Monday, November 28, 2011

Beauty Breakdown: Bella Swan Wedding Makeup

I definitely agree if Edward and Bella's Wedding
will be called "Wedding of the Year"
more than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
who insanely got divorced after 72 days.
Although Breaking Dawn charaters are fictional,
 atleast their marriage means immortality.

I found the breakdown of the exact cosmetics
Stacey Panepito
used for Kristen Stewart.

  It's sad that this is what I got coz I'm really
lemming for her makeup on her vampire transformation.
Most of the cosmetics used were high end. sigh.


In the morning, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and
SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture
were used to balance and moisturize the skin.
 At night, SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque
was used after Kristen’s makeup was removed.
To touch up, Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream
 was dabbed onto Kristen’s forehead,
cheekbones and cheeks to refresh the makeup
and keep her skin glowing.


* La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 in Peche
combined with Sensai Brightening Make-Up Base as foundation
* Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat in 2 Luminous Ivory
and Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Beige as concealer
* Make Up For Ever HD Powder on the face and
 Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder under the eyes to set
* Stila Custom Color Blush in Pink as blush


* Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Brunette/Dark Brown on brows
* Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Winter Nights
 (now discontinued) as eyeshadow
* Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Waterproof in Black
on her upper lid
and the two darkest shades from
the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Winter Nights on the lower
* Dior Diorshow Waterproof in Black
* Three to four bunches of individual lashes in black
were applied to the outside edge of each eye


* Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 for moisture
* MAC Lip Pencil in Soar was lightly applied and
then topped with a custom mix of glosses

gotta love this coven.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cullens Inspired Look and some reviews about Breaking Dawn Part 1

I'm not a Twihard and to tell you honestly I used to think it sucks.
While my friends were busy talking and swooning about Edward Cullen,
 I was too busy googling all day and listening to my beloved Korean pop stars.
I didn't get into the hype easily coz first of all, I don't read books,
and when I saw the movie, I didn't like it.
 It looks so low quality and experimental.

The Twilight movie itself,
which is first directed by Catherine Hardwicke,
is obviously low budget, more of like an indie film. 
The wardrobes were not stylish, makeup sucks (not blended well)
and it's more of like HAPPY FOUNDATION day to the Cullens.

It's really sad coz when I tried to read the book
I realized that it's really awesome but the movie just killed it.
When they changed the director of New Moon to Bill Condon,
the movie started to look better.
For the movie New Moon,
of course the story from the first movie Twilight's better,
but for the effects, makeups and styling I give props to New Moon.

I started to like the saga after watching Eclipse.
The effects and casts were amazing.

It's Boo Boo Stewart's first appearance too!
He plays as Seth Clearwater.

If some of you don't know,
he is of Japanese,
Chinese and Korean descent
from his mother’s side,
and Russian, Scottish and Native American
from his father's side.


Breaking Dawn Part 1 hands down is such a good movie.
Most of the scenes are exactly what I pictured and imagined,
especially Island Esme and swimming at the moonlight scene.

Also, it's the only book that I read from cover to cover.
I read a few pages from Twilight and maybe two pages from New Moon.
The movie itself is really good.
The story is really grown up,
and of course it's the wedding scene
that drove every girls and women frenzy!!
That's the only reason why I'm so excited to see it too.

Every woman's dream is to get married,
and have a spectacular wedding.
First few seconds of the movie is like this.

What are my expectations from the wedding scene?
Kinda like the wedding that I wanted for myself.
A simple but dark, meadow or forest wedding.
Crimson colored roses are everywhere.

 In the movie there are two wedding scenes.
One is a nightmare and one is the real thing.

I prefer the nightmare.
That's the hardcore vampire wedding that I was really expecting.

 Also, I don't like Bella Swan's hair on the real wedding scene.

and doesn't she looked
too haggard and sleepless?
According to the book she looks really pretty
and not even a single hair is out of place.
Hell yeah in the movie her hair's a mess.
The movie is really moving.
You'll really appreciate the sanctity of marriage,
and how important to marry the right person.
It will make you feel how important it is to love and be loved,
and the nerve wracking feeling of your first night together.
yeah he broke the bed.

So people, please marry the right person.
That fantastic whirlwhind feeling is rare.
My favorite soundtrack called
"Flightless Bird / Iron and Wine"
also played when they were exhanging vows
 and it gave me goosebumps. 

Bella's gown looks simple in front,
but it screams
party at the back..

Wedding Dress from Carolina Herrera

 The birthing scene is really scary.
When Bella turned into a bony creature
it was scary as shit!!!!
She even broke her spine!
I knew it will happen but not hardcore!
It's really freaky!!
She didn't even close her eyes.. oh lordy..

To feel the vampire vibes going on as it is expected
that Bella Swan will open her eyes like an avatar and
will turn into a vampire,

I tried to do a Cullen Inspired look before seeing the movie.

