Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vixen's Vanity Lair

Hello lovelies and my dear dolls! I would like to share with you my personal business that keeps me busy these days and keeps me away from blogging. I've opened this shop before as Sugar Skull Cosmetics that used to offer privately labeled palettes from Hong Kong. Unfortunately my supplier has almost ran out of palette these days and due to my busy life as a mom I've neglected my business. Now, my days were never the same after I reopened my shop once again and changed it into Vixen's Vanity Lair.

I've always wanted to have my own store full of makeups and every beauty finds you can possibly get, but surely I can't do it alone in terms of manpower and capital. I'm glad I've got new sisters that were all willing to help.. my sisters from another mother. :) **insert sissy Hershey and Sheena here**plus sissy in law Cherry** plus sissy Kumars Tere and of course my bestfriends Kitty and Edsie plus my supportive cousins Nikki, Atta Marie, Kim, Shane, and Tita Judith. I hope I didn't forget my other sissies here.

I was thinking of selling cheaper liquid lipstick these days and I've delivered and sold some liquid lippies from L.A. Girl and NYX from my cousin's online store Sweet Frostings Cosmetics. For months, I was looking for a supplier of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. I know they're so expensive but heck! girls and women were going gaga over them. I've read a blog post from a fellow beauty blogger about how hard it was to get a lip kit and how expensive it can be.

One day, my makeup buddy Sheena posted her video of Kylie Lip Kit which she bought on her own. from Kylie Jenner's Official website. She then asked me if I want one, remember I've bought my Makeup Geek eyeshadows from her? Though I was already delighted with her offer, I asked her if she wants to become my supplier instead. Sheena currently resides in Taiwan and I'm her official distributor!
The rest is history now.We didn't expect a lot of inquiries and I was having a hard time balancing my personal life with my online shop. I've got 1 personal Facebook account and 2 Facebook page that were too busy from clients asking for the availability of lip kits, plus 2 Instagram accounts that were busy as well. reason behind the sudden demand for our lip kits? It's because we have the cheapest Lip Kit yet in the market. We're selling them for only 2,000 pesos! We sold 16 lip kits that amounts to almost 30 thousand pesos in just two weeks! The second batch's doing great as well.We haven't promoted it much but this coming June everything will become a blast!

Something to look forward to:on hand lip kits, glosses and metal mattes from Kylie Cosmetics and more makeup brands like Colourpop, NYX, Sleek, Ofra Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Lime Crime and maybe Jefree Starr Velour Liquid Lippies.. plus makeup brushes, falsies, and makeup artist must haves.

More to look forward to: raffles (we've launched our very first!) contest, give aways, freebies and soon maybe.... BAZAARS!!

You can visit my shop now:

Ciao dolls!! :) xoxo

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