Monday, December 29, 2014

Bronze Eyes and Baby Pink Pout

Hello there! Another December blog post! Today I think I nailed my makeup coz I really love how it turned out in person and in pictures. Maybe I could also blame the ample amount of time to paint my face. Don't we just hate it when we only have few minutes left, we have to hurry up but then you needed more time to even out the wings of your eyeliner? I really hate those moments. 

Nothing is more productive for me than doing everything at the last minute, but not with my makeup. I badly need an hour for everything. Just like a painter, to be able to get a good canvas and a good outcome, I need time and peace of mind. Sometimes I have to blame my mood and the short time I've got whenever my makeup application s*cks. I even plan the night before on what shades to mix together.

Here's my makeup, all set and done, taken in broad daylight using the frontcam of my fone. Here are the products used:

Nyx High Definition Primer
Jazzy Collections Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Powder Foundation in Medium
Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Ivory

Nyx High Definition Primer applied on lids
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 88 Earth Palette
Sophie Paris Koshize Eyeliner in Dark Brown
Estee Lauder Lash Primer
Estee Lauder Sumptous Mascara

Clinique powder blush in Cupid
Maybelline Mineral blush in Dusty Rose

Mac Flamingo Lipstick
City Color Lip Lush Moisturizing Lip Crayon

**I got the City Color Lip Crayon as a gift from my sister in law, Cherry.**
**Thanks sissy!!**

A Short Story to share...

My family and I (extended family included) have suddenly decided to go to Skyranch in Tagaytay just to spend time together and feel the extremely cold December breeze. Just when we thought it's just gonna be a "colder" place, we found out it's gonna be a bone-chilling coldness! It was even drizzling when we get there and our ride was parked on the opposite side of the amusement park and we had to walk on the flyover just to get to the Skyranch (we parked near the casino). That bone chilling coldness felt good at first, but then after staying there for six hours I was having headaches already.. but then.. the makeup's still fresh and dewy, no touch ups at all.

Unfortunately there were too many people and I wasn't able to ride the Super Vikings.
It takes too much time just to fall in line to get the ticket and even fall for another line to get to ride the Vikings. Going there right after Christmas is a bad idea I guess. Anyways, we still enjoyed our time there, eating and playing on the artificial grass. I would definitely want to go back next month.

Adios 2014

I guess this really will wrap up my final post for 2014! One thing I noticed is that I didn't get crazy on my hair this year, and I've been blonde all year long! I really love it, I want to have lighter and longer hair for 2015. For my makeup, it has improved. My eyebrows were done pretty neatly now, it's actually the hardest for me. I could perfectly do other people's eyebrows and I always have a hard time doing mine. This time I'm actually using a lot for it but look how it turns out. For this year I'm still in love with neutral makeup paired with pink, coral or peach lips, and whenever I feel really fierce I just reach for my Mac Russian Red. I've been really skinny too.. which has been my dream since I started gaining weight in 2011. This year I miraculously shed my baby fats without doing anything. Motherhood made me skinnier! Even my skin has improved a lot. 

For 2015 I want to paint faces again, I've talked to some people and I'm gonna become a MUA again, so I need to buy new palettes, brushes and a bigger traincase. I want more makeups in my collection, but I promise I'll stick now to cheaper ones.. gotta look out and try cheaper cosmetic brands.**I'm keeping my fingers crossed** Gotta organize my makeup stash, and become a better mom and a better wife.

For my blog, I'm still trying to improve it, and as what my cousins and friends have suggested I'll try to do more product reviews, makeup tips and makeup inspirations. If the time permits, I'll try to write and blog more.

Bye lovelies and may you all have a blessed new year. We're just a few days away from 2015! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

FOTN: Green with Envy

I rarely go out at night these days, but when I do I always make sure my look for that specific night's well planned and polished. Let me share with you ladies the makeup look I did when I watched SS109's show last night at Imusix Place. To those who didn't know my husband and my younger brother were in an old school glam metal band named SS109. I only get to watch their show whenever it's their mini solo concert. For tonight I've decided to wear my military inspired bolero. Underneath is my favorite black sleeveless top. The supporters of the band were told to wear black actually but then the band's name came from the name of a bullet, so my OOTN was also inspired by the band itself. Since it's night time the quality of the pictures weren't really good.Bored by my typical brown/bronze smokey eyes, I was dying to try green eyes for tonight. 
my eyes zoomed, with flash on
After putting my eye makeup on, it turns out to be a bit too bright for a night time rock concert so I mixed it up with a darker shimmery green eye shadow and matte black eyeshadow which I worked on my non existent crease so I have to create an illusion to have one, and blend it well so harsh edges won't be possible. I want a soft dark smokey green eyes.
A photo of what I've used that night. That's really a lot. You really can't rush perfection, it took me 30 minutes to complete my look, then the remaining 30 minutes were divided for my husband and bro's hair and makeup. Once again, I'm the band's unofficial makeup artist.
The rest of the band members face were painted at the venue.

