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Glam Goth Meets Gothic Rock

It was a cold gloomy morning in Silang, Cavite.
My husband Francis and I will be attending a wedding.
Marvin, the groom, is Francis' close friend since they were in high school. 
We already knew since July that he's gonna be Marvin's groomsmen for his September church wedding. The call time was supposed to be 10am so we immediately went to the church. Since Francis sometimes doesn't pay attention to some details it was then we found out that we're supposed to go to the reception first which is at Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay. Marvin's cousin called us and he'll be picking us up. While waiting for him, we tried to look around the church as it was our first time to go there. I've heard it rained hard that morning so the grass was still damp, the breeze feels cold and a bit wet.

In this beautiful scenery lies San Antonio De Padua Church.
The place is really peaceful and relaxing.

As soon as you enter the church's gate you'll see the statue of St. Anthony of Padua carrying n infant Jesus, with cherubs just below them. There's trees every where, you can even drive around, there's a wide parking lot and you can even play on the grass. If it's not damp and wet I might lie down there and take more photos.

Thanks to the kind woman who took our photos in front of the church.
She just saw us laughing around coz we both want to have our photos taken
so she offered her help. Thanks Ate! We didn't even catch your name but you're
an angel. The pictures were amazing.

I still want to have a black wedding. I'm sure it'll come true, coz that is what I really want ever since. Seeing these pictures of us makes me think that black and Gothic wedding's possible. Yes, dream on! We just have to make everything perfectly stable and fine first, build our dream house and get married again in front of it.

As for our dream house, it's very much similar to the structure of this church,
or maybe Tuscan style. Stones, rocks, bricks, grass, flowers, trees and vines.
That's how we love to see our house outside.

Anyways going back... Marvin's older bother picked us up and we went straight to the reception at Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay City. It's for the photo shoot for the entourage. My husband told me that the wedding's motif will be black and silver, so I really think it was awesome. A black wedding I'll be attending.

As soon as we arrived, I met Marvin, and he mocked Francis coz he said he should be wearing a white polo! The motif's blue, silver and white!
We were laughing and my husband doesn't care as to what the motif will be.
I even don't know how did he come up with that black and silver motif!
He doesn't even want to tie his hair, just like what the groom has requested.
I thought our glam goth inspired outfits will be inappropriate as it is a wedding day, but then most of the guests were wearing darker hues and the bridesmaids were all wearing royal blue.

earrings: Chanel CC logo vintage drop pearl

I just decided to let my hair down, parted it side ways and had some hairspray to hold it. I've dyed my hair into golden red two weeks prior to this event,
so it doesn't look too harsh as the colors have faded already.

The flowy beaded asymmetrical hem black cocktail dress I'm wearing is from Ruby RoxThis dress is by far one of my favorites among the dresses I've had.
The color (of course it's gonna be black!) the cut, the fabric, the style,maybe just a little more beadwork. I'm so picky when it comes to dresses and it's not that easy to please my taste, but this one definitely knocked me off my feet.
I love that even if it bares much skin on the upper part, the asymmetrical hem on the lower part makes it a look a bit more conservative when worn.

check out for beautiful cocktail and prom dresses.

 Nine West Black Reptile Crocodile Shoulder Bag

I was originally grabbing for my black XOXO shoulder bag coz it's my favorite
but the strap snapped! I need to have it repaired asap. It's my fave.
I have no choice but to use this Nine West bag, which I didn't know how it exists. I didn't buy it, maybe it came from my aunts as a gift and I've totally forgotten it. Well thank heavens, I have no big black bag to use other than this one.

I've also used my wedding shoes for the second time. It still looks new and sparkly filled with silver micro glitters. Unfortunately it's a bit tight for me now, it used to be a little loose as a peep toe shoes. They said after you get pregnant and give birth your shoe size will become bigger. It's true, after all. 
The explanation is that the tendons connecting the tarsals and metatarsals
of your feet gets loose from the pull of gravity, as it adjusts to your weight when it triples while you're preggo. Now I must buy new shoes, the old ones were all too tight for me now.

But even if my shoe size becomes bigger, I've shed a big amount of weight
and my skinny jeans weren't skinnies anymore. It's sad though, I have nothing to wear again other than my jeggings and leggings. I feel really comfortable wearing just jeans and shirt. No micro mini's, my family's very conservative.

