Monday, December 29, 2014

Bronze Eyes and Baby Pink Pout

Hello there! Another December blog post! Today I think I nailed my makeup coz I really love how it turned out in person and in pictures. Maybe I could also blame the ample amount of time to paint my face. Don't we just hate it when we only have few minutes left, we have to hurry up but then you needed more time to even out the wings of your eyeliner? I really hate those moments. 

Nothing is more productive for me than doing everything at the last minute, but not with my makeup. I badly need an hour for everything. Just like a painter, to be able to get a good canvas and a good outcome, I need time and peace of mind. Sometimes I have to blame my mood and the short time I've got whenever my makeup application s*cks. I even plan the night before on what shades to mix together.

Here's my makeup, all set and done, taken in broad daylight using the frontcam of my fone. Here are the products used:

Nyx High Definition Primer
Jazzy Collections Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Powder Foundation in Medium
Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Ivory

Nyx High Definition Primer applied on lids
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette
Sophie Paris Koshize Eyeliner in Dark Brown
Estee Lauder Lash Primer
Estee Lauder Sumptous Mascara

Clinique powder blush in Cupid
Maybelline Mineral blush in Dusty Rose

Mac Flamingo Lipstick
City Color Lip Lush Moisturizing Lip Crayon

**I got the City Color Lip Crayon as a gift from my sister in law, Cherry.**
**Thanks sissy!!**

A Short Story to share...

My family and I (extended family included) have suddenly decided to go to Skyranch in Tagaytay just to spend time together and feel the extremely cold December breeze. Just when we thought it's just gonna be a "colder" place, we found out it's gonna be a bone-chilling coldness! It was even drizzling when we get there and our ride was parked on the opposite side of the amusement park and we had to walk on the flyover just to get to the Skyranch (we parked near the casino). That bone chilling coldness felt good at first, but then after staying there for six hours I was having headaches already.. but then.. the makeup's still fresh and dewy, no touch ups at all.

Unfortunately there were too many people and I wasn't able to ride the Super Vikings.
It takes too much time just to fall in line to get the ticket and even fall for another line to get to ride the Vikings. Going there right after Christmas is a bad idea I guess. Anyways, we still enjoyed our time there, eating and playing on the artificial grass. I would definitely want to go back next month.

Adios 2014

I guess this really will wrap up my final post for 2014! One thing I noticed is that I didn't get crazy on my hair this year, and I've been blonde all year long! I really love it, I want to have lighter and longer hair for 2015. For my makeup, it has improved. My eyebrows were done pretty neatly now, it's actually the hardest for me. I could perfectly do other people's eyebrows and I always have a hard time doing mine. This time I'm actually using a lot for it but look how it turns out. For this year I'm still in love with neutral makeup paired with pink, coral or peach lips, and whenever I feel really fierce I just reach for my Mac Russian Red. I've been really skinny too.. which has been my dream since I started gaining weight in 2011. This year I miraculously shed my baby fats without doing anything. Motherhood made me skinnier! Even my skin has improved a lot. 

For 2015 I want to paint faces again, I've talked to some people and I'm gonna become a MUA again, so I need to buy new palettes, brushes and a bigger traincase. I want more makeups in my collection, but I promise I'll stick now to cheaper ones.. gotta look out and try cheaper cosmetic brands.**I'm keeping my fingers crossed** Gotta organize my makeup stash, and become a better mom and a better wife.

For my blog, I'm still trying to improve it, and as what my cousins and friends have suggested I'll try to do more product reviews, makeup tips and makeup inspirations. If the time permits, I'll try to write and blog more.

Bye lovelies and may you all have a blessed new year. We're just a few days away from 2015! Thanks for reading!

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