Monday, September 24, 2012

A Vampire Inspired Shoot & A Spooky Photo

I'm a lover of anything vampy, gothic, dark, spooky, freaky and skulls,but I never knew that I wasn't ready to encounter such scary things in real life.I've always loved to have my photos taken with some dark,vintage, vampy effect and one time I've decided to have a vampire themed amateur photoshoot with friends. We got the ideas from the promotional photos of Vampire Diaries,Breaking Dawn 2, Pretty Little Liars and Secret Circle.

I didn't expect that this shoot will turn out to be the freakiest and the most unforgettable one.
Maybe I'll do it again indoors..but still I'm having goosebumps all over my body.
It started last Sunday afternoon while hanging out with friends. We usually hang out and eat at Edward's place. It's one of the most accommodating and comfy house. He lives in a big village, houses far apart from each other, and it's really dark at night. You have to pass through trees, vacant lots, grasses and abandoned houses. The village used to be where my workplace at. At night it's freaky. I've heard a lot of spooky stories both from the actual homeowners and friends of friends. But I worked there for 2 years, and no paranormal activities and strange encounters so far. That day, it was gloomy and rainy.
We ordered some foods, started to do the fun shots after we finished doing our makeup.
Edward showed us a place across their street which is really beautiful. It's just a vacant lot with a narrow road filled with tall green grasses and a white grass that I don't know what to call it, but we refer to it as a "wish plant".

Since Edward has a photo like this, it looks so beautiful.

We were using 2 cameras, 1 Nikon Dslr and 1 Sony TX5 with no flash. While taking some photos, we've been horsing around, being noisy, laughing, playing, flashes are everywhere.. mosquitos biting our legs... something's pricking my back.. noticed it was just a grass..
still terrified coz it feels like I was pricked by a metal or something.. like a very thick metal wire, it even made me cringe and yell "AAAWWW!!" :( Then we talked about the Acacia tree. It's so tall. Maybe it will take 25 steps from our place to that place.

Edward told us the story of their former housemaid who lost her senses after picking something up from that tree. Nobody knows or can tell what exactly had happened but Edward's family, including him, are all terrified about the housemaid's behavior.

Enough of scary stories!! Goin' back to our preparation, it's nothing special, just used a few makeups to make us look vampy. But the after effect of the makeup in the photos are seriously freaky, especially for my friend Antoniette.

Before the vampy makeup, here's my baby faced friend. :)

and then with my magic wand we turned ourselves into a bad-ass vampire ^^

Vampire Makeup How to:

Use a pale foundation.
Vampires have pale, cold, marbled skin

Contour the cheeks and hollow of the eyes.
Vampires have eyes that looks like it has bruises
so use dark brown, brown and plum colored eyeshadows
I used 88 earth palette from Sugar Skull Cosmetics

Skip the blush application,
just contour the hollow of the cheeks heavily. 
Vampires have heavily contoured cheeks, corpse-like

Use berry stained lip tints, plum or wine colored lipsticks
only to the center of the lips, trying to spread outward,
more of like a dried blood I-just-sucked-someone- effect.

For turning pictures into dark, vampy like, photo editing tools are also very important.
It brings out the colors of the makeup used intensely. It can lighten your skin tone, or make it cooler, and even make it luminous like this one.

I love using Cross Process. But for some pictures here I used Cinemarama, and just decreased the temperatures.

Using some of Edward's ipad apps, luminizing the skin and changing the eye colors are possible too. ^^ He did it for me. YEY!!

Using more from his app, giving more effects and see the differences:


I would like to share one photo that gave me sleepless nights, back aches and headache,
but I think it's not appropriate to share it anymore. I have this fear that something wrong might happen if I continue sharing it.It came from my Sony TX5 camera, flash removed.

Upon seeing this one photo, I noticed that there's something. I tried to adjust it's brightness then BAHHM!!! I saw an image of a man!!!!

A man with sharp facial features and pointy nose. But then he's not the only creature there..
There are several entities captured that I couldn't see with my naked eyes,
but then some people with third eye can. I've never had this kind of goose bump in my life.

But anyways, Halloween is just around the corner, and I want to be in a Halloween party.
I wish I could see the Day of the Dead event in Mexico, but I also want to see the beauty of Autumn in South Korea.

I don't know where will I be a month from now. Kinda Worried.

I love this photo of mine captured from my digital camera.

