Monday, May 14, 2012

SHINee Limited Edition: Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm

This collection really drives me nuts!
I want all five colors and I'm willing to spend my hard earned money.
I never thought Etude House will really make a product line out of them.
I only believe in Mac Cosmetics collaborating with Barbie and Hello Kitty,
but I never thought my second favorite makeup brand will do something
12345678 times better than Mac.
SHINee "Shini Star" Limited Edition Collection

It includes a special edition Blemish Balm cream, clear pact
and five lipbalms in aqua blue color and the group's name written on each product.

  The official fanclub color of SHINee is pearlescent sky blue, but according to SMent's website, it's aqua blue.It's confusing, but it's still blue.

The thing that I hate the most when a great product is being launched is
seeing "LIMITED EDITION". I don't have any idea how limited it is,
or what's the specific time frame that it's gonna be available.
To avoid stressing myself, I just ignored it thinking it will be available for
good, just like Dara's Miss Tangerine collection.
Now I found out that LIMITED EDITION means that
"If you don't hurry up the rabid and rich fangirls will hoard all of it
leaving you with nothing and just accept that fact
that there's nothing left for you".
What a sad fact.
So having that fear, I tried to pay a visit to the nearest
 Etude House store which is located near to my former university.
When I saw the store I immediately saw their display of Shini Star lipbalms,
 perfectly arranged with huge and colorful SHINee photos.
It's right in front of me and my eyes are ready to pop out from that awesome eyecandy.
 I was so engrossed and amused and I totally forgot the people inside the store.

 I think they noticed that I had an evil plan which is to
take pictures of that wonderful display of both cosmetics
and cute boys.

 I immediately tried to take out my smartphone from my pocket..
I adjusted my camera settings, zooming in and out and determining the perfect angle
in which the result is gonna be awesome and epic.
As soon as I pressed the cam's button......

 the guard startled me!!

I think he tiptoed his way towards my direction and without any warning
he appeared from nowhere and
told me taking pictures inside their store is strictly prohibited.
I swear I had a mini heart attack!

To my horror, here's what I got:


I gave him a mad look but I'm still thankful that I had
a chance to get just one unsteady shot and he let it pass.
When I posted this on my personal social networking site
some of my friends told me that they were able to capture some pictures
and nobody told them that it's not allowed.
Even my college professor told me she had a couple of beautiful shots too.
That is so unfair!!!
I decided to go out and didn't buy any from the store.
The guard is just doing his duty and I understand him,
But I'm so close minded and I hate it when somewhat interrupts my moment.
 I also knew that time that some lippies are sold out already,
 and I have a very little chance of getting my bias' shade but since
my pride is greater than my desire to get a lippie,
I immediately went out of the store with my cousins.

After a few days I decided to go back to the same store, and I was ready to buy the lip balms. Unfortunately, the sales girl told me that they only have the testers,
and the lip balms were sold like pancakes and they won't be getting any supplies from South Korea. She said the next collection "Kiss Note" will arrive soon  and I should look forward to it but, I was so sad.
They're gone. :'( awww...

But, just like my favorite saying
  "I'm too positive to be doubtful,
too optimistic to be fearful
and too determined to be defeated"

 I had to look for more boutiques to see if they still have the collection. 
I only want one. Just one. Don't give up easily. I asked my friends whom I met way back in 2009 after watching SHINee's mini concert if they have any idea where I can still possibly buy the stuffs,
 and Jazzie told me that there's a small stall of Etude House to this mall near my hometown and she saw the lip balms there a week ago.Before watching The Avengers movie a few weeks ago with my boyfriend, I checked out that said stall.
They still have it!! 4 out of 5 lippies are there!

I asked for the particular shade that I want but there's a little problem, the shade's name is written in Korean. All you can see are Korean characters, a number, and a letter.
The colors are almost similar to each other except for the cherry flavor
which is obviously red and if you're not familiar who SHINee is
 it will be hard to distinguish the shades.
I asked for the best seller shade and the pink shade, 
and she really hard a hard time looking for it.
She opened five boxes I think...
and she said she can't find it and it's really confusing.
I therefore believed that the salesgirl is not a fan at all. ^^
She doesn't even know who the hell they are! :)

So I tried to help her. Coz if I waited longer she'll consume my time.
I told her that she just need to read the numbers and letters,
and look for # 5 "T" and #3 K.

Here's why:
#1 O stands for Onew. His flavor is Peach.
#2 J stands for Jonghyun. His flavor is Grapefruit.
#3 K stands for Key. His flavor is Fashoin Fruit.
#4 M stands for Minho. His flavor is Peach.
#5 T stands for Taemin. His flavor is Guava.

What if the customer is not really a fan and the salesgirls are confused?
I guess they will definitely get the wrong shade...
Finally!!!! here's the best seller shade of all!
it's not the best seller coz it smells nice or the colors are pigmented.
It's simply because Taemin is endorsing it.
He's the most popular member, I guess..
and he's my friggin, f*ckin, freakin' favorite of all!!!

And the bonus is,
once you hit the can
(coz it's not a pan but a small tin can),
you'll see his signature at the bottom just like this.^^

so freaking childish of me!!!! yey!

After picking out Taemin's lipbalm, I wanted to get another one.
Guava is not that tinted or pigmented and I chose Key's.
He's not the second person that I like in SHINee. It's Onew the leader.
but I want another one which has gorgeous color that
I can use everyday. Of course I won't use Taemin's,
I'll save it and preserve it. :)

Key is endorsing the shade Fashoin Fruit
 and it's pink and glittery unlike the others.

Key's signature
It's a wrong idea that I didn't get the rest, but I'm happy nonetheless. 
I don't want to buy all five lippies at once coz aside from the fact
that it is not practical, my mom will definitely kill me.
When I went back to that small stall the stocks are now pulled out...
I must be thankful I still got two. ^_^

If you have these lippies you really have to dip your finger deeper and you have to empty the balm to see their signatures.
Cosmetics of any sort and origin are too important for me, 
so I won't dig and dunk my fingers and ruin the balm
 just to see their signatures peeking.

Besides, I'm too lucky to have a signed CD & photo already!!!

You see, they stay scratch/swatch free!! 

Good News! I received a message from my friend Gen,
SHINee World Philippines Admin that Etude House Philippines
will be re-stocking the whole SHINee collection
due to popular demand, and it won't be limited anymore.
 The thrill of getting them is now.. gone. :(
But I'll be getting more soon!!!!

Etude House Philippines has released the
Kiss Note Collection. There are several lipstick shades that
I really like and I'm saving moolahs again for it.

 Etude House Korea will soon release their Sun BB Cream.
Summer is about to approach in their country by July.

 Makeup inventions, promotions, 

creations and collaborations
never end!!!


  1. i want it too... but in still 13 and have no idea about kpop world... i just fall in love in it last year 2013... really want that lip balm.. i saw 'em in 'To The Beautiful You' cast by sulli and minho...

    1. Welcome to the K-pop world Ainne Soffya! Maybe at this time you'll be into newer and younger groups like EXO. Enjoy fangirling! :)