Products Used

Nyx HD Primer
Jazzy Collections Cream Foundation
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Concealer Palette
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifyibng Foundation
Maybelline Mineral Foundation
Sephora Green Eyeshadows from the Custom Smokey Palette
Dark Green eyeshadows from Sugar Skull Cosmetics 120 Rainbow Palette
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eyeshadow in Eye Candy for highlighting
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Mocha
Etude House COde B Gel Eyeliner
Estee Lauder Lash Primer
Estee Lauder Sumptous Mascara
Christian Dior eyeliner in Noir
Elf blush and Bronzer duo
Clinique powder blush in Cupid

Christian Dior Lip Liner in Linen
Mac Flamingo Lipstick
A different view of my makeup using my Iphone's cam. Picture was taken with low light. Also for that night's place it was dark with just artificial lights on. I did my best in brightening these pictures. It's still dark and grainy.


Just like my Estee Lauder Sumptous mascara, our food from the buffet that night was also Sumptous! I swear, their food is more delicious than those at Vikings Luxury Buffet, and it only costs 350 pesos per head. I really did enjoy it and went home sleepy coz I was so full.

I also get to use this bag for the first time. Guess what's inside it.

Excuse the liquor! It's from the vocalist, he gave it for my hubby. Don't get me wrong, I have no vices. Although I've tried to learn how to smoke or even drink at a very young age, my body and my lungs have learned to say no. I don't know but it reacts crazily to liquors and cigarettes. Though my husband has vices he said that what he likes about me is that I don't smoke and drink. Crazy to hear when he says it's 'rare'. Well some girls these days really drink as hard as their dad.. and smokes like a chimney. He starts to quit smoking when we started dating and he's drinking less now. It must have been really hard for him so I told him to quit gradually. I'm afraid he might suffer withdrawal syndrome from sudden quitting. A shoutout to those who choose to live cleanly!

He also decided to add a touch of green to match his usual black smokey for a glam metal-glam rock look. He said he wants to match it with his bass guitar. Well then, we matched. He was even mistaken as a girl, many times. :)

So long lovelies! I'm not sure if it's going to be my final post for this year, but I hope I could add up a new one and wrap up my last post. Thanks for reading. Let's all look forward for a fruitful and dazzling new year!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swatches and Review: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Hello there lovelies! Has anyone of you tried Makeup Geek eye shadows?
The long wait's finally over and I've got mine a few weeks ago.
I've actually waited for it for a long time after my friend and makeup buddy Sheena offered and asked me if ever I want to try it. She suggested that these eye shadows can definitely top off those from Mac Cosmetics for a fraction of a price!

I've actually heard about it before but since it's only available online in America I didn't have a chance to get my hands on these. I even thought it's impossible to have them since I don't have a Paypal account and credit card. We've used Sheena's and I just paid her in peso as we converted the total amount including the shipping fee here in the Philippines. Since I saw from the box that it was shipped first class, I doubt that the shipping fee's cheap. Thank you so much Sheena! :)

She also made me watch Marlena's a.k.a Make Up Geeks video for her comparison and swatches of MUG eye shadows vs. Mac Cosmetics. There's an uncanny similarity between hers and Mac for their quality, staying power and pigmentation. Unfortunately there's a huge difference between their price. MUG e/s retails for $5.99 per pan, whereas Mac e/s retails for $16! I will definitely go for the cheaper one, ten dollars is ten dollars!

I've been a fan of Marlena since 2007 when I was trying to learn new makeup tricks, and I've seen her succeed as a makeup guru. I've recreated multiple looks from her and I've loved Nyx Cosmetics coz of her too.

Most beauty bloggers and MUAs were raving about these. Since they're mostly sold in pans you have to provide for your own magnetic palette and they mostly choose the z-palette. Since I only ordered 3 neutral e/s from MUG, I have no idea where to keep them.

**MUG - Makeup Geek
**MUA- Makeup Artist
**e/s - eyeshadow

As a neutral makeup addict, I chose three shades. Mocha, Bada bing and Corrupt.  I heard Mocha's a perfect dupe from Mac Ground Brown, and Corrupt's a dupe of Mac Carbon. You have no idea how I've been lusting over a matte brown e/s a matte black e/s from Mac. Finally I have them and thank heavens they're pretty cheap. Lastly I fancied Bada bing. A bronze-copper eye shadow with gorgeous gold flecks.

