Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The #makeuptransformation Craze

Something hilarious and lol-worthy is really going on with Twitter,Instagram and Facebook these days and I've jumped to the bandwagon together with my Facebook friends. Seeing their posts the other night made me laugh and it's really fun though. I've decided to do my own take when my friend Marc posted his makeup transformation and we all had our violent reaction, everybody lose their mind. He isn't happy yet and he posted another one.
First it was Alden Richards, then Aljur Abrenica. Yes my friend..

Since it's an opportunity to use makeups which I love and as you all know 
I love imitating celeb makeup looks, so I picked one of the most beautiful local celebrity here in the Philippines. Good thing no one bats an eye, and received numerous likes. ^______^ I'm just originally aiming to annoy my friend Marc,
so it's a good feeling that my friends have appreciated it.

and my friend Marc being bitter... hahahaha ^__^

I don't usually add people on Facebook unless I know them personally,
or they're my husband's friends coz I used to have so many posers during Friendster days. Thanks to those 200 people, you guys are awesome.

I really have a date that day with my husband, I'll meet him after work to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a fun day, had a great dinner as well.
For those who are asking I used Mac Pink Nouveau Lipstick.

Behind the scene, there's a little photo bomber. My cute 9 month old son.

Let the fun begin! my Facebook friends and their take on their makeuptransformation.They all did a good job!


Some descriptions were really funny though.. and I've clicked the LIKE button to all of them.The fun thing about this craze is that you make fun of yourself, and people will appreciate it. I've liked every makeup transformation posts on my Facebook news feed coz I love seeing people enjoying themselves, and seeing their makeups as well. I also have to agree that it helps you become the celebrity you always knew you were. 

Lastly, a parody/transformation of my husband. Everybody says I did a good job! :) Whenever our friends see us in person they mention it and they say it's ridiculously hilarious.That tattoo on his chest is bloody hard. I think I should pat myself at the back for still trying.

What or Who did you transform yourself into? This craze is really funny right?
A round of applause to those who tried and made people happy.

The Lipstick Tag

If there's one beauty product I'm really crazy about, they're lippies.
I'm always in search for the perfect one depending on my shade preference.
Lipsticks can really change your looks and mood, believe me.
I honestly carry more than 4 shades in my bag, just in case I want to change
my look or my mood. Since I'm fickle minded, my favorite lippie shade changes
every year.

Here's the Lipstick Tag that I enjoy answering, and even reading through
my fellow beauty bloggers' post. I'll be including a few pictures so that this post won't be boring and dull.

How many lipsticks do you own?
I honestly lost count. I started collecting lippies since I was in high school.
I've lost some, others were unfortunately stolen,
while others were now residing inside my cousins' purse.
Let me do a headcount by their brands.
(excluding lip tints, lip balms and lip glosses)

(3)  Estee Lauder in Mars & Creme De Marron
(3) Kirkland Borghese in Maple Glaze, rare Ruby and Plush Plum
(13) Avon in Island Glow, Pout, Vermillion, 24k Pink, Natural Gold, Golden Peach,
Pink Peach, Divine Wine, magic lipsticks in pink and red
(6) Maybelline Angel Rose, Cosy Tangerine, Pink Peach, Hypershine Diamonds in Ruby Diamonds, Plum Perfect, Baby Lips
(2) Wet n' Wild Think Pink, Nouveau Pink
(5) Nyx India, Dusty Rose, Hot Pink, Narcissus, Orange Soda
(7) Etude House VIP Girl PK006, Dear Darling OR204, OR205, PK009, PK 0012, PK 0014
(1) Victoria's Secret in Cutie Pie
(10) Mac including the Hello Kitty & Heatherette Collection
Russian Red, Pink Nouveau, Please Me, Shy Girl, Heroine, Big Bow, Miss Popular,
Glitz, Hollywood nights, Lollipop Loving
(6) Revlon in Nude Velvet, Soft Nude, Pink Pout, Nude Attitude, Champagne, Beyond Natural in Peach
(3) Nichido Pretty Tulip, Baby Chic, Berry Princess
(2) Sophie Paris Mango Peach, Summer Pink
(2) Ever Bilena Offbeat Pink, Mauvey
(1) Careline Magic Lipstick

Oh gosh, it's 64.. excluding those I've lost, and those that were stolen..