Let's go now for the makeup products I used.
I don't know how it happened but it has to be the best brown smokey eyes I've ever done. It reminds me of those smokey eyes I see from Autumn-Winter fashion shows such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Ninna Ricci and Miu Miu.
I'll try to do it again next time, if ever I can recreate it.
Sorry no tutorials. I'm still not that brave to teach y'all.


Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation in 180 Sand Beige
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette
Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Compact 020 Beige Eclair


Sephora eyeshadows in medium brown, dark brown and black from the customizable palette
Etude House Code B Gel eyeliner in strong black
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara
Estee Lauder Lash Primer
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir


Mac Hello Kitty Powder Blush in Tippy
Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush in Original Rose


Mac Russian Red Lipstick

What I have on my bag is just perfect for retouching.
It's the Dior Travel Studio from Christian Dior.

It carries everything that I need. Powder for touch ups, the tiny dior show mascara and the tiny black eyeliner. I didn't retouch my eye shadows as I used a good base for it. FYI I've had this travel kit since 2012 I think, but I haven't used it that much as I don't really dig the color pay off of the lippies and eyeshadows. They're too sheer and it's not even worth the three thousand peso cash that I've shed.

Finally! Marvin looked for a white polo for Francis to wear.
Francis is really stubborn and and a very happy go lucky person.
If there's one thing I learned for him it's how I shouldn't give a f*ck about
anything. I like his "It doesn't matter attitude". Here's a Tony Stark inspired shot.

But don't worry, he has an alter ego. The "daddy" side of him can easily turn him into a different person. When it comes to our son's needs, he's really like Iron Man, and whenever I need him, he's like Batman.
He's got so many friends, sometimes I don't even remember their names and faces. He's the friendliest of all peeps I know.

Here's what San Antonio De Padua church looks from the inside. My friends told me this is also where Filipino celeb couple Karylle and Yael got married. I don't even know that. (Not really that interested in other people's wedding).
The church really fascinated me, it's simple and not that big at all but once you enter the church it'll give you a different atmosphere.

Villa Ibarra, the wedding's reception is somewhat small, but cozy. The interior design is simple too, wall painted in white, black and then there's wood and baroque style fixtures and furniture. The parking lot can also just accommodate a few vehicles. The place isn't too overwhelming, and it's relaxing.

Once this glass door's open, you can have a good view with the Taal lake.
Great for pictures. Since that day was really gloomy and rainy, the clouds hid the beauty of the Taal Volcano.

We do have one shot outside as the kids lit their sparkles. It was still drizzling and cold, and I got me my good ole' Genevieve Gozum leatherette minus the belt.

Hubby having a moment and the time of his life. He looks hot in that suit, and it's my first time to see him wear that coz on our wedding he preferred Chinese style coat.

His old western boots were customized from his long time friend that happens to be a shoe maker, particularly all sorts and kinds of shoes and boots.
We just googled some pictures of his dream boots for the size, materials,
accessories and more, and it turned out better than we expected it to be.

More reception photos I took. Sorry it's just point and shoot, I don't know anything about photography, I just love the beauty of this place, and captured it through my digital camera.

As for the reception, I like it, but still the place called Ridge Resort and Convention Center in Tagaytay City still lingers in my heart.
It's big, really big and very calming and cozy. It's where my dad used to work for almost 25 years. I grew up in that place. I sleep there with my family, eat, swim, play, run around. It stops its operation in 2002 and it's now renovated into Philippine Judicial Academy. I even remember bringing all my friends, teachers and classmates there so they could swim and play around. 
I wish they'll open it again for public, or just for the old employees there. 
The last time I've been there it's already PHILJA, I also saw the resort being renovated. I remember my dad even promised I'll have my 18th birthday at Ridge Resort, but sadly it didn't happen since it's now closed for public.

That woman is my sexy mom!

I love photos with a vintage touch and dark concept. I'm trying to schedule a simple photo shoot with my friend but both of us were still too busy. Maybe soon, and I want a custom made black lace dress, inspired by those from Gucci's A/W 2012 Collection.The photoshoot's concept will still be vampy and dark, but better and "more maarte". Soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading lovelies! It's an image blog once again, and more blah blahs from me. This blog of mine is more of like my online diary. Since I'm a very visual person I upload lots of pictures. After a year or two, I read all of my old posts and they really make me smile, so it's also for me, yeah, weird once again.

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