Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mac Pink Nouveau dupe: Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick

I'm so happy that my friend, after being forced,
gave me and my bestfriend Mac lippies.
How did it happen?

I was in her party.
My other gorgeous friend
named Janel came with a
hot-attention-whore pink lippie,
which really looks good on her.

sweet girl Janel

 So my generous friend Nelly, told me to try her lippies, she has pink satin from Mac,
and the best Mac shade that will look good on me is Russian Red.
I tried it, and fell in love although the color is too shocking even for a night time wear.
My bestfriend tried the pink one, and the shade is not pink satin, but Pink Nouveau.
She fell in love with it too, and didn't give it back to Nelly. lol
She succeeded coz Nelly gave it to her, and since I'm inggitera,
I tried to beg Nelly for the Russian Red lippie.
It's not that hard to pursue her, coz after thinking for quite a few seconds, she gave in!
She lost two Mac lippies in one night.

gorgeous Nelly

Well, what could a girl like her possibly need? I mean she got everything,
she can even afford to buy thousand of lippies from Mac stores.
But even if she's filthy rich already,
she's so down to earth and generous.
Classy and professional.
Thank you so much Nelly Maniego. :)

pic from my bez's BB

I dunno what came to my bestfriend's mind,
coz she gave me the other pink lippie without second thoughts!
I'm happy that my bestfriend likes something else, not makeups.
So I got two lippies in one night!!

When I got home was super excited that
I posted this on my facebook right away using my webcam
and tagged my friends that I was with that night.



Pink Nouveau is such a good pink, the one that I appreciate the most.
But I don't want to waste it by wearing everyday,
so I want to get a perfect dupe.
I heard there's Nouveau Pink from Wet n' wild.
I saw it on pictures but there's reddish tint to it.
Maybe in person it looks almost similar, I dunno.

One day, I was trying to swatch some of my lippies and I'm so thrilled to see this:

I was like, "Hold the f*ck up... one lippie looks similar to Pink Nouveau!!"

I accidentally discovered
that my Etude House VIP Girl lipstick
is the perfect dupe
for Pink Nouveau!!
 The shade is PK009 by the way.

Mac lippies cost around 900-1000 php.
Etude VIP lippie is 398 php.

Here's a better swatch:

Almost the same right? Not exactly, just almost..

I really love fiiiiiinks ^_^


  1. wow great dupe! how's your etude house?drying ba sya sa lips?

  2. yes sis medyo drying yang etude lippie na vip girl, pero may ung ibang lippies ng etude moisturizing. ^_^