Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Long Hiatus!! May Updates and Work FOTDs

How are you lovelies? I've been out for a while, and I even forgot my blogger password!
Thanks God I've recovered it, after 1234567x attempts. I've been pretty busy lately balancing my time with my work, and with my new family. However I do enjoy being busy coz I've been idle for almost 2 years.It's nice to get back on track, put my make up and heels on, meet new people, and I do miss challenges.Though I left the house already glammed up, my work station has still been like this before starting the shift.

Bag: XOXO Shiny Black Vinyl Carved Hearts Bag
Makeups: Mac Heatherette Compact that contains my favorite powder.
Elf eyeshadow case that contains my two favorite smokey brown shades.
Elf compact that contaeins my favorite cream concealer
Revlon eyelash curler
Estee Lauder Voluminous Mascara
Clinique eyeshadow duo with powder blush kit
Dolce and Gabbana The One Desire Eau De Toilette

 I'm loving Mac's Russian Red for work. They're giving me compliments for it.
Both male and female co-workers were telling me that I rock the red lips,
and it matches my haircolor so well. Since I believe them, I always wear it.


I've had different FOTDs depending on my mood...
I wear bold red lipstick matched with cat eyes if I feel relaxed or If I get enough sleep.

Other than that I'm fine with a pinky coral lippie or I'm in for a
faux glow look. I have to fake that glow and conceal those eyebags.. haha.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige
Sugar Skull Cosmetics Correct and Conceal Palette
Origins Original Skin Pressed Makeup in Sesame 02
Sephora eyeshadows in Glittery Bronze and Dark Brown
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara
Etude House Code B Gel Eyeliner in Strong Black
Mac Hello Kitty Powder Blush in Tippy
Maybelline Lipstick in Angel Rose

For this specific look I used the purples from my Sugar Skull Cosmetics 120 Rainbow Palette and Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau.

I also have an officemate whom I'm so fond of, she's so funny and she loves
playing with our hair. We've been a team in the office, 
I do makeups and she does create beautiful hair braids.

My makeup box has also been growing again and adding its new family member..

Glintz False Eyelashes #331
Pati Dubroff Lip Tints

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Stippling Brush
Mac Lipsticks in Shy Girl and Please Me

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eyeshadow in Eye Candy

My all time favorite scent from Victoria's Secret Garden 
"Pear Glace"

I had it since high school as my signature scent, and I'm still keeping it and it really reminds me of  the old times. Nostalgic indeed.

I also frequently bump into my male bestbud that I've known since I was seven years old. We even go to work and go home together.

for my FOTD here I'm using Revlon Colorstay Foundation, 
Dior Skin Forever Compact by Christian Dior 
Blue eyeshadows from Sugar Skull Cosmetics 78 Color Block Palette
Mac Hello Kitty Powder Blush in Tippy
Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick in PK006


It was a co-incident when we both found out we're wearing blue collared tees.
We had our selfie when our shift ended. He was laughing at my eyeshadow coz it's blue.
I always look funny for him, I don't know.. he always makes fun of me and laugh..
and when he laughs, it's the funniest laugh ever!

For my next blog post it's going to be really long and less pictures coz I'll be expressing my own opinion regarding "copycats" well it doesn't just apply to me. You'll find out soon.
I'm doing it for someone as well. 

I'll update you lovelies more often, and maybe do and recreate crazy makeup looks again.
Til next time! ^_^


  1. Looking forward to reading your copycat blog post. Heehee! ;)

    1. thanks! i'll be posting it soon!! :D