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FOTD: Candylicious

This year marks the 2nd year of my escapade in Singapore. If not for my bro I could have totally forgotten it, and I realized it has been two years since I flew in there. I soooo miss Singapore! Not to mention I've stayed there for 57 days and it's still too short! It was my first international flight and it exceeded my expectations. I do apologize for not having a thorough or longer post about it, that time I had a tough battle with depression and my mind flew somewhere. I really had a crisis that time, confused and lost. Well just like what those famous Britney memes said, if she made it in 2007 (the head shaving issue), so can you. Yes, so did I. Now I've never been so happy. 

For my old post about my trip in Singapore here's my article about Singapore - Malaysia Beauty Haven

For this particular post I'll be reminiscing my first and second trip to Sentosa Island with my best friend and my Singaporean friend James (best friend's boyfriend) and give you a virtual tour, then share with you my FOTD inspired by Candylicious.


To get to there you need to ride Sentosa Express mono rail or a cable car from Mt. Faber passing through Harbourfront. Since a cable car ride's too expensive I rode the Sentosa Express mono rail instead from Vivo City. Btw, Vivo City is like Mall of Asia with less attractions and amusements outside but still very beautiful for its cleanliness.

Cable cars going to Sentosa Island. This is Vivo City.
You can play in the water all day if you want to. Look at that happy little girl.
I'll bring my little Draven there once he's big enough to travel and remember everything.
While riding the Sentosa Express Mono Rail, here's what you'll see from its big window glass.
Visiting this secluded island you'll get to see this beautiful place divided into four stations: Sentosa Mainland, Waterfront, Imbiah, and Beach. 

In Imbiah, you'll get the sight of the biggest Merlion they have in there! You can even go inside and take a peek of Sentosa Island from its open mouth.

The derp me in front of the Merlion


In Beach station there's 2 artificially made beach. Palawan (yeah sounds like from my country) and Siloso. I've been only to Siloso and it's stunning coz it's clean. It's not a typical beach coz it's actually for dining, parties, water sports and shopping. Few people were swimming there when we came. Some were wearing bikinis but they aren't really swimming, as there were no people swimming around, and most people on the shore were tourists like us, all covered up in our casual wear.

Imagine the time and effort the Singaporeans have exerted just to make this man made beach.
The long stretch of sand itself might really take a long time.
How much more for the water. For sure it isn't salty.


Once you arrive in Waterfront there's the famous Candylicious which is still a part of Resort's World SG and Universal Studios. There isn't so many attractions there unlike Beach station, but for sure most of those who'll enjoy Waterfront's attraction were kids. We were about to visit Resort's World coz if you're a foreigner you just have to present your passport then you'll get a free membership card and you're now entrance-free, but if you're Singaporean you have to pay. Since we have James with us and he has to pay, we've agreed not to visit it anymore.

Candylicious is like a dream. When I saw it in person I feel like a child again. Those hanging lollipops were so beautiful, it's like you're really in dream land. I took so many photos of it as requested by my young cousins. The place smells like chocolate and candies, really sweet. Even if I didn't buy any from the store the sweet scent had satisfied my sweet tooth. After two years, seeing these makes me wanna go back, and makes me realize I was so young and so fat! Look at that round face and chubby cheeks I used to have... I remember how tight those skinny jeans used to be on me and now I couldn't wear it coz it's too loose.

You'll see lots of chocolate brands, candies and more. Definitely "eye candies". I've seen some of it and the other attractions in Singapore through pictures from my colleagues from Lasalle who had been there, and I told myself one day I'll gonna see it in person. It felt surreal and I couldn't help but take lots of photos. More pictures to share with you lovelies: (BEWARE OF ANOTHER PHOTO SPAM!)

Aside from candies if you're craving for chocolates then it's still the perfect place. Expensive confections to mainstream ones, name it, they have it. My eyes went big upon seeing those big bottles of Hershey's. I loved it since I was young for my ice creams, cake, frappes and chocolate milk drinks. Unfortunately for the Nutella lovers out there like me, this isn't the place to be. But Nutellas were really cheap in SG! I remember I brought home 8 big jars of it for my cousins plus one big can of Hello Panda (we don't have that here!) Yum!  You just gotta look somewhere else in SG through malls or mini grocery stores.

More pictures in different view

FYI, those hanging candies were fake though. If I'm not mistaken there were only three large trees filled with colorful man-made lollipops. It's so bright in person I was looking up the whole time. Now for the colorful makeup inspired by those beautiful candy-bearing trees:

Pink, orange and yellow shades for my upper eyelid, green, purple and blue for my lower lids. For lips, it's pink and orange ombre. I love it.

upper picture: without flash
lower picture: with flash

when I look down, my eyelids were like the color of autumn leaves.
My friend Chiniqua Champagne said it's a perfect color for fall.
My sister in law said they're like butterflies :)

It's too vibrant and not for faint of heart. During the process of doing it I used a white base for my eyes and lips. I remember the horror on my son's face when he saw me, he was crying frantically and my mom's laughing so hard. Once done, it's so colorful I can even join the casts of Hunger Games and be BFFs with Effie Trinket.

Products Used:


Estee Lauder Cyber White Radiant Bright Foundation in 03 Cool Vanilla
Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Compact in Beige Eclair
F21 Two Way Powder Foundation
Sugar Skull Cosmetics 10 Correct and Conceal Palette


Sugar Skull Cosmetics 120 Rainbow Palette
Sephora Customizable Smokey Palette
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Eyeshadow Mosaic in Eye Candy
Elf gel liner in black
Nichido Pencil Eyeliner in black
Avon Extralast Mascara
False eyelashes


Mac Hello Kitty Blush in Tippy


Pink and orange eyeshadows from Sugar Skull Cosmetics
120 Rainbow palette

I also love how my eyes and lips matched my earrings.
Speaking of candies I have another favorite eyeshadow palette from my friend Janel. It's shimmery and colors were sheer so even if I use white base for it it won't pop out that much. I love it only for highlighting my brow bones and lower lash lines. I discovered the shimmers were useful and if used it makes me look more awake. It's Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy Eyeshadow Mosaic in Eye candy.

I miss Singapore so much that I even have recurring dreams of going back. My almost 2 months of stay made me feel at home. Though I'm aiming for South Korea to be my first international flight and country to visit, I have no regrets for targeting Singapore first. There's still so many countries that I want to visit but first let me go back to this garden city once again. I want to see more tourist attraction, eat more exotic Singaporean food and shop all the possible makeups I could find!

Have you even been to SG too? How's your experience with Sentosa Island? Also, what tourist attractions can you still recommend from Singapore? I might wanna visit it next year.

I'm excited! My bestfriend and James were coming home by the end of this month!
Aside from the fact that I miss them, I can't wait for my jar of Nutella!

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