Monday, January 5, 2015

Ever Bilena Cosmetics Review and Swatches

My first blog post for 2015! How's your new year lovelies? Is it dazzling yet? Time for a fresh start and organize our thoughts, goals and everything! 

I really hope I could live up with my resolution for this year on buying cheaper makeups. I've always been tagged as a girl who loves high end products. I want to prove everyone that they're wrong. It's not that I only love high ends, it just so happened that I buy those used in some tutorials or famous makeup gurus and beauty bloggers that I know, since they're proven and tested to be good, effective and can work wonders. I remember buying Cosmopolitan magazines when I was high school just to wait whenever they have their beauty awards coz they'll pick up all products from skincare to makeups and accessories that are worth every penny and where most people who have tried it and swears by it. It actually saves me from trial and error and definitely saves money. Now that there's internet I just only have to access those trusted websites from my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers, or female forums and everything I need and every questions that I have were automatically answered.

I know there are always dupe for every popular high end goods, and I'm still in search for them. For me if a certain product does the trick then why bother to spend more? Wet n' wild, Nyx, Rimmel, Coastal Scents and Elf were popular drugstore brands that have dupes for Mac Cosmetics, Nars, and more. Now I'll be reviewing a local brand in the Philippines named Ever Bilena. It has been around since 1983 and has claimed to provide world class beauty products to Filipinas. As far as I remember it was around 2005 to 2006 when they've upgraded their products and some reminds me of Mac Cosmetic's packaging for their makeup line and some reminds me of Victoria's Secret Body Mist for their perfume line's packaging.
What I have in here is a gift from my cousin Nikki. She works in PAL Express (Philippine Airlines) and as a part of her training they were provided with some information regarding personality development, grooming and proper application of makeup. She said they had their own table filled with cosmetics, sponsored by Ever Bilena for them to try and she found out some products were really good and friendly for her sensitive skin. Since I share that skin sensitivity with her (blame our genes), I'm now a believer that Ever Bilena's products were safe and non comedogenic.

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Foundation

First up she introduced to me the Pro Flawless liquid foundation in Beige. That time I ran out of my holy grail foundie Jazzy Collections cream foundation and we had to go somewhere, so I grabbed her bottle of foundie and tried it. It's gel-like for me, and when applied on skin it reminds me of Maybelline's aqua smooth gel foundation's consistency. It's actually sheer and the coverage is buildable. Once it oxidizes on your skin the color doesn't change, skin's not oily. It's just dewy. However, it couldn't cover all the flaws that I have like blemishes, broken capillaries, visible veins and freckles. I still need a cream concealer then top it off with a powder. I only use it as a tinted moisturizer, coz It's moisturizing for me and I don't know if it really helped heal up the existing pimples I had, but it didn't aggravate the existing ones either, and the next day the bumps were gone. The sweet vanilla scent is also good, not overwhelming. Unfortunately you can't control the amount of foundation you would get from the pump bottle, which is a thumbs down for me. Just one pump and you'll get too much. It's unhygienic to put it back and a total waste if I just wipe the excess off with a tissue. My verdict: This foundation is good for those who wants lighter and sheer coverage. Not for me, I always want full coverage foundations.

Ever Bilena Pro Lipliner in Red

It's about time to let my holy grail red lippie Mac Russian Red take a good rest coz I've found its cheap dupe. I'm actually using it as a lipstick so I filled my lips with it and it lasts the whole day. It still couldn't beat up the pigmentation, staying power and consistency of Mac lippies, but the orange-red tint and just bitten stain is good enough, and even after eating there's still a reddish stain on my lips. My cousin Nikki bought four of it coz she likes it that much! She uses it for work by the way.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Offbeat Pink

I'm proud to announce that I've found a dupe for my favorite lippie. It's a good everyday lipstick and comes pretty close to Mac please me. Most local muas were using it and it's one of the most raved product from Ever Bilena. This is actually the third time I have it and I noticed a change from its shade. First time I bought it was 2011 and it was a light baby pink color. The second and third time somehow becomes bright pink with a peachy tinge to it. I use it every time I go out now and it stays on my lips for a long time. 
However since it's matte it emphasizes the cracks, dryness and fine lines of my lips. Though it stays for a long time it leaves a white mark on my inner lower lip like I didn't lick it, it's not good though... My verdict: I actually love it, now that it's a brighter pink. I just have to moisturize my lips prior to using it, and to prevent that white mark on my inner lower lip I guess I just have to reapply it on and wipe the prior application with a tissue. By the way, I noticed that this lippie looks better to those with tanned skin or to those with morena skin tone.
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

I'm actually expecting mauve lips but then it's like a nude lipstick in a purplish pink base, it reminds me of my Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick. It'll look great when paired with smokey eyes, but I'm actually disappointed on how it made me look so pale, and it's not for an everyday wear. 
Maybe it's not the right shade of nude lippie that goes well with my skintone, and I think I still have to top it off with a pinky lip gloss. When my friend Gladinette posted her selfie on Facebook using it, it looks so pretty on her! She paired it with the blush palette and eyeshadow palette she got from Sugar Skull Cosmetics. Sigh.. My Verdict: Disappointed but I will still definitely use it and it's my second tube by the way. I'll use it in the future if I have to go for a smokey eyes on a night out.
Swatches on my hand:
More products I would like to purchase from Ever Bilena:
Since I'm a lipstick girl, I still would love to try more matte lipsticks in Viva, Skin and there's one with my name on it, Cherish.

This isn't a paid advertisement from Ever Bilena or a sponsored post. I got them as gifts and my cousin paid for it.

There you go, my first post! What's your favorite product from Ever Bilena? I hope I could make more haul and reviews for local cosmetics and drugstore makeups for this year. Gotta earn more first! Thanks for reading!


  1. Great review, I have been looking up Ever Bilena products online and came across your blog. I'll definitely give all these a try. I already have one of their blushes and their foundation stick and love them to bits!

  2. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! Saw a blog post about the Ever Bilena Foundation on and because of your review I will give this brand a try :)