Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kpop Fandom: Sapphire Blue Pearl Inspired Look

I promised that I will make another fandom inspired look 
and it didn't even take that long. :)

Today I have much free time, it's not an official day off 
but due to some internet connection problems
in the office I have to go home and rest instead.

(Credit goes to owner of the photos that I'll be using!
I do not own any suju stuffs) 

Sapphire Blue Pearl or some call it Pearlescent Sapphire Blue
 is Super Junior's official Fansclub color.


Elf (the fansclub name: Ever Lasting Friends) 
always carry a Sapphire blue glowstick, 
balloons and even wear shirts for the Super Show tour. 
I've known Super Junior ever since I discovered SHINee in 2008, 
and they are the most hilarious group in the history of K-pop. 
They are like the most unruly, funniest and noisiest group ever, 
that's why I love them. 

My favorite member is Heechul. 
He's the prettiest Korean entertainer for me. 
Some f my friends who have seen him in person
 told me that he's so God-like and so perfect looking. 
He knows that's he's really good looking and
 he's strutting his stuff onstage too much.
I'm soooooo jealous!!!! I haven't seen Suju in the flesh. :(

 I got this photo from my friend Joanna


I know I'm crazy coz I only did half of my face. 
It's already 12 midnight and I don't want to
put a lot of makeup on and it's too hard to wash it all off. 
So I only have one sided shot.
I also don't want to over expose my whole face 
just like what I usually do coz 
most probably it will be everywhere on the internet.

  Products Used

Shini Star BB Lotion
Sugar Skull Cosmetics Correct and Conceal 15 concealer palette
Maybelling Clearsmooth Minerals powder
Avon Simply pretty dual powder foundation ( I got it from mom! and it's good)

Fashion 21 white eyeliner used as eyeshadow base
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 120 Rainbow Palette (used the blue eyeshadows)
Christian Dior Travel Kit (used the blue eyeshadows)
Etude house Tear powder in crystal glitter
Blue eyeliner
Etude House Code B gel eyeliner strong black
Christian Dior eyeliner in Noir
Lancome Hypnose mascara
Revlon Eyelash Curler

Clinique pink blush (forgot the shade name)

Concealer used as base
Mac Hello Kitty Lipstick in Big Bow 

Fangirls!! the next time that you will go to the concert of your favorite band, 
why not spice up your look and be creative with your eyes?

Now, I'm wondering which fandom color should I try soon? :)

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