Here are the swatches. Photos were taken using Ipad mini.

These neutral shadows definitely match my two fave lippies.

Corrupt is the blackest eye shadow I've ever tried. I heard it's really the blackest and most pigmented eye shadow and even beats down Mac's carbon and Sugarpill's bulletproof! I've used it for first time during my husband's and bro's gig and it's really jet black! I can use it as an eyeliner if I'm aiming for a softer smokey eye or softer eyeliner. Perfect dupe and better than Mac's Carbon.

Mocha's perfect if you're aiming for a "no makeup look" just to emphasize or contour your eyes. I even use it on my eyebrows as an eyebrow powder, or dust it off lightly to contour my nose and blend well with a powder. Marlena describes it as a perfect dupe for Mac's ground Brown eye shadow.

Bada bing is perfect if you're aiming for neutral eyes with a touch of glam. The glittery gold flecks makes my eyes appear like I've had enough sleep. This is my favorite among the three. Why? Because I simply love everything with gold flecks in it.

I've tried it yesterday for a dinner date with my husband. I love how it creates a soft smokey effect on my eyes. It'll be my latest everyday/wearable makeup.

Products used:

Jazzy Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Powder Foundation in Beige
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Mocha (crease)
Make Geek Eyeshadow in Bada bing (outer v)
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Corrupt (upper lash line, outer v)
Koshize eyeliner in brown
Christian Dior eyeliner in Noir
Avon Extralast Mascara in Black

Clinique Powder Blush in Cupid

Mac Lipstick in Please me

with my date

These new makeup additions were perfect for my new Mac Flamingo lippie and my other favorite everyday lippie Mac Please me. They're all perfect for neutral looks and they're glamming up my everyday makeup.. I'm so inspired to work and go out and look lovely.

Now my main problem is where to keep them or another option is to buy a magnetic palette that can hold 3 eye shadow pans. I've tried looking for Mac pro palette that carries four eye shadows, but it's unfortunately too expensive. The other palette I'm eyeing on is Elf's custom eyeshadow palette that can hold 4 pans, but it's for pre order and it'll take too long. I'm so impatient when it comes to ordering makeups online.

I'll update you lovelies soon on where I'll be keeping these three HG-material eyeshadow pans I've got. I'm loving Makeup Geek eyeshadows now, and I'm really itching to buy more, and this time I want the colorful ones.

To check out more of MUG eyeshadow shades and makeup brushes, blush and more, you can check out Makeup Geek Store.

Check also the comparison between Makeup Geek Eye Shadows vs. Mac Cosmetics Single Eye Shadows.

What about you lovelies? What eye shadows from Makeup Geek have you tried?
Any neutral shadows from MUG that you can recommend? Where do you keep your pans??
I'm sure most of you were enjoying these as much as I do. Please look forward on where I'll be keeping them, I'm still undecided.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

All Ears! Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

I can't believe it has been a year since I received a little angel, and ever since he came our lives have changed. I become a MOM, the hardest responsibility a woman could ever have, yet the most rewarding one. For my baby's first birthday I just prepared a simple family get together. It's like a mini family and friends' reunion.

What we have that day is a Mickey Mouse themed party, which originally and supposed to be is just a red black and white party, which I was so desperate to have. My best friend wants my baby's birthday to be BIG BIG BIG, and whenever there's a special occasion for baby she stresses me out. We've planned and talked about it when she's still in Singapore, and she stresses me even until she comes home.

For baby's big day I've already planned what to mix and match together, thanks to Tumblr and Pinterest, I'm so inspired to make my own creative yet simple D.I.Y parties and more. Of course it won't be possible without my family and friends' help.

My younger brother and cousins made the balloon arrangement and those cupcakes and wonderfully made mickey mouse cake and dessert table were made by my aunt. To tell you honestly I didn't spend much money for putting them all together.


Here are the things I used for Draven's Mickey Mouse Themed Party:

Red, black and white balloons from a craft store. I even bought white balloons with red polka dots and black balloon with white polka dots. The air used to make those balloons float were hydro gas, and those balloons filled with ordinary air were just from my younger bro's compressor. We manually put air on each balloons the day before his birthday. For the others balloons, my Aunt Edna manually blew them! Gee! Thanks Tita! Good thing she didn't suffer from hypoxia and low oxygen saturation!

