Monday, November 23, 2015

Vampy Look: Purple and Plum

Hello there! My follow up blog post didn't take that long, unlike what I have thought.Now I'm sharing with you another short post about my take on fall makeup. It's like almost every year I wear plum lips just to celebrate and welcome fall season, though I ironically we never had fall/autumn in this tropical country. I just love those dark colors that perfectly fits with cold season. Fortunately in this hot county no one can stop me from rocking dark vampy lips and smokey eyes. Everyone should deal with it, for me it's the way of life.

I've seen a lot of fall/autumn makeup looks early in September and I've planned ahead on what shades to mix together to create my own interpretation of fall/autumn. Though I wish I had plenty of time layering it on and blending it more. It still turned out pretty nice though.

Before I did my makeup I also tested my ring light and I've decorated my background, but the lights weren't very visible enough. I've mentioned from my previous post that my ring light is just D.I,Y. and it's composed of 8 light bulbs. My dad did the wiring and wood cutting. I'm so thankful how supportive my dad was. He even bought all the materials needed. He actually wants me to stop with my other job and focus on doing makeups, blogging and in the future, vlogging. He said I'm more successful when it comes to doing my passion rather than doing other things. Well, to be honest, I've earned so much money and recognition though dancing and doing makeups. Now I'm so determined to improve my craft and learn more things that still relates to makeup and dancing.

Product Deets:

Quick Fx Oil Mattifier
Naturactor Cover Cream FOundation in 151
Revecen Face Cover Foundation in Nude Beige
Naturactor Powder foundation in shade 240
Revecen mineral Powder

Nichido Mineral Eyebrow Pencil in Chestnut
Makeup Geek matte eyeshadow in Mocha
Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow brush
Avon eyebrow liner in soft black

Fashion 21 white eyeliner
Etude House House Mix and Mix Palette
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eyeshadow in Eye candy
Sephora Custom Eyeshadow Palette in Purple
Makeup Geek matte eyeshadow in Corrupt
Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner
Red Cherry False Eyelashes
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir
Revlon Eyelash Curler

Revecen Mineral Powder in Sandy Brown
Maybelline Mineral Blush in Dusty Rose
Mac Hello Kitty Powder Blush in Tippy
Heroine Make Eye Jewelry in Yellow Sapphire as highlighter

Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Picking

Sadly this pretty lipstick of mine that has been my favorite ever since I've bought it went missing on Hallow's eve. I've been asking my cousins if ever they've seen it on the floor or somewhere else e but they said they've never seen such. I'm still sad about it and I'm determined to buy one...

I hope you all liked this very short but brief post for my fall look! I hope my next post will be the extension of my vlog! Wish me luck! Ciao once again! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smile, Chelsea

Hi everyone! So I was about to sleep one night, mind filled with so many things to do then suddenly I realized I've skipped writing a blog post for October! I was like, "When was my last post?". So I would like to update everyone about what happened last month and early this month, just in case I will also skip writing more updates for November. Anyway, it has been pretty rough and busy for me, October just passed, and almost everyday passes so swiftly. I have so many things to do and I don't have time for everything!
Though there were so many things that happened and should be told,  I also want to rant about the bad traffic we have in this country. Seriously, I always spend 6 hours of my time on the road! That precious 6 hours will never come back, and I just hate this country's situation for that. It makes me want to compare how good it is to live and work in Singapore.. wish I can go back, and bring my whole family in there.

Time to reveal the good news. Last September I've attended the Beauty Bound Asia Manila Event and just like what I've said I couldn't join the contest coz I lack equipment and to my surprise, I was invited by the network manager of the biggest network here in the Philippines, of course none other than ABS-CBN. They're having the multi channel network supporting Filipino vloggers that might make it big on Youtube.
Yes you've read it correctly it's more on vlogging, and after meeting with the network manager at the ELJ Building I've decided to finally pursue vlogging and becoming a beauty vlogger. I really hope I'll reach the guru status on Youtube and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Since ABS-CBN will be helping with the promotion and monetizing my channel I was so happy and I just don't know how and where to start.

As soon as I get home I planned everything I need. The camera, lights, background, microphone and more. As of now I just need a good video editing software, and just the perfect time to shoot. Actually, everyday has always been so perfect, except the time wasted on traffic whenever I go to the office and of course as soon as I get home I don't want to waste time and ignore my baby who waited for me for more or less 12 hours every time I go out, and every time we lay on our bed and cuddle I'm always the first one to fall unconscious. It's because being stuck in a traffic jam is so tiring for me, I couldn't stay awake all night.


My favorite time of the year has also passed, and yearly, for Hallow's Eve I have tons of plan on what to do on my face. Donning a freaky costume is actually not on my list, just face paints and makeups. I actually have a lot of ideas and I'm sure though it's past Halloween now, please expect more freaky inspired looks from me soon!

As a Halloween freak, I've done two makeup looks while trying my new D.I.Y.ring light. I did a few trial videos and portrait photography. Though I was busy I was preoccupied with plans and I was even dying to do fall makeup look coz now it's the right time to rock dark, vampy lips, and I've waited so long for it.

I'm trying to venture out with Special Effects makeup and I've already mentioned it in 2012 that I want to learn how to do gore looks and attend a special effects class.At first I thought doing it would be really hard,since tools were pretty expensive and hard to find, but I became motivated when my two MUA friends posted their very own special fx makeup. Sheila did trypophobia wound or burn sfx, and my friend other friend Sheena attended sfx makeup class from Makeup Forever in Taiwan. I was also jealous with their mad skills. They both nailed it!

Sheila Zarraga and her wound with maggots sfx.

Sheena Cong-De Los Eyes and her broken finger. Ouch!

So the jealous me made my first gore look and it's inspired by the infamous Joker smile/Chelsea Smile.
It's also known as Cheshire Grin and Glasgow smile, and it means the mouth's cut from ear to ear, bloody as hell. Common sharpies used were scissors, but in the Batman Movie the Joker has a razor. Most MUAs loved the idea of this look every time Halloween's about to approach, and it makes me think of that scary photo I saw of Black Dahlia that haunted me for weeks after seeing it.

I tried to learn first on how to do it and I've watched several tutorials from pro muas but they're using some serums that shrinks the skin and latex. Since I don't have those everything I did was D.I.Y. and of lesser cost.

I just used a foundation that matches my skin tone, eyelash adhesive, tissue papers, scissors, artificial blood, black, red and dark brown eye shadows, cheap makeup brushes and that's it!
For the ingredients of the edible artificial blood, I raid my aunt's kitchen (lol she's a baker) and mixed corn syrup, water, food colors: red, a bit of green and blue, chocolate syrup from my fridge and flour. Just make sure the consistency is blood like.

Now here's the short video I posted on my Instagram!

My bro got jealous he made me transform him into Heath Ledger when he portrayed The Joker. I only used powder eyeshadows since I'm still in search for a good face and body paint. The quality of the makeup turned out pretty dope, I think it looks better than face paint, coz it wouldn't look faded and patchy. Joker's makeup is streaky and melting off his face, like a girl who worked out wearing full makeup.

 The only thing my bro has in common with Joker is that their hair's both wavy, dry and frizzy. Haha!

I just wish November wouldn't be too busy for me and I'll have a lot of time to film my makeup routine and share it on my Youtube Channel...Still wishing though it's already half of the month. Please watch out for my next blog post about my Fall makeup look. :) It's gonna be another quick short post loaded with pictures.

Lastly, here's something to look forward to... My new face and body paint from Glamour! My husband came home having these babies. I'm so excited and I'm on my journey to learn the art of face painting.

I hope y'all liked it!