Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elf Single Eyeshadow in Raspberry Truffle & New Small Custom Eyeshadow Duo

After almost 9 months of avoiding the cosmetic aisle, (fighting temptation) I came across the shelf of Elf Cosmetics coz I want to see if they have their powder blush in Twinkle Pink. Unfortunately they only have the coral (forgot the exact shade name) and I'm happy to see that the mineral infused primer's available now here in the Philippines. Tempted but determined not to buy any, I checked out their single eyeshadow. There were different shades from beige to purple, and one gorgeous shade caught my eye.Since I'm a sucker for smokey eyes I really dig the Raspberry Truffle shade. It's plummish brown with sheer sparkle. Perfect for Fall/Autumn EOTD. It's even on sale! It was 50% off.. so I opened my wallet.. I thought I could resist.. but couldn't..The salesgirl even told me that the shade looks good on me, coz that time I'm wearing smokey brown eyeshadow for my eyes. I'm sooooo buying it... haha!

I noticed that the shade is very much similar and is a perfect dupe for Mac's Twink single eyeshadow. I've used it several times and good thing I purchased it.

You can get this gorgeous look from Kristen Stewart since Raspberry Truffle is like
plum/purplish brown that you can easily blend well with black eyeshadow.

If I'm gonna do this look I'll be using a different shade of lippie, more of like
an ombre lip that was similar to the Nina Ricci 2012 Fall/Autumn Fashion Show
Credit goes to the owner of the pictures.

Then while walking around the supermarket I had an idea of depotting the Elf eyeshadow from its container and make my custom eyeshadow duo.
I have two glittery eyeshadows that has been my favorite from Kirkland Borghese,
and the shades are Gold Digger and Radiance. The small brush is from my Elf's eyebrow kit.

(pics captured by iphone, sorry for the poor quality)

after depotting the single eyeshadow from Elf, 
the two eyeshadows from Kirkland perfectly fit in.

Tadah!!! It's so small I can easily carry it anywhere ^_^

I also got a new lippie from Etude House again, this time it's OR205. Perfect combo.

I still wish I can have my own custom palette but I want it from Mac. I'll choose Carbon, Brown Down, Cork and Espresso. I want the 2x custom palette or the 4x.
I just don't have any idea about the total cost... but I'm pretty sure it costs an arm.. or a leg.. or a neck.

Do you guys have any idea about the price of the custom palette in peso?
No time to go to the Mac Store! Please let me know! TIA!!

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