Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping Up With The Makeup Of Kardashians/Jenners

Love them? or hate them? You can only have two relationships with this family,
Love or Hate. They've been around for a long time, and the number one most searched family name on search engines and their reality shows have been awarded a few times.

I know there are haters but I really don't understand why they have to say something bad to those people who like and appreciate their reality show. We have different taste and different preference, it's really all about respect and not trying to be rude and offensive.

The advantage of watching them is that you get to see the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, and new array/range of makeup palettes in America. Their family is always ahead when it comes to the trend: makeup-wise and fashion-wise. They've got the best makeup artists that can do new tricks in color matching and new rules in color blocking, gone are the days of bad blending and bad color matching. Well, who wouldn't love their wardrobes, designer shoes and for me, their makeups? I bet you wouldn't appreciate it if you're not a real makeup junkie.
I've watched seasons 3 to 6, including other separate shows from Kourtney and Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, Lamar and Khloe, Kim's fairytale wedding, but I'm really wishing Kendall and Kylie would have their own. The Jenner Sisters are really goooorrrgeeeooouussss!!!
I used to watch the show because of Kim. She used to be my favorite. I love the fact the she knows what to put on together to coordinate her looks, outfit and accessories. FYI Kim used to work as a stylist for Brandy and some famous Hollywood celebrities.

But now her facial features are getting sharper and her preference for clothes are getting too mature. Her mature choice of clothes and her face always changes.. (I guess we have to blame her age and **cough** I'm sure you all get what it is...) now made me think I don't like her that much anymore. Now I watch the show because of the Jenner sisters. They are young and prefers chic clothing to rock star inspired fashion.

 As of now I'm getting obsessed with their house. Yes, you read it correctly, I love looking at Jenner's House. It's simple yet elegant. It's black and white, yet very polished and classy.

The trademark of the Kardashians/Jenners when it comes to makeup is their long luscious spidery eyelashes, smokey eyes, heavily contoured cheeks (except for Kendall and Kylie),
or coral lips for Khloe, red lips for Kourtney and nude lips for Kim.

Also, they love dark nail polish and their hair is always voluminous and long parted in the middle, usually curled that opens up their face. Well, aside from wearing hair extensions if you couldn't let your hair grow, here are some of their favorite makeup products, and dupes to save money, which I myself used and searched. Of course I wouldn't look like them in the first place, and colors will turn out differently since I'm NW20 for Mac, Kardashians are NC35 and darker.

I've compiled the makeups they use and their favorites. I've also provided the tried and tested dupes for those who couldn't afford their high end counterparts.

Kim Kardashian's Makeup

I love the old Kim. She really looks different now, idk.. She loves L'oreal Volumious Carbon Black Mascarawhich is cheaper compared to other mascaras out there. For designer ones, she swears by Lancome Hypnose.

She also swears by Makeup Forever High Definition foundation blended with Mac 180 brush. It's often used by her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic on her. If you're out of budget, try Revlon Photoready liquid foundation.

Sometimes she uses Nars Orgasm blush and Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring.
Try Elf Blush and Contour. Many are saying it's the dupe of Orgasm and Laguna. More Nars orgasm dupes include Nyx pinched, Elf Twinkle pink and Mary Kay Shy blush.

For her signature pinky nude lips that mateches her tanned skin, she loves the combination of Mac Stripdown lip liner, Mac Angel Lipstick mixed with Nars Turkish Delight Lip gloss.

Before I finally got these Mac lippie and Nars lipgloss I tried different and cheaper dupes.
try Revlon Pink Pout mixed with Styli Style lipgloss in Flirty. Beautiful combo.

on my lips:

Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick in 901C Think Pink is a good Angel dupe as well, then top it off with Victoria's Secret Lipgloss in Pink.

Khloe Kardashian's Makeup

I've found out that Kim and Khloe both love Revlon's Soft Nude Lipstick.
I bought it and it's really a faint peachy type of nude that won't wash you out.
Depending on your lips' pigmentation, this shade flatters every skin tone, yes even those with fair complexion.

Revlon Soft Nude on my lips

I heard Kim's also wore it for her 30th Birthday

Khloe loves coral lips. Somertimes she wears peach, or pinky peach lippies. I still have no idea what's Khloe's favorite brand but her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli revealed what she used for Khloe's lips for People's Choice Award.

It's Smashbox Double Take Lipcolor in Gossamer
topped with Nars Turkish Delight

Kourtney Kardashian's Makeup

She prefers red lips more than corals and nudes.
She uses Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 13: Le Orange.

For an orange red lipstick, the best pic would be Mac Lady Danger.
Kendall doesn't wear much makeup, so I have no idea what she particularly likes.
She's naturally beautiful. Kylie is still young but she really loves to wear makeup.
She loves eyeliners.

I saw this picture and she got Stila Kajal Convertible eyeliner,
I bet it's in Onyx as her elder sister Kim prefers this one, but not the convertible one. According to Stylebistro she uses the Stila Smudge pot too,maybe for upper eyelids.

Kris Jenner's Makeup:

She loves smokey eyes and nude lips makeup.
According to their makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic,
he uses Mac Carbon for the Kardashian's smokey eyes.
Nyx Black eyeshadow is the perfect dupe for Carbon.

Aside from their collaboration with Nicole by OPI for their own nailpolish line, they swear by OPI Nail Polish in Lincoln Park After Dark. It's not black, it's a dark purple that exudes sexy goth.

Kylie's nails



That is such a HUUUGEE AASSS engagement ring and I swear I'll do the same thing if I have it which is to flaunt it, but I would never want such ring bigger than my eyeball.
 It's either I'll clumsily lose the rock or I will accidentally scratch myself with it.

