Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The #makeuptransformation Craze

Something hilarious and lol-worthy is really going on with Twitter,Instagram and Facebook these days and I've jumped to the bandwagon together with my Facebook friends. Seeing their posts the other night made me laugh and it's really fun though. I've decided to do my own take when my friend Marc posted his makeup transformation and we all had our violent reaction, everybody lose their mind. He isn't happy yet and he posted another one.
First it was Alden Richards, then Aljur Abrenica. Yes my friend..

Since it's an opportunity to use makeups which I love and as you all know 
I love imitating celeb makeup looks, so I picked one of the most beautiful local celebrity here in the Philippines. Good thing no one bats an eye, and received numerous likes. ^______^ I'm just originally aiming to annoy my friend Marc,
so it's a good feeling that my friends have appreciated it.

and my friend Marc being bitter... hahahaha ^__^

I don't usually add people on Facebook unless I know them personally,
or they're my husband's friends coz I used to have so many posers during Friendster days. Thanks to those 200 people, you guys are awesome.

I really have a date that day with my husband, I'll meet him after work to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a fun day, had a great dinner as well.
For those who are asking I used Mac Pink Nouveau Lipstick.

Behind the scene, there's a little photo bomber. My cute 9 month old son.

Let the fun begin! my Facebook friends and their take on their makeuptransformation.They all did a good job!


Some descriptions were really funny though.. and I've clicked the LIKE button to all of them.The fun thing about this craze is that you make fun of yourself, and people will appreciate it. I've liked every makeup transformation posts on my Facebook news feed coz I love seeing people enjoying themselves, and seeing their makeups as well. I also have to agree that it helps you become the celebrity you always knew you were. 

Lastly, a parody/transformation of my husband. Everybody says I did a good job! :) Whenever our friends see us in person they mention it and they say it's ridiculously hilarious.That tattoo on his chest is bloody hard. I think I should pat myself at the back for still trying.

What or Who did you transform yourself into? This craze is really funny right?
A round of applause to those who tried and made people happy.

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