Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Autographed SHINee CD and 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration

I'm a Shawol for three years!!!
Shawol's the name for SHINee's fans club by the way.
Yep I've been a fan since 2008,
and still counting.
Just want to share with you guys what happened recently that made me happy.

I've been a fan of many artists for many years, but I've never met them in person or never got an autograph from them. I like them but I don't shell out my moolahs for my fandom.
I used to dream meeting Britney Spears
and the Backstreetboys back in the day but there was never an opportunity.

Somehow, my life as a fangirl has changed as I got older.
I should be focusing on other things yet I'm stucked fangirling with Korean boy bands.
I dunno they are just damn fresh for me. lol

By the way, there are two types of fans.
First are the irritating obsessed obnoxious children,
and grown ups that think maturely.
I think I don't belong to the mature ones neither do I belong
to those freaking obnoxious fangirls thinking they will end up with their biases.
Geez girls get a life, and know how to separate fantasy from reality. Know your limitations.
Too much is bad.
I just like SHINee and I appreciate their music.

I like Tokio Hotel too.
Both of them have their own language that I don't really understand when they talk.
One Korean and one German.
But they make awesome music, and they look really cool,
so I like them.
That's it.

Back to my story, I consider myself a very lucky fangirl.
There was an event called Philippines~Korea Friendship day,
kinda like a cultural agreement with both countries,
both local and Korean performers were invited.
Of all the performers out there.
They got SHINee.
I even got 5 free tickets. Orchestra.

 Brownman Revival performed, and me looking derp

and the group I waited for 11 hours to perform

Although the person that I like most in SHINee didn't make it,
still it's a luck. A once in a lifetime opportunity that I didn't even ask.

Then recently, I have 2 new students in my class who happened to be sisters.
Both of them are Koreans. They are still young.
We usually talk about Korean pop, and then my 1st student Ah Jin who happened to be older attended my night class and told me she likes TVXQ

(legendary boy group in Korea for having so many achievements).
I told her although I'm too old, I like SHINee.
The other day, I talked to her younger sister Ah Hyun.
She told me that Ah Jin told her last night that I'm a SHINee fan.
She said she got their autographed CD
two years ago during their Ring Ding Dong promotion.
That was the exact period and concept when they visited Philippines.

To my shock, she told me she'll give the autographed CD to me instead
coz she's a Super Junior fan and she won't use it anymore.

I thought she was kidding.
She asked for my address and 3 days later, I received a package from her!!
It's friggin real!!!! 1 photo and 1 Y.O.U album both signed by them!!

Kim Jonghyun's Autograph
 Kim Key's Autograph
 Lee Jinki 's "Onew" Autograph
 Lee Taemin's Autograph
 Choi Minho's Autograph
the CD
I'm so thankful that I got all of these for free.
I just want to tell some fans that please don't shell out your cash
to buy every albums and merchandises of any Kpop artists,
or even buying all the front row tickets just to see them,
whether you just do it for fun or out of your curiosity.
Money is very important so don't just waste it,
time will surely come that you'll regret it whether you like it or not.
It's ok to splurge from time to time to reward yourself, but don't do it as a habit.
If it's meant for you, it will come.
Don't starve yourself just to save money and support your idols.
They won't help you in times of need. LOL
But if you're filthy rich, then go!^^

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