Do you have spooky stories and entities captured from your pictures,
I might share with you the pic, c'mon let's share spooky stuffs!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mac Cosmetics at SM Mall of Asia

Last Saturday has been one of the longest day for me. As soon as I woke up I've been to different places and got home at 4:30am. The next day has got to be one of the shortest coz I just slept all day. Prior to Saturday, I've been an insomniac so all of the tiredness and sleeplessness has taken its toll after I got home from a long day of enjoying, laughing and.. getting mad.

I went to SM Mall of Asia with mom, cousins and aunt. We spent our night there while waiting for my cousin as she's attending an annual Young Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Power Conference at the SMX Convention center, which ended around 11pm.

To kill time while waiting, I went to different stores. As I was walking past through the Yamaha Exhibit, I accidentally raised my head and saw the new boutique at the 2nd floor. I was exhilirated!

I felt sad when I found out that my favorite big sanctuary Marrionnaud's gone, but still I'm so happy to see a new solo Mac Cosmetics Store.
I've been hearing and reading comments  from female forums from the Philippines that some Beauty Advisors from Mac Cosmetics at the Marrionnaud Mall of Asia  were a bit snobbish and not so nice..Based from my experience, I've encountered one that day as soon as I entered the store. Coz of her, I remembered this Sales Advisor who was really nice and did my makeup when I bought a Mac Studiotech foundation way back 2008.
Whenever I go to Marionnaud I look for her but I guess she stays at Mac Cosmetics in Glorietta, so I haven't seen her since.

 Marionnaud way back 2008

I brought along my 13 year old cousin, who's never a fan of cosmetics but loves to see what's in there.

The moment I entered the store I've seen 3 Beauty Advisors and one of them if I'm not mistaken is a lady guard wearing white. I tried to check almost all the makeup displays coz
I just wanted to explore the store since it's new and I have to kill time. I asked one B.A. about the latest price of their Studio tech foundations and tested a few powders like Careblend powder and Studiofix powder. She's nice and kind.

Well then, some of them were nice, but one has offended me a bit coz of her attitude, 
the way she approaches customers were not good as well. Maybe if I bought something she'll be nice to me & to my cousin, she doesn't want to entertain questions unless I'll really buy omg you know how you are. I've posted her picture here before but since I'm kind enough I deleted it.

Anyways, imagine the smile on my face when I saw the store. :) It's heaven!!! ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2012

Purr by Katy Perry Inspired Eyes and Future Cosmetics Business Update

So a few days ago I posted my nails inspired by my Purr bottle, and now I'll be posting my Purr perfume inspired eyes, using my 78 Color Block Palette from my most awaited (or is it just me? lol) cosmetic line.. I'm getting more and more impatient.. Everything is settled now, but I still have to work on the logo. I need a good printing shop, all I can find are lame shitty shops who are too expensive but can't get any of my demands right.

So here's the look, most of the colors are basically pink blue and purple only.

This is the palette that I used and I'm so in-love with this one. I think I should have every palette that my future store will offer, coz I myself is addicted to it. It's the 78 Color Block palette. I'm naming my cosmetics line as Sugar Skull Cosmetics.

The palette is so pigmented. Too bright indeed. It's a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. There are lip creams that are opaque, powder blushes and contouring powders.

Color pops out more under white base, easily blendable by fingers, but it is less messy if we use a flat eyeshadow brush!

What makes me more excited is that I sent a message to my favorite artist Callowlily, I asked her if she can do a portrait for my store. I asked for price quotations and mode of payments... She sent me a personal message.


Now my main problem is I don't have paypal, so I might ask for a help from friends.
She's the artist behind these wonderful artworks that I really really love.

She also made the logos for these cosmetic lines:

Kupcake Kutie Kosmetics

Bitch-Slap! Cosmetics

Ruthless Cosmetics 

and accessory lines Sugar Mafia

 Torture Couture


Seeing her artworks makes me wanna puke rainbows. She's such a good artist, and I'm so excited for my own lil business. I didn't know that establishing something although it's small could be this hard.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Purr by Katy Perry Inspired Nails

I'm so inlove with Katy Perry's perfume and its bottle. It's so unique and pretty, and by far the best perfume bottle I had ever seen, and even better than what the other stars have launched for their line. There's a lot of bottles out there, but this one definitely stands out!
I fell in love at first sight.. yes first sight was in Tumblr, it was reblogged by someone I followed, I saved it and I really tried to wait for it to be launched din my country.

