses. I don't like it that much.

Khlo$ is the main reason I bought this collection. This peachy brown shade's perfect for my everyday go-to look. I love pairing it with my Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, Kat Von D Rust Eyeshadow or just a mono eyeshadow look with Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Mocha.

Okurr reminds me of Mac's All Fired Up Lipstick. It's a bright pink-red and I thought I wouldn't pull it off but I ended up loving it. Too bright for daytime and perfect for pairing with just shimmery eyes or sunset hues.

Gorg. I have a love and hate relationship to it. I love that it's a dark red with an equal tone of brownish and purplish. I hate that it takes a long time to build up the color, a bit patchy when applied once. the shade's like a combo of Leo, Vixen and Kourt with a tinge of fuchsia pink as a base tone.

The formulation of this collection is as smooth and pigmented as my other regular Kylie Lip Kits, and just like the regular ones, they smell like cupcakes, which I still dig. I prefer sweet smelling lippies over unscented or musky, floral or fruity ones. The number of my Kylie Liquid lippies were fast growing, but I love using it more on my clients more than myself. My only staple in my kikay kit is Khlo$.

As promised, I will try to post at least once to 3x a month if possible. :)

Next blog post: Yors Collection Lip and Cheek Tint in Intense Dark Red

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gothic Skull Couple Ring

My husband and I have a lot of things in common that we just discovered when we were dating. We both love alternative outfits, or some inspired by rock band with a fusion of punk and goth. We share our love for the color black, hence our wardrobe mostly consists of dark clothing, and we both dream to own a black and white themed house someday. We love leather jackets and boots. I couldn't recall how many boots I've had in the past. The recent one I have looks exactly the same as what I had in college, and I remember in high school I was the only student wearing an ankle high booties, and Mr. Kong got 2-3 more boots that he wore in the past. Boots that were paired with just jeans.

picture taken in 2015, and I personally love our all black ootd
One more thing, we're sucker for skulls. While most people think they're demonic, they have no idea how awesome they are. Most of our clothes and accessories have them and we even passed it down to our kids. I already gave my husband two huge skull rings.

In 2012, my favorite woman, the tattoo artist now a makeup maven Kat Von D, got the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen in my entire life. A black diamond ring with skulls. Too perfect I was drooling and puking rainbows just by looking at it. I was so obsessed that I saved and kept pictures of it for years. 

Kat Von D's custom made black diamond engagement ring from her ex-fiance Deadmau5
I remember that same year I was itching to own a couple skull ring. During that time I had an ex-boyfriend that unfortunately never liked the dark side. I still insisted for a custom made skull couple ring though it was too obvious that I sound ridiculous for him. So I guess I was the only one who dig it. **obviously**

so this was the remaining picture of that custom made skull ring. looks kinda ugly though :) pic taken in 2012
After a month of having it and wearing it, we broke up. 
**insert evil laugh** 
(hey even Kat Von D didn't end up with Deadmau5, and that's life)

Well, when my husband and I started dating again in December of 2012, he saw this ring and he wore it on his pinkie finger.

our plain silver wedding ring
We got married in 2013 and we got a boring silver band. I was itching once again for a custom made wedding ring but since it was a too fast and too furious love story, we had no time.

After 4 years, my husband suggested to have a custom made skull ring that would definitely be unique and would perfectly describe us, or should I say our style? Surely it's not gonna be mediocre ot traditional. I suggested a gothic one, maybe with black or red stone. We also considered adding snakes or skeletons or skulls.

Now, look what we got! We ordered them online and received it in a month. I'm so in love with it! Just like Kat Von D's!

Closer look at my ring. That black stone isn't as expensive and big as KVD's, but it's a dead ringer!

 For my husband's, we chose a peculiar one with a black stone. This time you'll see phalanges and metacarpals aside from that cranium, and no mandibles.

So, what do you say? :) This has got to be the best ring I've owned. I want another one with no skulls but more Onyx please.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mac Technique with RB Chanco and Anna Cay

I know what I owe my lovely readers and I apologize for procrastinating for two weeks. Here's one of the most awaited post that happened almost three weeks ago. I'm sure some of you already knew I have attended the biggest MAC Technique ever held, and let me share with you what exactly happened behind closed doors of SMX Convention Center Aura.

**Since I was seated in front, I had my Canon cam with me but I was also seated in between two official lady photographers from the event. Out of respect I only used my camera on the latter part of the event and just used my Samsung phone. The photos that I'll be using from this post will be from my phone cam, Canon cam, others were from RB Chanco's official page and official photos from Jho Tengson photography.

cr: Jho Tengson Photography
It's indeed one of those unforgettable moments I've had with the beauty/makeup artistry. For a long time I've been dying to attend a masterclass of someone so influential that will definitely be advantageous for my craft/future endeavor. A few weeks ago I was seated in front of none other than high profile celebrity MUA Miss RB Chanco's class.

