Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Singapore ~ Malaysia Beauty Haven

I've been to Singapore and Malaysia late of last year, and found amazing cosmetics from different stores, both big and small. Singapore is such a beautiful country. Everything that I want and need in my life's in there. Convenience, clean and safe surroundings.. cosmetics stores that I love, insane fashion that I want, don't forget the crazy climate.

Whereas Malaysia and Philippines are so much alike when it comes to the climate and commercial places.

Though mostly Chinese, Malays and Indians reside in SG, they are so K-popped in everything. Most Korean cosmetics are admired by beautiful Singaporean women.
Everytime I ride the MRT I see busy gals from work, wearing their fashionable outfit and outrageous makeup look. Most Singaporean-Chinese gals have their hair dyed from medium to dark blonde, like a Himegyaru. Strong eyeliners and thick false eyelashes.. so falsies were everywhere. Eyes were glittery, some were smokey. Pale nude lips. Skirts, killer heels and a Louis Vuitton speedy bag, or Neverfull bag. For beautiful Indian women, they wear smokey eye makeups, contoured cheeks, darker lip shades.

The pretty Lioele Cosmetics Beauty Assistant testing the Lioele 3d powder and mosaic blush on my face.She couldn't speak English well so she talked to me in Chinese the whole time, but she nods to every question I ask her. She's really really pretty in person!! Unfortunately I didn't buy any from the store .

Most drugstores carry Korean cosmetics like Peripera, Lioele, Clio.There's Etude House, The Face Shop, Nature's Republic. For Japanese makeups there's Candy Doll and Dollywink.

Also there's Sally Girl, Canmake, Revlon, Za, SHeene, and so many brands I couldn't even remember! For luxurious ones there's Chanel, the beauty advisors were local, then Yves Saint Laurent where we met a Filipino beauty advisor who gave me a few tips and the contact number for L'Expertise where I can apply as a beauty advisor, like him.Unfortunately when Sephora gave me a call I'm already back in the Philippines.

Dewy look for foundations are in, they're even blessed with good skin, good genes and zero pores. Even Singaporean-Chinese men are so blessed.. and pretty..

My very realiable waterproof freezeproof shockproof dustproof digital camera blew off! now I coudn't do several FOTD's and makeup inspirations. If I have a chance I'm planning to do a look inspired by these sweet beautiful things I saw hanging when I went to Waterfront, Sentosa Island.

Here's a tip I discovered while I was in SG.. If you want to catch men's attention without doing anything. WEAR A BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK. I dunno, it works every freaking time!

I wonder where's Memeth and Louis, british-american guys we met in Sentosa
who offered us a few drinks but April felt scared we didn't entertain them.
They were nice though, and Louise reminds me of Brody Jenner, it's just his hair's curly.

How do you love Singapore lovelies? Any fashion and beauty finds in there?
Share it with me.