Purple glossy bottle that is mixed with pinkish hues and blue. Crystal eyes, "purr" heart name tag, and Perry's name written. The scent is really sweet and not overwhelming. I hate musky and floral scents so this one's nose friendly for me.

I've been itching to make an inspired look of purple, pinks, blues and glitters but I'm just too lazy to do it. I'll try my luck tonight if I can. As if now I can just share with you my nails inspired by this adorable fragrance.

The nail polishes that I used were really cheap. All you need is a dark purple color
with pink hues, and a top it off with a glitter polish. I got the biggest bottle, and now I want the small one that I can carry and fit in my small purse.^^

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I really hope I can do "the look" tonight. :)

Do you love this latest scent from Katy Perry too?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos and Calavera De Azucar (Sugar Skull) Appreciation

For every social networking site that I frequently visit Sugar Skulls are everywhere.
Tattoos, artworks, beautiful skull girls. They are really cool and fascinating to see. I've been a Sugar Skull fan since 2007. I love skulls, bones and everything associated with Halloween.


  Though we don't celebrate it in a big way in my country, we do have what we call as Todos Los Santos or "All Saint's Day". It's very much similar to Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). It's our cultural celebration for our dead ancestors.

Since Philippines is a Catholic country and is greatly inflenced by the Hispanic heritage,
those big holidays were both celebrated every November 1st. For Filipinos, All Saint's Day is all about commemorating our dead loved ones and people gather together at the cemetery,  and for November 2nd, we have All Soul's Day which means remembering the souls of the dead people. We have to light up some candles outside our house, in which I'm telling you is really freaky. It's dark everywhere in my neighborhood and you'll just see lighted candles.

For Mexicans,  November 1st is for honoring dead children and infants, whereas for dead adults, they are honored every November 2nd. Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a festival that is celebrated for a month and is believed to be dedicated for what they call as "Lady of the Dead" called "Catrina".

Representation of Catrina

 Modern Day Catrinas: Skull Girls

People at the festival were seen wearing skull painted faces, happily having a parade on the street. Others are decorating the tomb of their loved ones.



My favorite part of their culture is the Calavera de Azucar, or Sugar Skulls.
These are sweets that can be served as treats, and takes a lot of time to make. 

Sugar skulls represent a departed soul. The dead person's name should be written on the forehead and was placed on the home "ofrenda" or gravestone to honor the return of a particular spirit. Sugar skull art reflects the folk art style of big happy smiles, colorful icing and sparkly tin and glittery adornments. 

I ain't no Mexican but I really want to be a part of this festival. It looks really fun and I will surely enjoy everything that I might see and do there. I'm pretty sure I'll join them and paint my face!!

There's a strong resemblance and similarities between Philippines and Mexico, so I might feel really welcome though it's a foreign country. Not only that we are colonized by Spaniards hundred of years ago, but modern Filipinos use a few Spanish vocabulary as a part of our language. We do have our holy week too, and we celebrate Viernes Santo just like what Mexicans do.

My love for Sugar Skulls have definitely grown. I love Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Horrorbilly and now they are often associated with Sugar Skulls and Pin Up. Now that I'll be opening my own Vanity Store I really would include a touch of it, with a different meaning and representation. Skulls and Sugar Skull describes me best and I'm so inlove with it 
that I don't really care whatever people might think, and I definitely want this concept as part of my future business.**another fact is that can't think of names that will possibly not turn out to be cheesy and corny like dolls, unicorns, rainbows, raindrops or something** I need to toughen up a little!!! Not too girly please!!

I also would like to have my photos taken like these. I'm seeing photographers doing cute and uber sexy photoshoots for their models which I really hate. If they will ask me again to strike a pose with my cute fresh concept doing childish stuffs and holding teddy bears or balloons then in my honest opinion that is beautiful but definitely too gay for me and never in a million years will happen.

I heard that Pixar will make a movie which itself is entitled as Dia de los Muertos!!!!!!
Skulls and Sugar skulls will be everywhere as characters. Americans have different belief towards death than Mexicans, that's why they decided to make a movie for it, 
and I heard the story will be about family, and family ties. 

There's no definite date yet but it is believed to be released 4 years from now. 

Skulls are not Satanic or Demonic in nature. If a person adores them, it doesn't mean he or she is demonic too. It's how you see or perceive them. Skulls symbolize death and rebirth.