For months, I waited for her MAC Technique. I once talked to pro MUA Robin Medina during my guesting at MAC Mall of Asia and asked a few questions regarding the world of makeup artistry. I asked him which makeup school he finds best, and told me honestly that none these days. He used to study at De La Salle that offers a course about makeup artistry and RB Chanco is one of his professors. Unfortunately one semester I guess if I'm not mistaken amounts to a whopping 200,000.
There's no way I can shell out that much cash to sit in RB's class, so after months of waiting came the big announcement of Anna Cay and RB Chanco tandem. I knew then how hard it was to reserve a slot so I immediately contacted my MAC Artist friend Angel, and I was able to snatch an invitation. To get one, you must purchase atleast 5,000 peso worth of MAC product. It was bloody.
And of course, the six month preggo me couldn't be stopped. Bloated and fat, I still went there with a face beat for the Gods.

RB & Anna

Surely, y'all know who Miss RB Chanco is. She's well known these days as the Makeup Artist to the Universe, since she led the MAC Beauty Team during this year's Miss Universe. she did Miss France's winning look, and she glam up gazillion of Filipino stars.

Here's my photo with her!

Feeling really fat, just standing beside Miss RB
Another eye candy I got during the event is that I get to meet famous Youtube Content Creator Anna Cay. I do follow her vlogs and watch her hauls and reviews regarding makeup, beauty products and current beauty trend. When I saw her I was reminded of the Beauty Bound Asia Event I've attended in 2015, coz there I met and I was seated beside more content creators like Say Artillero, Shebby Liquete, Raiza Contawi, Anna Patricia, Kriss Lumagui and more young famous pinay beauty gurus that you know today.

and still fat though! :)
The Venue

Well this had me confused. When I saw Mac Artist Angel's post I thought it's gonna be at SMX Mall of Asia. As soon as I get the invitation Angel told me it'll be at the 2nd floor of SM Aura. A bit too far for the makeup enthusiast like me from the South. So I had to grab a car with my sister in law.

cr: Jho Tengson Photography
Inside the convention room there's a mini beauty bar that let's you explore MAC lippies, take pictures of yourself using the ringlight and a MAC backdrop to make you feel the MAC Artistry vibe.

 The Master Class

Since it's first biggest MAC Technique ever by MAC global, the class was divided into two. The morning class that starts at 10am and the afternoon class starts at 3pm. Everyone knows I'm not a morning person and I'll be beating heavy traffic from South so I took the 3pm class. Most of the attendees were makeup artist and Anna Cay's fans. As expected, most of us were wearing black. The only problem I encountered that day and the night before was my outfit. I don't know what to wear! My fully grown belly couldn't fit into my clothes.

As soon as I entered the hall I met Sir Mike of MAC SM Aura and assisted me, maybe my big belly caught his attention right away. :) I was given a good spot coz he told me to sit in front, and whispered that the special guest is ________. :) I was really greatful coz he's really kind and approchable, I introduced myself and told him that I do guestings at Alabang and Moa. I was also offered drinks and food. How do they know that the preggo is already starving?

cr: Jho Tengson Photography
Suddenly another high profile celebrity makeup artist came and approached me. It was Ryan G. Wong. He's the mua behind Ruffa Gutierrez and other famous Filipino celebrities. We've met at MAC Mall of Asia during my guestings last February. I didn't know he's so down to earth, coz during my guestings I coudln't even approach him or even say "hi!" for fear that he'll snob me hahaha. Sorry Ryan you were well known and most of the clients were looking for you, so as soon as I saw you last February I was so intimidated by your presence. I was even shocked when I met Ryan again at the store when I got my invitation and he knows my name! That's the first time I get to talk to him.
We made 'besos' as soon as we saw each other at the event and he gave me the souvenir and told me to enjoy the event, which I really did!

The Hosts

The event was hosted by Anna Cay and MAC's Event Makeup Artist to the stars Raf Manosca. Just like Ryan, I met Raf during my February guesting at Mac Mall of Asia when he also hosted the Wicked Mac Technique class.

The Special Guest

Just like what Sir Mike told me, the special guest was none other than Erich Gonzales. She came onstage without makeup on, still pretty and flawless. She looked younger than her actual age. RB worked her way and did a demo on how she does her signature makeup from natural daytime look and transitioned it to night makeup look. Important key I learned was to make it subtle, then well blended, with dimensional effect.

photos taken from my fone cam
 Since we were given notepads and MAC pencils, I've jot down all the important details and products. It took me three pages coz I wrote a lot.

I've been asked many times about my shoes that I'm wearing, it's from Zara.

The class lasted for less than 2 hours, then there's a Q & A if we got queries, and then there were more activities that will make you want to stay longer at the hall. 

Photos taken from my Canon camera
There were picture taking sesh, you can eat again if you want (which I did) and look who I bumped into, my dear friend Mac Artist Angel.

Anna Cay and my baby bump

I didn't get to take pictures with Mac Senior Artist Miss Mikee Raymundo, but I'm hoping by next year I'll be seated in her class coz there's this makeup school I'm eyeing on.

The master class has showcased different techniques using Mac Cosmetics led by a famous senior Mac Artist and each techniques were accepted globally. The whole event will be broadcasted through Star World.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Next blog post I'll be showing you what I'm currently addicted at. I'm just talking about my new palettes. :) Adios!