Of course I need to see the movie with my boyfriend, and I invited my cousins as well.
We really did enjoy the last full show at the nearest mall. Too bad everyone's busy, we could've seen it in a better mall.

NYX HD primer
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 15 concealer palette
Revlon Age Defying powder foundation

Elf eyelid primer and eyeliner sealer
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette
Nyx Smokey Look Kit
Avon glimmersticks eyeliner in black
Avon Extralast Mascara in black
Avon Extralast Eyeliner in Shimmering black

Maybelline powder blush in Strawberry
Nars Orgasm blush

Kirkland Borghese dual ended lipliner in Ruby and Maple
Nyx Black Label lipstick in Dusty Rose

I really love the makeups used on her!!!
Still trying my best to figure out
which eyeshadow and lippie shades
will turn out to be like this.

According to the movie Vampires Suck,
it's now the era of vampires.

Everything dark, gothic, pale, bloody and freaky are in.
Werevolves, crimes, witches, that's the trend nowadays.

I personally like this concept,
since black is my favorite color of all time.
I remember back in the day
when I used to match
my black eyeshadow
with my plum lipstick.

If there's one vampire series that I particularly like,
it's Vampire Diaries.
Ian Somerhalder is one hot Vampire.
In my honest opinion,
Vampire Diaries is more mature.
Twilight's more on teen romance.
I'm not a teenager anymore so
I prefer mature storylines.

I just hope Harry Potter fans should
stop feeling bitter
about Twihards especially on Tumblr.
Both movies and books were good.

Harry Potter is very much appreciated by elementary students
and Twilight Saga are for highschool students.

Both were good but I think bashing online must stop.

Too bad we have to wait for a year for the second part.
I already knew what will happend for part 2.
Since the wedding and honeymoon's over
I'm not excited anymore.

Trivia: The baby used in the movie is Charlie Swan's real son.
Yup, it's a baby boy ^_^

Friday, November 11, 2011

4minute Hyuna Bubble Pop MV Inspired Makeup

I love Hyuna. I used to think she was overrated and I don't like the way she dances too provocatively with seducing facial expressions to think she's still too younh, but after I saw her in person during their visit and small show at the SM Mall of Asia,I'm officially a fan!!
She's prettier in person than on television and even pictures. She has a very small face,
thick voluminous hair and she's sexy skinny, I mean really skinny but sexy.

Hyuna was originally a member of Wondergirls, but due to her health she was replaced
and she didn't even make it when the Wondergirls made it big. But I think she fits well with 4minute more than with WG.

Her solo promotions were good.
"Change" was sick,

but "Bubble pop" is sicker for me.

When I saw the video I instantly got addicted that I even shared it with my bestfriend.
She dances well and every wardrobe she wore turned out to be amazing.
It hugged her figure really well.

But, the first few minutes from her music video
reminds me of Beyonce's Crazy in love MV.

Same outfit & entrance LOL

However,thefact is she's still very young. Her image doesn't go well with her age.
Sometimes her facial expressions were scarier than any other
sexy stars in Korea, which makes her even older and more experienced than Hyori.
She doesn't look innocent at all which is really sad. She's too young for that.
but I also strongly agree that she will be the next Hyori, but better.

Korea's version of J.lo: Lee Hyori

Now for my ambitious take of her look:

Since it was released during Summer in Korea,
the colors are mostly golden & bronzy.
She even got a fake tan to match her concept.

I'm naturally pale and I didn't bother to get a fake tan coz it wont suit me. 
The products that I used are:


Estee Lauder Cyber White Foundation in Cool Beige
NYC pressed powder
Clinique Dermawhite concealer
**Thank you Ate Janice Bancud
for the Estee Lauder Foundie
& Clinique concealer


Avon True color eyeshadow quad in Sandy Corals
Maybelline Diamond glow eyestudio eyeshadow quad in Copper Brown
Avon glimmerticks eyeliner
Avon Super Curlacious Mascara
Avon Extralast Liquid eyeliner
Elf eyeshadow in black

Avon eyeshadow in Sandy Corals &
Maybelline Eyeshadow in Copper Brown

Avon True Color Eyeshadow quad in Sandy Corals

Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow in Copper Brown

Nyx Peach
Elf blush and bronzer duo

Sophie Martin lipstick in Summer Love
Revlon Soft Nude
Avon 24k Moisture Rich lipstick in Golden Peach


Also, I bought a few products from Avon. I'm an Avon user since highschool.
I used to purchase it from my Aunt who's an Avon dealer as well.

A few days & weeks ago I got the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Pale Rose,
24K Moisture Rich lipsticks in Golden Peach,  24K Pink and Natural Gold,
(i already gave it to someone) Eyeshadow quads in Sandy Corals & Smokey,
The extralast collection (mascara & eyeliner) & the dual ended brush.
There goes my moolahs.

You can watch Bubble Pop Music Video here:

I'mma try to imitate Hyuna's popping moves
& goodluck and I hope my backbone will stay intact.