I guess by now you are aware why they are strongly influential among women and ladies, and very much appealing among men.  So high maintenance but definitely beautiful.

While I was having a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon in the office I tried to recreate one of Kim's look way back in 2007. It's the smokey eyes with long lashes
paired with pinky nude lips.

Products Used

Elf eyelid primer and Eyeliner Sealer
Nyx Black eyeshadow
Nyx Smokey Look Kit
Etude House Code B Gel eyeliner in Strong Black
Christian Dior Crayon Eyeliner in 090 Noir/Black
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara

Christian Dior Lip liner in 513 Lin/Linen
Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in 901B Think Pink
Styli Style Plastic Gloss in Flirty
This is not a paid advertisement from Wet n' Wild, Revlon, Nyx, or any other cosmetic companies that are mentioned. It just happened that I have those since I looked for cheaper dupes. Feeling good and looking good does not necessarily mean using and buying expensive stuffs, there are cheaper alternatives that really does the trick, but of course if you're part of Big Mama Kris' empire and you're raking in billions of cash,  I'm sure you'll spend it thoughtlessly.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Tale of Red Lipstick

As a very pale and lifeless looking girl without makeup on,
I love bright lips.
From fuschia pink to bright corals and fire engine red,
I'll definitely wear it even if I just need to go to work.

These days I'm crazy over red lippies.
I've tried it a few times and sometimes
it's too overwhelming, but since my friends
said that my lips are too small for bright lippies
to get noticed, I feel relieved.

I've got soooo many red lipsticks on my wish list.
Until now I'm thankful that I got Russian Red with me,
prettiest red I ever had.
I'm still thankful to my dear friend Nelliberry.
Without her, I won't be able to discover the beauty of this lippie.
She told me it's looks really good on me.

A few months ago I told my friend Macky
of Dreamshop Photography
that I want
a gothic or Psychobilly/Rockabilly/ pin up inspired photoshoot
but then both of us are still busy. 

Two weeks ago I tried to glam up our
ordinary girl talk into a red lippie night.
Good thing I got a bestfriend who never let me do stupid things alone.
Other girlfriends found out that the lippie is really gorgeous
and works well on any skintone,
therefore everyone swiped my dear lippie on their lips.

my bestfriend Kitty

Party Crasher Mama Jack

except for my one queen who wants to stand out
and she werk the pink lippie. Her name's Janel.

The Red Lipstick is called Russian Red from Mac.
It's iconic as every famous celebrities swear by it
if they want to pull off an old hollywood/pin up look.
As you all know, I love Dita Von Teese.

She swears by Mac red lippies. Russian Red or Ruby woo.

I've seen Burlesque (2010) and I just hoped Dita played any of the part
from the movie. I like Christina but her voice is toooo HUUUGGEE!!
After watching this movie I fully understood the life of being a burlesque dancer.
 Quite good and really fun.

Movie's glittery, glam and girly.
Every performances are inspired by old hollywood.
Classy and Sexy.
My favorite part is when Cher gave Christina some
makeup lessons to how to achieve perfect cat eyes.

Cher said if the brush is bad, then it won't work.
She recommended her Smashbox eyeliner brush.

Do I want to be Burlesque dancer someday?
I figured out, it's a YES! :)

By the way, today I received a message from Jouseign Keifer,
Administrator of G-force Fan page and now a designer for Statement Art Accessories,
that the famous dance group in the Philippines 
G-Force is now offering Burlesque dance lessons in Alabang which will start this April.

Teacher will be Teacher Devon, open to all girls and girls at heart. 
For early registration and inquiries please call 0917-517-0802.

I might try the dance lessons but performing it will be a big no no.
I don't have the courage, I couldn't even dance in heels.

I don't smoke and drink, Ironically the picture says so.
I just want to spend time and hang out with them.
One short or two won't hurt right?

I'm also a sucker for everything red and vintage
so I made some effects for the photos.
Red lippie stood out and complimented my red nail polish from Revlon.
I've bought a lot of nude and pale pink lippies.
It looks good in person but I look so washed out..
which is now my deepest regret. RIP NUDE LIPPIES.

Oh and I want everyone to welcome
my friend coz she started blogging last Saturday.

I hope you guys will visit her site as well and leave good feedbacks.
Site's not yet complete but please do visit

Janel told us that she wants to change her image into
something nice and sweet, so she's planning to buy skirts and more.
In my case, I want to buy
vintage/rockabilly/psychobilly/pin up
related stuffs.
Gone are the days for punk rock and glam goths,
I'm getting old already.
Some said that if goths and punks wanted to retire,
 they turn to Rockabilly. LOL

Now these are the red lippies that I'm planning to have,
but before putting them on, better
listen to "Red Lipstick" by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.
Such a beautiful migraine-inducing song!!

Mac Ruby Woo

Mac Lady Danger

Lime Crime in Retrofuturist

My favorite Tattoo Artist Kat Von D has her own cosmetic line,
and I'm still dying to have these:

Kat Von D's Hellbent

Kat Von D's Underage Red

Kat Von D's Adora

 Dear Mom, again, please let me get a tattoo.
One star will do!!

But of course if I will get one,
I want it on my collarbones.
Two tattoos for my left and right lower
clavicles. It can be a name or a quote.

I'm so happy that aside from Janel, two of my other
friends started blogging.
Ate Janis, who's married to the father of
rock bands in Imus has created her own.

and I found my friend Rochelle Discipulo too!!
I will post her link soon.

  Blogging is fun and at the same risky.
Photos will be everywhere so I make sure it is protected.
There are so many people with sticky hands, cyber bullies, identity theft,
so I always make sure it's impossible to copy pictures.
If you want to know how you can disable the right click and remove your pictures
navigation, let me know.