Friday, August 11, 2017

Ever Bilena Limited Edition Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hello! last blog post was dated around May, my apologies for being too lazy these days. I actually have tons of makeups to blog, just there sitting in my vanity cabinet. I'll try to post more before nearing my due date, coz when the baby comes, surely there will be no time for primping and blogging.

Now here's another long overdue post about my three new pocket friendly liquid lippies. They've been sitting in my DIY organizer for so long I already gave the other one to my friend and partner hmua Ate Janis. Still I've kept some photos and I dunno why in the world was I too lazy to even transfer it to my laptop. Now my story's about to start.

A month ago I received my product payment as a guest makeup artist from MAC Cosmetics and I've picked so many lippies in different shade and finish, including one Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick. As much as I want to use them everyday or whenever I feel like using it heaven knows it's too costly, and too much for strutting around the room wearing the infamous Velvet Teddy then just slumber off.
For my favorite everyday MLBB (my lips but better shade) I go for Velvet Teddy, Runway Hit or Lady be good, so the fancy me is looking for cheaper alternative, a lippie that is still way cheaper than my fave Sleek Birthday Suit or BYS Bare Beauty.

One time I was alone at the mall and the itch to buy one lippie attacked. I don't want to shell out 500 bucks and up so I challenged myself to just look for a "good" (sorry my standard for a lippie's pretty high) liquid lipstick that's only 250 bucks or below. I'd be lucky enough if I find one.

These are limited edition hence there's LTD written on the tube.
Since I'm preggy I couldn't walk much further, blame my weak hips, so I ended up at Watson's (exciting right?) and all I can do is look for hidden treasures from those available local brands. To be honest I'm a fan of local brands. I've been using some of them for a decade and they've improved their formulations and packaging that can definitely compete now with international or rather luxury brands.

The new display of liquid lipsticks at Ever Bilena caught my attention seems the packaging is somewhat identical to Etude House Lip Tints and Maybelline Vivid Mattes. The caps matched the shade of each lippies but their real color depends on your skintone and layering. Honestly I wasn't a fan of their first glossy liquid lippies, the one with a white cap.

Trying out several shades I go for my favorite nudes or those that are close to my natural lip color. I ended up swatching Private Beach, Skinny Dip, Hotel Heiress and Cashmere Blush. They didn't dry out that quickly on my hands when it was already been an hour so I wasn't that sure if I'll go for it or not. I'm a sucker for matte finish, highly pigmented ones that dries instantly. I tried strolling around for a few more mins and decided to get "Skinny Dip". They're only 180 pesos so I don't think it's a total waste of money if I didn't get it. I wore and tested it on my lips as soon as I get to the restroom (coz there's no way you should apply testers directly on your lips) and I was shocked with the formulation, texture, color pay off and staying power. It dries instantly as soon as I applied it on my lips. A few weeks later, I bought Cashmere Blush and Private Beach.

What made me liked it instantly is that it isn't sticky as I expected it to be. It happened to be mousse-type that reminds me of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams with better staying power. Transfer proof, Kiss proof and rub proof but as soon as you start eating and drinking more it rubs off at the center part. It's fine with me, for 180 pesos I don't expect much, it just saves me from reapplying many times a day as long as I don't eat much. But with my growing belly who cares if I had nothing on after. I gotta feed.

L-R: Private Beach. Cashmere Blush, Skinny Dip
Private Beach is a nude beige shade. Pale as soon as I apply it, but the color develops more after a few mins, and turns into nude brown on me with a slight tinge of peach. To make it more wearable I apply it under Mac's Spice Lip Liner.

Cashmere Blush appears to be bright peachy pink upon swatching, but turns out Barbie pink on my lips. though the tube seems just a bit darker to Skinny Dip, the real color of it is somewhat different and I'm a bit disappointed. Maybe it's not that flattering on me since I'm not into bright lips these days, but it's perfect for bridal makeups and for bridesmaids. I gave this one out to my friend Ate Janis and it's perfect on her, not too bright and striking unlike how it turned out on my lips.

Skinny Dip can be described as a dusty rose shade, exactly how I expected my Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K to turn out on my lips but it didn't. In terms of shade I dig Skinny Dip more, and one of my go to fave and my current MLBB lippie.

Definitely raving this one, and I carry it almost everyday and anywhere.
Here's me with my Ate Janis wearing Skinny Dip.
We're at Mac Cosmetics Mall of Asia to claim something wonderful!
Here it is! The event's gonna be tomorrow so surely I'll be sharing what happened
with you asap!
Thank you for reading lovelies. My liquid lippie collection's continuously growing, and the shades were always identical with each other. I'm sorry if I couldn't help it. As you can see, I have more to blog about... If I won't be lazy within the week then my reviews for Kylie Lip Kits, Mac Retromattes, Nyx Lingerie and more will follow. 

Thanks for reading! Ciao!