Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swatches and Review: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Hello there lovelies! Has anyone of you tried Makeup Geek eye shadows?
The long wait's finally over and I've got mine a few weeks ago.
I've actually waited for it for a long time after my friend and makeup buddy Sheena offered and asked me if ever I want to try it. She suggested that these eye shadows can definitely top off those from Mac Cosmetics for a fraction of a price!

I've actually heard about it before but since it's only available online in America I didn't have a chance to get my hands on these. I even thought it's impossible to have them since I don't have a Paypal account and credit card. We've used Sheena's and I just paid her in peso as we converted the total amount including the shipping fee here in the Philippines. Since I saw from the box that it was shipped first class, I doubt that the shipping fee's cheap. Thank you so much Sheena! :)

She also made me watch Marlena's a.k.a Make Up Geeks video for her comparison and swatches of MUG eye shadows vs. Mac Cosmetics. There's an uncanny similarity between hers and Mac for their quality, staying power and pigmentation. Unfortunately there's a huge difference between their price. MUG e/s retails for $5.99 per pan, whereas Mac e/s retails for $16! I will definitely go for the cheaper one, ten dollars is ten dollars!

I've been a fan of Marlena since 2007 when I was trying to learn new makeup tricks, and I've seen her succeed as a makeup guru. I've recreated multiple looks from her and I've loved Nyx Cosmetics coz of her too.

Most beauty bloggers and MUAs were raving about these. Since they're mostly sold in pans you have to provide for your own magnetic palette and they mostly choose the z-palette. Since I only ordered 3 neutral e/s from MUG, I have no idea where to keep them.

**MUG - Makeup Geek
**MUA- Makeup Artist
**e/s - eyeshadow

As a neutral makeup addict, I chose three shades. Mocha, Bada bing and Corrupt.  I heard Mocha's a perfect dupe from Mac Ground Brown, and Corrupt's a dupe of Mac Carbon. You have no idea how I've been lusting over a matte brown e/s a matte black e/s from Mac. Finally I have them and thank heavens they're pretty cheap. Lastly I fancied Bada bing. A bronze-copper eye shadow with gorgeous gold flecks.

Here are the swatches. Photos were taken using Ipad mini.

These neutral shadows definitely match my two fave lippies.

Corrupt is the blackest eye shadow I've ever tried. I heard it's really the blackest and most pigmented eye shadow and even beats down Mac's carbon and Sugarpill's bulletproof! I've used it for first time during my husband's and bro's gig and it's really jet black! I can use it as an eyeliner if I'm aiming for a softer smokey eye or softer eyeliner. Perfect dupe and better than Mac's Carbon.

Mocha's perfect if you're aiming for a "no makeup look" just to emphasize or contour your eyes. I even use it on my eyebrows as an eyebrow powder, or dust it off lightly to contour my nose and blend well with a powder. Marlena describes it as a perfect dupe for Mac's ground Brown eye shadow.

Bada bing is perfect if you're aiming for neutral eyes with a touch of glam. The glittery gold flecks makes my eyes appear like I've had enough sleep. This is my favorite among the three. Why? Because I simply love everything with gold flecks in it.

I've tried it yesterday for a dinner date with my husband. I love how it creates a soft smokey effect on my eyes. It'll be my latest everyday/wearable makeup.

Products used:

Jazzy Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Powder Foundation in Beige
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Mocha (crease)
Make Geek Eyeshadow in Bada bing (outer v)
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Corrupt (upper lash line, outer v)
Koshize eyeliner in brown
Christian Dior eyeliner in Noir
Avon Extralast Mascara in Black

Clinique Powder Blush in Cupid

Mac Lipstick in Please me

with my date

These new makeup additions were perfect for my new Mac Flamingo lippie and my other favorite everyday lippie Mac Please me. They're all perfect for neutral looks and they're glamming up my everyday makeup.. I'm so inspired to work and go out and look lovely.

Now my main problem is where to keep them or another option is to buy a magnetic palette that can hold 3 eye shadow pans. I've tried looking for Mac pro palette that carries four eye shadows, but it's unfortunately too expensive. The other palette I'm eyeing on is Elf's custom eyeshadow palette that can hold 4 pans, but it's for pre order and it'll take too long. I'm so impatient when it comes to ordering makeups online.

I'll update you lovelies soon on where I'll be keeping these three HG-material eyeshadow pans I've got. I'm loving Makeup Geek eyeshadows now, and I'm really itching to buy more, and this time I want the colorful ones.

To check out more of MUG eyeshadow shades and makeup brushes, blush and more, you can check out Makeup Geek Store.

Check also the comparison between Makeup Geek Eye Shadows vs. Mac Cosmetics Single Eye Shadows.

What about you lovelies? What eye shadows from Makeup Geek have you tried?
Any neutral shadows from MUG that you can recommend? Where do you keep your pans??
I'm sure most of you were enjoying these as much as I do. Please look forward on where I'll be keeping them, I'm still undecided.


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    1. yes they really are, with or without eye primers they're really pigmented and long lasting. Corrupt and Badabing even left a stain on my hand after swatching them. :)