Friday, October 4, 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag?

You have no idea how many eyeshadows, powders, brushes, lippies and mirrors I carry with me. When I was in highschool and college my pen's always missing, but my eyeliners were always complete, and never misplaced. Sometimes I even forget my notes at home,
but my book of eyeshadow palettes were never forgotten...

Makeup Kit last 2010

1.Avon Supershock mascara in black
2. Revlon eyelash curler
3. Estee Lauder eyeliner 
4. eyebrow brush
5. lipbrush from Tinte cosmetics
6.Elf smudge brush
7. Barenaturals flat top brush
8. Tinte Cosmetics Matchbook in Natural Beauty
9. The Face Shop Cream Foundation
10. Lancome ColorFocus Self Select eyeshadow quad
11. that pie looking eyeshadow that I couldn't remember the brand

I used to love that Matchbook from Tinte Cosmetics in Natural Beauty that I bought at Beauty Bar for P1,600 pesos only and the Lancome Color Focus Self Select eyeshadow quad from my bezzie.

More makeups that I alternately use before, some were prizes from Maybelline and L'oreal
when I won for Hair in Manila's contest last 2010.

When I was working my makeup kit has doubled. Sometimes I carry everything I can,
coz whenever I have free time I put makeup on, take a selfie and blog.

It's my office table way back 2012. That flowery tangerine makeup bag's from Clinique,
and was given by my aunt who gave the same Louis Vuitton's Spring 2002 Collection White Multicolour/Murakami Monogram Speedy 30 bag. I told everyone in the office that the bag's fake every time they ask me if it's authentic. I don't want to overwhelm them like why I use such thing and I seldom use it. But it isn't. It's actually the original LV Speedy 30.

Aunt bought it before the knockoffs were sold in the market. I'm still thankful she gave it to me, of all the people that she knew. The first time that I saw this bag, I think I was in highschool. I don't care much about LV that time. Seeing it again, it didn't look old, and it's more than 10 years old.
What's more important than that bag was the piece of advice she gave me and it really did change some of my plans in life, love and career. Aunt currently resides in California.
I just see her once every 2 years, or twice a year.

Another office table shot! Yes I do share my makeups with my office mates.I even received gifts from them. That Chanel kit was given by Ate Janice, my friend who used to work with Elizabeth Arden at Duty Free Cosmetics aisle.There's more that wasn't even reached by my cam.You have no idea.

Now that I'm preggo I've decided to minimize everything! I only carry the important ones, but they still seem plenty for a small purse.

Purse from: Marithe Francois Girbaud

What's inside my purse?

1. Revlon Eyelash curler
2. Victoria's Secret Dream Angels miniature perfume
3. Clinique eyeshadow and blush quad
4. Mac Heatherette Compact replaced with a dual powder foundation
5. Maybelline Clearsmooth Mineral Blush in Original rose
6. Etude House Shini Star Lipbalm in Guava
7. L'oreal Hip Eyeshadow brush
8. Elf Stippling brush
9. Barenaturals Flat Top brush
10. Kirkland Borghease Eyebrow brush
11. Jazzy Collection Cream Foundation
12. Johnson's baby lotion
13. Nyx Lipstick in Dusty Rose

I even customized my own palette that I can easily carry around,travelling, sleepovers at my father in law's house, anywhere.I depotted neutral eyeshadows and a few pink and peach blushes. Some were from my Kirkland Borghease palette, Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette, and single eyeshadows that I got from the past.

When I was still a student nurse all the essential things for the patient should be at bedside.
Well, my bedside's like this at the moment, a few weeks from now it'll be different
and all my makeup stash will be there. ^_^ I feel sorry for my husband.

The scent that I'm loving at the moment: Heiress.I've been sniffing this scent from my bestfriend for years and years but I don't like it that much. Now my pregnant brain told my
olfactory nerve that this one's the best, aside from Purr by Katy Perry.

 By the way go and check it out! I'm lovin' these accessories from Sweet Frostings.

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