Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Hearts

How's your Valentines lovelies? Time really flies and I still can remember my first valentine with my hubby and the 3 red roses that surprised me last year. For this year it's another surprise once again.

February 14, 2014 - Mine didn't start romatically or as planned.
Since I'm about to start working with my new job I have to finish my requirements. I need an NBI clearance and I had to go to Tagaytay City. I prefer it more than experiencing something worse like summer slam in U.N. Avenue.

I plan to go to Tagaytay earlier than 4am. My husband went to his bandmate's
house to practice, and came home around 3am. I only slept for 30 mins.
He brought home foods, then decided to go with me and finish my clearance..
so also he didn't sleep at all as well.

When we arrived there it was freezing cold!! It was still dark. Sunrise came it was foggy and it got colder. We forgot that it's Valentines day. We're both sleepy and cold, hugging each other. Before the gates opened he told me he's really sleepy, couldn't put himself together but then from time to time he cracks funny jokes and funny stories.

I laughed the whole time I waited.I was pretty sure my clearance will be released by afternoon so I told him to go straightly at home and get some sleep.

After 3 hours I'm already done and I went home immediately coz I was dying to doze off.
When I got home I found him sleeping on our bed and I kissed him. He woke up, kissed me and told me to look at my makeup box.

I found these beautiful flowers with my favorite dessert, custard cake.
I was really happy!!

It has a love note too. Maybe due to his sleeplessness he immediately wrote this.

isn't our son cute? :)

What goes next is rather hilarious. 
I posted it on my facebook and receive funny comments
and numerous likes.

Yup, he used my fave red lippie. How did I find it out?
While reading the note again I tried to touch the letters. At first I thought he used a crayon, then I thought maybe it's my red lipliner since there's now way there's a red crayon in my room. When I looked at my fingers I saw a pinkish tinge to it and I realized something.
It looks like Mac's Russian Red!!!

I tried to check my lippie out and yes I found out the pitiful fate it has gone into.

Oh well, I love his surprise anyway. He jokingly said he thought it's a marker!! The note itself is more precious than any lipstick in the world. It doesn't matter. I can have as many lipsticks as I want to, but this note that he wrote is just for the heart's day. I'll treasure it forever. I love you Daddy Sexy!

What To Do With Your Yellow Cab Ice Cream Can

My highschool friends, my husband and I had a dinner together at Yellow Cab Dasmarinas.
Well, the last time we ate out it was January of 2013, and that's more than a year ago! 
For the first time I also met my best friend's older brother, Kuya Lee Carl.

I also had a chance to bond more with my husband since he didn't go to work that day.
Baby's left with my mom. We had fun at the dining table, hubby's cracking funny jokes.

Then there's these 3 ice cream with different flavors for dessert. Pistachio. chocolate and vanilla. Pistachio's weird!! it tastes like max cherry candy. Yellow Cab Ice creams were famous not for it's taste I guess, but it's coz of its can. You'll definitely have that urge to keep it after finishing and satisfying your sweet tooth. Once again, I'm not into sweet food, so it was just ok for me. Mcdonald's sundae is still the best.

After pigging out, I wanted one of those cans coz I can use it for something.
When I got home, mom washed it, then it became like this:

It's a very good holder for my Mac bullets and other lippies! I can easily see what to use and what to pick. It can hold 12 lippies, or if it's all Mac maybe it can hold up to 13 Mac bullets.

What's inside:
Nyx Black Label Lipstick in India
Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus
Etude House Lipstick in OR204
Mac Heatherette Lipstick in Hollywood Nights
Mac Hello Kitty Lipstick in Most Popular
Mac Hello Kitty Lipstick in Big Bow
Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau
Mac Lipstick in Russian Red
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude
Avon Moisturizing Lipstick in Island Glow
Avon Lipstick in Divine Wine
Nichido High Definition Lipstick in Pretty Tulip

These lippies were just 3% of the total population of my lip products. The rest, I still don't know where to keep them. I guess I need one more to hold up my fave lipglosses.


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Levitating Daisies

Have a happy day! ^_^

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Update! New Hair Color and Everyday Makeup Look

My everyday FOTD still consists of colors ranging from tangerine to peaches,pinks and corals, and for my eyes I'm still in love with taupe and smokey browns.I had my roots retouched recently and I think it's too light,but after seeing the pictures taken from my baby's christening day I realized it's beautiful!

Top and pants from Forever 21
Scent of the day: Heiress by Paris Hilton
Bag: LV multicolor monogram speedy 30
Earrings: Chanel cc logo vintage drop pearl


here's the makeup that I used for that special day

 Now with my girls! Photos taken from ipad mini's front cam


and boys too..

so this will be my new look for the first half of 2014. I'm really aiming for a bit darker 'do but my hairdresser decided to make it lighter. I thought it won't work for me, but it really turned out ravishing! Everyone's asking me about the shade's name or even the salon I went to.
All I know is that it's called "very light blonde" but it still has copperish tinge to it.

My hair looks like this during daytime


at night it's still a li'l bright, and it's more of dark blonde shade


After my baby's christening my friends and I decided to hangout and we chose Skyranch in Tagaytay City. That last week of January breeze was extremely cold! It felt like winter for me, but then I was the only person wearing a jacket. We had our dinner at Red Engine Diner.


Everyone's chilling, and they still want to grab a cup of frap! My husband and I just grabbed a hot cup of mocha, coz I was really chilling to death. Believe it or not, I'm not a fan of coffee, or even sweet foods. It makes me dizzy and makes my tummy go crazy..

Funny thing about that day is that my hubby should be left with his friends coz they're drinking. He left his friends just to go out with us, and resumed drinking right after we went home.


I think this year will be really good coz also for the first half of 2014 I've landed a new job. Hooray! It's not gonna be that easy since I have to balance everything but I know I can do it!

Also, my bestfriend came home after a year of not seeing her around, and I had a few moments with her and with our highschool pals.I really miss her!!

My hair today reminds me of the blonde I did way back 2011. That time I just bleached my hair without the help of a professional, and it was a little dry..


I still want to dye my hair darker coz it's so hard to match it with my makeup! I look so pale without makeup on.

As for my baby Draven, everybody loves him. Even the church lay minister can't resist his fluffy cheeks.


How's the first half of your 2014 so far?  Is it as good as mine? ^_^