What was the first lipstick you owned?
I've had lipsticks from my mom and aunt prior to this one, but when you say "first"
then it has to be the one I bought with my own money.
It was in highschool and I really saved up my money for Maybelline
Watershine Diamonds Lipstick in Peach Flash. 
I saw it from an ad when I bought my first Cosmo mag.
Since it was too glittery I couldn't wear it for school and another one
which is Blistex Lip Tone. I loved them. Maybelline got chunks of micro glitters that I sooo love. Blistex smells like chocolate, I even remember my friend Nelly licked it.
Sadly both were phased out. :(

What's your favourite lipstick brand?

 I owned a few and it has the best consistency, texture, 
finish and pigmentation. It's long lasting and smells like
those ice cream from Cold Stone. I love it not because it's pricey.
Who will like it when something's expensive? right? I want to save and buy cheap ones
as much as possible but with its quality, Mac has taken all my moolahs.
If I couldn't afford one I look for dupes and go for Nyx and Wet n' Wild.

What's your most worn lipstick?

Mac Please Me and Mac Shy Girl. 
Both were good for an everyday natural glam look.
For a cheaper alternative with a pinky peach hue
 I go for Maybelline's Lipstick in Angel Rose.

What is your favourite finish?

Matte. I've loved glosses and shimmers when I was younger,
but then I started hating them when I was still active in my dance org, 
coz whenever my hair accidentally gets into my lips the gloss glides 
all over my cheeks. Also, a matte lippie gives off more natural looking lips.

What was the last lipstick you bought?

It's Mac Heroine. I was really itching to get that goth purple lippie
but then I have to think several times
coz my cousin was making fun of me when I was swatching it
at the back of my hand. She's like, "you won't buy it, right?" then laughs

How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?
my bag at the moment: small xoxo hot to trot handbag filled with 5 lippies
from Mac, Etude House & Nyx. Yes, bag's already full.

As I've mentioned I carry 4 to 5 shades of lippie in case of emergency.
I know I sound weird.
If it's a big date or big event I carry
Mac Please Me, Mac Shy Girl, Mac Russian Red & Mac Pink Nouveau.
If it's just an ordinary day like hanging out with friends I carry lippies
mostly from Maybelline, or Revlon or Etude House or Nyx.

What is your favourite red lip colour?

Mac Russian Red. I swear its the best. I've received gazillion compliments
from it, and it's a real head turner from random strangers.

How do you store your lipsticks?

I have this small gold train case where I keep those that I rarely use,
and those most used were stored in the ice cream can from Yellow cab.
I also keep them somewhere out of my little cousin's reach.
She broke too many lippies already.

What lipstick is next on your wishlist?

Lime Crime's Geradium, a bright radioactive pink &
I heard it's a good dupe for Mac's Viva Glam Nicki plus
the packaging is gorg!

 What are your current favourites?

Mac Please Me
is my everyday gorgeous lippie.
Then I love mixing my other lippies together to create a gorgeous combination.
My current fave is the combo of my
Nyx Black Label Lipstick in India and Avon Lipstick in Island Glow.

What's your favorite lipstick packaging?

Most makeup addicts and enthusiast have to agree, 
Mac Heatherette lippies were f*cking amazing. 
Now Lime Crime produced purple versions with holographic unicorns on it
and I'm dying to get one.

Now if you happen to be as addict as me wen it comes to lippies
then I'm tagging you to do this and send me your link to your blog
so I can happily read yours!