Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SS109 Live at Fisher Mall

I've been so busy again these days. My son's growing up so fast and he's taking my time.I couldn't leave him alone anymore, he can even get out of his own walker! Last Wednesday I went out to see SS109's show at The Fisher Mall.
Since I'm already a mom I couldn't really go out, stay up late and watch their gigs on every bars we could possibly have in Cavite, Manila and Makati City.
I could really count on my fingers those gigs and mini concerts that I've watched from them. Since it's gonna be a solo live show from the band and it was a Korean Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to spend the whole day watching and supporting the group.

Sorry baby! You're too young to come and see Daddy's, 
Uncle's and your Ninong's show.

Thanks to Mr. Njel De Mesa, the President of  NDM Incorporated. He invited SS109 and gave the band a solo slot to perform live in front of the young crowd.The solo live performance was sponsored by NDM Studios as a band blowout every Wednesday.

They performed their cover songs and carrier singles for an hour.
The group has been really professional and performed energetically,
headbanging to their music the whole time and rocking the stage.
Each members have their own personality and unique charm,
glammed up with their signature styles with a twist of glam metal and glam rock.

The band slowly introduced themselves and their genre as 80's old school glam metal rock band, and when we say old school it's Motley Crue, Poison, Skid row and more glam metal acts from 80's to early 90's. To those who grew up listening to these old school bands and to those who have watched those rock artists from the 80's then seeing SS109 perform live will be nostalgic.

They nailed the whole performance and most of the audience were students.
It's a bit funny to see their reaction when they saw the band members coming out of the car. They looked at them from head to toe, a bit shocked and stunned, and pretty amazed and amused... and so is everyone inside the mall, be it guards and sale staffs.

Being too different from the young musicians they see on TV and those boy band they listen to these days, it's really nice to see those young boys and girls appreciating and starting to idolize the group. At the end of the show they were clapping and shouting.

SS109 with NDM Studios and NDM Inc. President Njel De Mesa

I even encouraged the fan boys and fan girls to take a picture with them so they went on stage and had a few shots. Yes, I was the one who took their photos holding several smartphones. I was a photographer, a makeup artist and a personal assistant that day, and a fan girl as well.

This is my hubby, the band's bassist. My younger bro is the band's Keyboardist.

I'm running out of my black eyeliner and black eye shadow because these two men used them more frequently than I use them.

The only photo I have with my husband is this, taken by my younger bro.
During this shoot my hubby kept mocking me and telling people who were looking at us that I'm a die hard fan.

On my lips: Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick

What I wore that day were totally old. I've put up all of my favorite clothes together that I've bought a few years ago. I'm happy that those that I've bought for a long time never go out of style coz I might say they're timeless, and my style has definitely been freaky and odd to begin with. 
Like this leatherette I've got from Genevieve Gozum that I've bought for 1,800 pesos way back 2008, the Marithe Francois Girbaud handbag that I had since 2006, Candies top that I've bought in 2012 and my DIY black midriff top that I used for dancing way back 2006. I remember ironing all the rhinestones to it patiently, one by one.

My leatherette zip up top has so many stories and memories since it's quite old already. I remember how it caught my attention and took a photo of it using my Nokia N70, then went back the next day to the mall to purchase it. I wore it for the first time on my first job's Christmas party since I've always been inappropriately dressed, as it was a smart casual event. Then right after leaving my first job my copy cats from that same company I used to work with bought theirs! They wore it on their Christmas party too.

Anyways, seeing CL from 2ne1 wearing it the way I used to wear it left a huge smile on my face. I'm still claiming I had this style first (HAHAHA), though CL's wearing a real leather.

As for my bottoms I wore my all time favorite shredded black lace leggings 
and suede wedge platform ankle boots, with leopard prints on the inside.
When I wore it at Moa the Beauty Assistants from Mac were asking me where
did I get it, coz they loved it!

Prior to their solo show Francis and Ezzy attended  NDM's Indie Music Awards Night last September 8. Here's their photos with Njel De Mesa and Filipina Girls

Please support and listen to our indie bands. You'll never know how talented they can be, you might wanna take a look at their videos and listen to their songs. For their upcoming gigs and bar tours, here's the link to SS109's Facebook account.

Click here to proceed to their fan page

On our way to Quezon Avenue I had this beautiful shot of our hand together.

Both of us wearing black nail polish and awesome wristwatch. I gave this snake wristwatch to him and he wore it for his gigs.

Coming up!! We've attended a wedding, and the pictures turned out to be great!
I'll post about it soon, still trying to put it up together, and as always, its more of like an image blog.

You can read the next post in a bit!

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