Food with red or black on it. I chose spaghetti as something red, 5 more food from my choice of beef, pork, chicken and fish, and the rest were from the dessert table. I told my aunt I want cupcakes with white icing, with red and black accents on top. Those were actually cut outs from the excess of the fondant Mickey Mouse Cake.

A Mickey Mouse cake of course. I want a cake with Mickey's ears on it, so I told my aunt if she could possibly make one, and the the cake itself should be just plain white with black and red on it. Honestly this is the cake I've been dreaming about, and I was really happy when Aunt Judith made it perfectly. For the red polka dot cupcake stand I just bought it from a store that sells baking stuff.

Mickey Mouse headband with mouse ears for boys, and Minnie Mouse headband for the girls. I originally bought Mickey ears and one Minnie for me, but the night before Draven's birthday my best friend came with more Minnie headbands and a Mickey Mouse costume for Draven, coz of that more guests were able to wear these cute headbands.

Mickey Mouse costume. I've got two, one is I bought online, while the second one was from my best friend. 

Paper plates and paper cups in red or black stripes, or red and black polka dots. It was used for the dessert and for other sweets for the chocolate fountain. There were excess plates and table napkins, I might use them on my husband's birthday this coming December.

Photo Booth as souvenirs, and it'll be fun to see your guest getting crazy at the booth. Still it's Mickey Mouse themed, I choose the lay out for my baby, and the photo booth itself was a present from my three bestfriends.

Tarpaulin. I got it online as the seller happens to live near my place, same as for the mickey costume, the other seller lives near my place too, so they're all cash on delivery. For the lay out of Draven's tarpaulin I was the one who personally choose it, I'm so picky when it comes to details. 

Tell your guest to go with the theme and wear something red, white or black. 

Now for our family picture. This first solo shot of me and my husband happened when we were still decorating the venue. Our baby came shortly with my mom dressed in his costume.

When Draven saw the place and saw his grandfather (my father in law) he was about to cry!
He's too shocked to see his face from the tarpaulin. Though he's only 1 year old he can now recognize himself and his parents whenever he sees us in pictures.

Since for sure he still can't blow his candles, my aunt prepared sparkling candles. 
Draven looks happy and scared at the same time.


Though I was wearing a simple shirt I paired the theme with my makeup and nails. I wore my fave red lipstick and red nail polish. It pops in pictures and even those photos from photobooth. Coz of that most of my friends and relatives tried to borrow the lippie coz they were asking me what lippie was it or what's the shade. Whenever I tell them it's Mac they frown! There were cheaper dupes in the market though, it's just that the only red I have happens to be from Mac Cosmetics.

Products Used

Nyx High Definition Face Primer
Jazzy Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation in Medium/Peach

Sephora Custom Eye Palette in Smokey Bronze
Sephora Black Eyeshadow from the Custom Eye Palette for eyelining
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir
Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara
Elf gel eyeliner in Black
Koshize eyeliner black
Revlon Eyelash Curler

Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty Powder Blush inTippy

Mac Russian Red

Revlon Red Nail Enamel

Moschino Shirt

Mise en Dior Inspired Tribal Double pearl earrings

Coach Sling bag

For my black pants it's a gift I received from my bestfriend, and I also wore the spiked high tops I got from Sunny Sisters.

These are my favorite photo booth photos :)

my dad, mom and my baby Draven

my cousins wearing their minnie mouse headbands

my family (mom, dad, younger bro) with our new addition: my baby & my husband

my husband's family (with his dad, bro and sisters)

with my cousins and my baby pulling my younger bro's hair

my best friend Kitty, James, and Draven in a Minnie Mouse headband

and how I missed my high school friends!
here's a beautiful shot we got!

We all enjoyed this special day and I've uploaded more photos on my Facebook to share it once again with my friends and family. I'm looking forward to plan and prepare another party like this. At first they thought I was too excited and insane for buying too much and preparing a month ahead. When they saw the results they said the theme's really unique. I've received a lot of messages on Facebook about the details of my baby's birthday party, where did I get some of the stuff and more coz they also want to do the same theme for their kids. I'm glad I could help them and I referred them to those business contacts I had. I also gave my aunt's contact number to them coz they all love the cake! Well for me everything went well, and we all had fun! 

I wish I could do another one, a Minnie Mouse party! It's ok if it's not for me or for my second child as I don't have plans yet to have another one...

Next party I'm planning will be my cousin Jana's Frozen Inspired party for her 7th Birthday!!

If you would want to have the same theme for your child's party don't hesitate to ask me for some tips and party ideas. I'm willing to help anyone. Hope y'all like this long post.