Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kim Kardashian Double Winged Liner ~ Sexy Nude Inspired Makeup

Hello there lovelies! It's my 28th birthday! I'm old I know :) Today I have the guts and urge to recreate one of my favorite makeup looks from Kim Kardashian. I was just browsing through some of her photos then all of a sudden I took my magic brushes and transformed myself..
just to perk up my day.

Today's look is inspired by this beautiful bombshell that was transformed by her glam quad.
How I wish I have my own glam squad as well. I only have myself. The only person I can depend on.

My favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic usually spends more than 2 hours for Kim's makeup. Unlike Kourtney, more than 20 minutes is too long for her. Whereas for me I skipped all the contouring, bronzing and more illuminating parts so it just took me 30 minutes to finish this look. Kim wore this for her birthday dinner in Vegas. 2 hours of makeup is a bit acceptable. I just stayed in my house to it'll be a total waste of makeup and time if I glam it up more.

Here are the products I used in achieving this Sexy Nude look.

Revlon Photoready Cream Foundation in Shell
Sugar Skull Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Diorskin Forever Compact by Christian Dior 020 Beige Eclair
Elizabeth Arden Powder Foundation
Maybelline mineral foundation as finishing veil

Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette
Christian Dior Fards A Paupieres (silver ones)
Diorshow Mascara in Noir
Christian Dior Mini Crayon Eyeliner in Noir
Etude House Code B gel eyeliner in Strong black
Glintz False eyelashes

Nars Orgasm and Laguna Duo
Etude House Crystal Tear Powder in Crystal Gold

Sugar Skull Cosmetics dark concealer
Mac Lipglass in C-thru

The combination of a dark peachy toned concealer and Mac's C-thru has resulted into this
gorgeous nude lip. It's beautiful but it still wouldn't beat the Mac Angel ~ Nars Turkish Delight combo which is Kim K's all time favorite.


You can also use the combo of Mac Shy girl and Mac C-thru.

You can also try this delicious smelling lip gloss from Candies.
The shade's name is Madeleine. Also Clinique Chubby Sticks were good. I've used mine a lot.

Since I only did it for 30 mins and I was just wearing a shirt I skip adding gold illuminators
for my decolletage. Here Kim has them which adds beauty to her tanned skin.

For shimmer and glitters I swear by my Etude House Tear Powder in Crystal Gold Tear.
It works everytime. I love it.

For the process on how Mario and Rob Scheppy turned her into a gorgeous glowing diva on her big day, here's the step by step picture. The whole beautifying process took 2 hours.


I'm not sure what arethose products used for the rest of her face, but the mascara looks like
L'oreal's Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black. For her lips I heard it's the combination of
Mac Lipstick in Ravishing and Mac Lipglass in Florabundance.

I always look forward for Kim's makeup on her birthday. It's always jaw dropping.

More Kim~Mario Collaborations

He even did Kim's makeup for her first wedding with Kris Humphries and her second wedding with Kanye West.

More of my fave nude looks from Kim

Admit it or not, we like her. She's one of the most searched in terms of beauty and fashion. First time I learned about Kim K was when when I was watching E! and she went to a salon to get a tan, but she wants gold particles airbrushed on her.Most receptionists from those salons said they don't have it and  they didn't even give her a second look coz she wasn't big that time, but I rooted for her after that coz she's really pretty.I even couldn't remember "Kardashian". Very middle eastern family name. This was her first photoshoot that I saw. 

Through an interview she was even defending herself that she comes
from a family with big boobs and big butts.

**yes after the britney addiction era, I'm a self confessed Kim K fanatic.**

But lately her signature look has changed. Aside from dyeing her hair blonde, she's going in for a vampy look..which is towards my direction..

Very Cherish. **evil laugh**

As for a good makeup remover, I couldn't tell you the best one, but I have a real-life makeup remover. I'm not kidding. yep he even pulled my lashes... in a painful way.

Just Kidding! Here's what I use to remove my makeup.
Clinique's Take the Day Off Makeup Remover.

Thanks for reading my post for today!
You can share your tips to achieve Kimmy's look too.
I need more mua and beauty addict friends!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Maleficent Inspired Makeup

Yesterday was a really a good day! Coz Francis (my hubby) and I went out for a movie date. He really kept his promise. Though we're busy with our baby we still go out together like we're just starting to date. We also can't wait for our dear Draven (our baby) to come with us and watch a movie together. Francis loves those Marvel and DC Comics characters, he can't wait to share it with our son and watch the new sequel someday. Well, for now, he has no choice but to watch Maleficent with me. I told him this is the movie that I've been waiting for since it was announced last year. 

The coolest thing about it is the pizza party prior to the movie screening. 
2 boxes of pizza was just for the two of us, and we finished it in just 10 minutes!
Voracious appetite indeed. He kept mocking me and he told the staffs of that pizza parlor that 1 box isn't enough for me. Quite embarrassing. I'm skinny anyway, no one will believe him...

