Friday, April 27, 2012

G-Dragon of Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" Music Video Inspired Lips

Last night I was just looking at the mirror feeling so bored and was about to wash my face,
 After a long day of teaching and listening to Korean songs, 
I still can hear Big Bang's single "Fantastic Baby" ringing in my head. 
Yeah it was my LSS. (Last Song Syndrome).

During my free time I tried to keep up with the latest music in South Korea,
and I watched a few music videos from both boy groups and girl groups.
Three of Big Bang's new songs really got me.
~Blue. Bad Boy. Fantastic Baby~
 I was never their fan but then suddenly I got so interested with their fashion and music.
 I watched the videos over and over again and
I added another few more hits to their MV's millions of view.


Big Bang's style used to be simple with an edge.
More likely influenced by American hip hoppers,
 if I'm not mistaken they are the Korean counterpart of those.
 They really are good when it comes to singing and rapping.
Whenever I ask my Korean students about their favorite Korean singer or group,
 hands down, it's always them.
Their infamous member T.O.P is the fiercest and smexxxxiest rapper~slash~actor of all.

For their new album for 2012 they have a very awesome concept.
 Big Bang has grown so much and has greatly improved as an artist and
they are now recognized as an icon.  Their style has changed a lot, and
I noticed that they are wearing too much makeup. Especially their leader G~Dragon.

GD (short for G-Dragon, real name Kwon Ji Yong 권지용 )
 is a recording artist, singer/dancer, songwriter, 2ne1's producer and a model.
 G~Dragon can be named as the male version of Lady Gaga, and he's considered as the most fashionable/stylish Kpop Icon.
He's fearless when it comes to gender bender fashion and
 colorful or even artistic makeups.

This is Big Bang's latest image. Icy Cold, futuristic and weird.
There's a reason behind their transformations but I don't know what is it all about.
Must ask a VIP. ^^

For Fantastic Baby's music video I noticed that G-Dragon is indeed a hottie.
Plus he reminds me of someone that I know that's why I try not to pay attention. :)
I only had my eyes on T.O.P.

 I see what you did there GD and your brown eyeshadow LOL ^^ I dig that!
This one freaks me out, I know he loves experimenting with his hairstyle and hair colors, 
but his hair is just.... freaky.

Seriously what's up with the bangs?
Maybe he's trying to be a modern day Gothic Rapunzel for this music video concept.
But still Fantastic.

 How cute this baby is!!

Going back to the time when I was staring at myself in the mirror,
 I really ship GD's lips so hard that I really have to recreate my own.
My dad was even watching me doing it and he's like,
"What the fuck are you doing to yourself??"

 It's not exactly what you see from GD's coz they said it's a feather pattern
and I really couldn't figure out what it is so I just try to make weird patterns that I don't know if it really resembles his lip art. I should've saved his photo in my smartphone but it was a sudden decision, I totally forgot, so I thoughtlessly drew patterns on my lips.
As long as it's white and black, It's fine.

I will be sharing with you the products that I used and it's so easy.
I won't be mentioning a specific brand coz it's just too basic and simple.

What you will need:
~ white eyeliner
~ white eyeshaow
~ black liquid eyeliner
~ a clear gloss

 1. Line your outer lips with white eyeliner.
2. Work towards your inner lips, using white eyeliner as a base
3. Pat your lips with white eyeshadow.
4. Try to draw some patterns, it can be a feather, or whatever resembles it like what I did. :)
5. GD's lips are glossy so just dab some clear gloss on top, 
DON'T RUB! or else you'll rub it all off.



Once again it's just inspired and recreated, I dunno how his MUA does that
and mine turned out to be like this, and I'm loving it. It looks like a lip tattoo.
I've never tried lip arts so I'm happy with the result of my mediocre take.
I'm pretty sure you guys will do better than me. Why not try it? :)


I really enjoy seeing feminine men wearing makeup,
but surely Ate Janis would be gagging herself while reading this.
She hates men wearing makeups and she makes fun of T.O.P. whenever
she sees him appearing on TV from the Korean drama Iris.
(yep it's currently airing in the Philippines)
Well, I really can't blame her. The first time I saw T.O.P I was like, 
"why the hell is he wearing eyeliner?" :)

You can watch their MV here:

That's all folks! It's still my LSS today and
I wanna jump and bounce to their song like this.
Same choreography! It's Seungri & T.O.P ^^