Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Flamingly Gorgeous: Mac Flamingo Lipstick + November Newbies

NOVEMBER IT IS! How are you lovelies?
Today I'll be sharing with you how happy I am for having new makeups as soon as November came. Even the money for buying them didn't really come from my pocket. Who are those generous people? You'll find that out later. I really love it whenever "ber" months come. I don't know if there's a psychological reason behind that but happiest months for me start from September til February.

As you all know, I keep mentioning from my previous posts that I miss my best friend as she's staying in Singapore. One of the things I look forward to for this month is seeing her once again though for sure her short stay will make her so busy. Since she's she'll be here I smell reunion and bonding once again.

Whenever she comes home she sees to it that she has gifts for everyone. She's the most generous person I know, and I even remember she got the "most generous" award when we were in 4th grade. Well she still is.

A few  weeks ago she sent me a message asking me what shade I want. My bezzie's exactly the opposite of me & my vanity. She just likes what I have, use my lippies or get it but when it comes to cosmetics she's really clueless. She said she's too anxious to enter Mac Cosmetics store coz for sure she won't have any idea what to buy, or even where to go. I told her I want a coral pink shade if she can possibly find one. I want a lippie that I can wear everyday, on a normal day, without getting too much attention.(I'm a sucker for coral pink & peachy lips).

When she sent me this picture, I was like OMAYGASH!!!
I actually didn't know what she picked but I gave her few options. Shades like Please Me, Modesty, Angel, Flamingo, Jazzed, Ever hip or if it's possible I want Viva Glam Nicki.

She then sent me a picture of Sephora's paper bag as proof that she already bought the lippie. Since I couldn't wait and I don't think I can bear the agony of wondering and imagining what the shade is, she gave in and told me she got the limited edition lipstick shade "Flamingo". **me: jumps up and down!!!!**

photos from bezzies iphone, sent through Facebook chat.

When I got the lippie last Friday I couldn't resist swatching it at the back of my hand and put it on my lips! Such a gorgeous lippie!

Flamingo is a light milky bright coral shade which has been repromoted for All about Orange collection from last year's Spring trend. I haven't done any research before and I've found out it's a lustre, so the finish is more of like a tinted lip balm with better pigmentation if you apply it twice on your lips. Though I'm not a fan of balm-like finish, it reminds me of my favorite lipstick, Maybelline's Angel Rose. So yes, though it's a bit glossy, I'm in love with this lippie. It's bright in person, more of like a neon peach (is there such thing?) but whatever it is it's too bright but then when applied it becomes glossy and balm-like.

It looks orange from the tube, but once applied it's pinky coral with a glossy finish.

Here's the infamous picture of Mac Cosmetics 2013 Spring Collection
All About Orange. According to Mac Cosmetics Website:

"Orange. It's vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, the rest of Asia and the world. It's one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. MAC translates the trend with international impact into a colour collection for face, lips and nails."

More lipstick shades to try: Me want some Razzle Dazzler!!!!

Razzle Dazzler - a light peach cream peach (Lustre)
Sweet & Sour - Soft peach cream (Cremesheen)
Tangerine Dream - Warm orange cream (Lustre)
Sushi Kiss - Mid-tone coral cream (Satin)
Tart & Trendy - Bright neutral orange cream (Lustre)
Neon Orange - Bright clean orange (Amplified)

The test drive's on the way of course. I wore this lippie during our mini reunion and dinner.
They're my high school friends, the people I've known for more than 2 decades. Well, some things didn't change. Even when we talk to each other it's still like the same, we're like kids again. This time I've brought my husband. Surprisingly they all get along well since my husband has officially met them a decade ago, when, according to my husband most of them were still thin and how come they're all fat now. We laugh so hard coz of that. This isn't their first time to meet coz they were all there on our wedding day, and we usually hangout whenever we have time.

My bestfriend also tried to apply the same Flamingo lipstick she gave me just to see
what will it turn out on her lips. While mine appeared to be coral pink, it turned to milky pink on her. The outcome of the lippie's shade really depends on every person.One thing's for sure, this lipstick is perfect if paired with smokey eyes. I've found some runway pictures wherein it was used by some runway models. It looked different on their lips, it's more peachy like.

I still have so many makeup looks in mind to try and to pair with my new lippie, and I wish I'll have time for those. By the way for this dinner date with friends here's my FOTN and the makeups I used in one collage.

Products Used:

Nyx High Definition Face Primer
Jazzy Cream Foundation in CF-04
Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation in Medium/Peach

Sephora Custom Eye Palette in Smokey Bronze
Etude House Gel Eyeliner in Strong Black
Sephora Black Eyeshadow from the Custom Eye Palette for eyelining
Christian Dior Eyeliner in Noir
Avon Extralast Mascara in Black
Revlon Eyelash Curler

Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush in Dusty Rose

Mac Flamingo Lipstick


Say "Hi!" to my new and still my HG foundation from Jazzy Collections and another powder foundation (which I got from my bezzie) from Sephora. It's my first time to try Sephora's powder foundation and it matches my skintone well. Since it's in medium tone it's just right because I really want my face to appear darker than those pale-white faces I see.

I got two more lippies! One is from Victoria's Secret from my bezzie, the shades name is Mauve and the other one's from my other close friend Doc Edsie, it's Pinkerbell from Wet n' Wild! I'm dying to have it for a long time since it's the exact dupe of Mac's Viva Glam Nicki.
I'll review it next time.

I also got Sigma round kabuki brush. It's really meant for mineral powders but I love how soft it is and I'm currently using it for my two new foundies.


I'm just too lucky to have generous aunt. I've been receiving too many branded bags from her, and nope she's not my two other aunts who gave me two Louis Vuitton bags. Talk about luck. :) But then coz of them I got many branded and designer bags. When I was young I don't mind brands and designer goods, but during high school and college my classmates used to tell me I'm really lucky. Most of my bags that came from them were Guess, Xoxo, Liz Claiborne, Coach and DKNY. Now another new set of Xoxo and Coach! :)

It'll be my first time to wear sling bags/body bags, but this Coach bag is beautiful.
The reason why I don't have sling bags is just I'm not comfortable wearing them. I'll try using it on my son's birthday and I'm not sure if I'll like it or not.

 Details and ideas from my son's first birthday! It's red, black and white and Mickey Mouse Themed!


  1. This is one gorgeous shade of lipstick <3
    You look super pretty :)


    1. thank you so much! yes it is really gorgeous. :)