The movie's awesome. It's more than what I expected it to be. The twist, how Angelina Jolie portrayed her character.. everything's perfect! Plus Lana Del Rey sang the "Once Upon A Dream" soundtrack that we heard at the end of the movie and it's bit creepy for me. I dunno. Just . Creepy. It's like it's Maleficent's voice.

Angelina and Brad's daughter Vivienne made a cameo as young Aurora. I really laughed when she asked Maleficent to pick her up, stared at her and tried to pull out her horns out.

Aside from the beauty of Moors, I'm fascinated by Maleficent's makeup. It's different onscreen than those I saw in picture and movie screencaps. I'm still thinking what lippies should I mix together just to achieve that dark red lippie with a blue based tone.

When she transformed herself into an evil witch her makeup has become heavier.
Smokey brown eyes, thick eyeliners, fuller thicker lashes. Her lips on screen were sometimes matte, but during a close up shot it becomes a bit glossy and glittery. Angelina's teeth were so white yo! They really do gleam!

I'm not really sure if the makeup artist for this movie really used what Mac Cosmetics has launched, or maybe it's just inspired by this movie. The eyeshadow quad's quite nice,I've found out that the shades were a regular Mac Cosmetics eyeshadows compiled into a palette. They're Ground Brown, Carbon, Goldmine and Concrete but I just want
a plain black 4x pro palette than this one . Not really digging those wings.

The packaging seems a like a toy for me, and if I could only have two eyeshadows from the eyeshadow quad it will only be Carbon and Ground Brown. But then I could get a 2x pro palette for a lesser cost and choose maybe just Brown down and Carbon.

Makeup time! Since I have a little free time I'll do what I've been dying to do since last week.
My take on Maleficent's Makeup Look.


Products Used


Nyx HD Primer

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette
F21 Powder Foundation
Avon Powder Foundation (for contouring)

Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Pencil
Brown eyeshadow from Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette


Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette

Koshize Eyeliner
Etude House Gel Eyeliner
Estee Lauder Lash Primer
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara
Glintz False Eyelashes #331


 Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette (for contouring)

Avon Powder Foundation (for contouring)


Pati Dubroff Lip Tint in Violet

Mac Russian Red Lipstick
(mixed together)


Never ending collage. I just love how it looked on my webcam. I tried to remove my makeup before saying hi to my students. It looks so sharp and fierce I might scare my little kids.

Lady bug nail art from my sister in law Cherry Kong ^_^

What about you girls? Any suggestions for a good lippie combination
that might end up into what Maleficent's wearing on the movie?
Hope you all enjoyed the movie!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Market Place For Your Subculture/Alternative Preference: The RebelsMarket

Finally! Three of my articles have been finally published on RebelsMarket blog site. 
I've been very blessed because I'm one of those lucky bloggers that have been discovered
by the owner of this marketplace in the U.S. last year. I was about to write for them around July of 2013 but my laptop malfunctioned. It's just now that I have time and I have a new desktop to use for blogging again.

I've been discovered when I posted my article regarding Music Meets FashionI was just expressing myself coz I was thinking why my fashion sense is quite different. A few months later I received a message from my business account and at first I thought it was a spam,virus or prank. Then after a few conversation with the owner, I found out they're real.

Check out their Official Facebook Page:

Check out more of RM's pages:

RebelsMarket is a place where you can shop for subculture and alternative clothing and accessories.They're divided into different categories, there's for Burlesque, Pin-up, Vintage, Gothic and more subculture stuffs and categories you could ever imagine. (Hah! I freaking love it) I really enjoy writing articles for them. I learn so many things about my weird preference, and I also I experience sense of belonging while writing, then a sense of accomplishment every time I see my articles being published.

Here's a screen cap of my first two articles. First is about the influence of music and musicians to different group of peoplesecond is Street Goth which is very popular among rappers these days.

the third's the latest and my favorite among the three: It's all about Pastel Goth.

I couldn't give you guys any tips on how to become a good writer coz I don't think I'm good either. I just blog. I post whatever's on my mind. I don't blog to flatter a certain company or to promote them coz I want them to notice me. I think readers will believe you if you yourself have tried and tested what you are blogging about. I don't care if I'm grammatically correct or wrong, so I don't give a fuck about those grammar nazis. I don't give a shit if I'm different from others. Just be yourself. Be real. Say whatever's on you mind.

Learn I.D.G.A.F.
"I don't give a fuck"

Still balancing my time time, talk about STRUGGLE. Struggling coz I've got 2 more online jobs that require time management and one managerial skills. I didn't see all of it coming at the same time, but I do love what I have now, these are the jobs that I've always wanted.
My cosmetics business is about to boom.. hah! another one. I've got several orders to process for this month. I can do it. Somebody should take care of my little Draven first,
then I'm good.

Well, what do you think about my articles with RM lovelies?