Thursday, January 20, 2011

Men wearing makeup, when is too much?

I've posted from my previous blog about men wearing makeup,
(but I deleted and updated a new one)
particularly Korean men
(the K-artist, actors, entertainers)
 coz I'm a big fan and I like them a lot.
In every comeback teasers of these artist, they give a peek and feel of their new concept.
The rave nowadays are the dark concept,
converting men to become metrosexuals and sport smokey eyes,
which indicate a sexier, manly image.

Thank God these smokey eyes are welcomed and embraced by the society of rabid fangirls,
but still since we cannot please everybody there are still dumb people giving dumb comments.
(i.e, they're gay. THEY'RE NOT. ok?)

But when is enough and when is too much?
Smokey eyes are ok for me. Even male Egyptians used that during ancient times.
Big bang's T.O.P who popularized it made him look edgier and strong.
Since then, many follows suit.
But nowadays the makeup artists are taking them tooooo far and the makeups are waaaay too much.

Let's have a category.

Category 1: the simple eyeliner/simple smokey
It just naturally follows the contour of the eye, somewhat enhancing/appropriate.

Second category: eyeliner +eyeshadow
By blending eyeliner and eyeshadow together,
it creates strong smokey effect making eyes darker.

Category 3: The artistic
Comes with artistic shapes, arts and some accents like rhinestones

Category 4: 2ne1 inspired
Obviously, the heavily winged/cat eyes reminds us of 2ne1

Category 5: Super Hot and Smokey
the dark liner and shadows are all over the place,
but it looks hot (my biases for short lol)

Category 6: the inappropriate!!!
men shouldn't wear meakups this heavy!!!
a total no no!!!

KEY's glittered eyes

FINAL CATEGORY: the wtf is this

Seriously Rain, I've seen you performed live and your hotness and sexiness
is overflowing but wtf is with this concept???
i honestly don't get the lower falsies


  1. who cares whats appropriate or inappropriate. i love it and i say more!!!! ppl should be able to look and expressing them selves how ever they want with their physical appearance.

  2. you're right. now is the era of self expression. ^_^