Friday, January 21, 2011

Korean eyes: eyeliner and glitters

I really love how Korean female entertainers wear their eye makeup on.
I'm thankful as well coz ever since I learned it I wear it whenever I go out.
It enhances my eyes more, since my eyes are not really small but somewhat monolid.
The eyefolds are not that thick so if I wear eyeliner the rest of the makeup at the eyefold doesn't show,
and without proper eye primers the eyeliner smudges at the crease or hood of my eye.

For my eye makeups I look forward to Kara and 2ne1.
Heavily lined eyes with glitters and accents.
Two of my favorites are Hara and Bom.
Kara's Goo Hara

2ne1's Park Bom

my simple 2ne1 take that I wear almost everyday:

inspired by bommie 

me & cousin kimberly

I've tried many looks but this one's I really like,
eyeliners + glitters

What you'll need:

a gel or liquid eyeliner
shimmery eyeshadow
pencil eyeliner
mascara or false eyelashes
glitter eyeliner

what I used is the silver glitter eyeliner is from Careline.
It's cheap and less than 100 bucks but it's really nice.
The color is just plain silver,
kinda like a disco ball,
and glitters are somewhat big so it's really visible.

You can try the glitter eyeliners from Ever Bilena too.
The glitters are finer and smaller.
The silver glitters are mixed with some blue and purple ones.

Here's my take using my phone's camera 
I'm also wearing Geo lenses in black

I also dig CL's double wings 

attempt #1
with false eyelashes

attempt #2
extreme and longer

I'm really planning to post more and imitate more korean looks and makeups. :)

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