Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Makeup Wishlist

I love awesome makeups!!
Those that are even impossible to find in my motherland.
However, I don't lose hope coz online sellers exist,
I know they'll gonna help me find them~^^
I have a long wishlist for makeups.
Some are cheap, some costs an arm or a leg, or even a head...
but these makeups in my post are somewhat rare,
and some are just because of my stupid urge.

Here it goes:
1. Lime Crime Lipsticks

The first time I saw it was when I saw Jessica Harlow's video
 when she did a Lady Gaga at the Grammys look.
The packaging looks like it's from
the Heatherette collection from Mac.
Pink packaging and holographic unicorn.
Heatherette's logo is a unicorn too.
The color of these lipsticks are shocking,
not recommended for conservative chicks.
I love it, who says I'm conservative anyway?
I want shocking and bright makeup colors.
So I really want to get the Countessa Fluorescent.
A neon pink lippie and it looks like this when worn:
(photo's not mine obviously)

2.  Kim Kardashian Makeup Gift Set
Seriously this one is so hard to find
because Sephora's not selling Kardashian stuffs anymore.
I heard at Macy's they still sell Kimmy's voluptuous fragrance.

I really think their makeups are BOMB! soooo awesome.
Smokey makeups and glowing skin are always hot.

I really want the gift set since it comes with a complete makeup and a mirror.
It contains 3 smokey eyeshadows,
1 cream blush
and 2 lip colors that resemble
Kim Kardashian's signature look.
Maybe the lippies are inspired by
Mac Angel Lipstick and Nars Turkish Delight
that Kimmy swears by.

I should have it, everything's in here for easier grab,
mix and match, the color that I want in one palette.
plus the 1 oz perfume is a must as well.
However, the price is such a pain in the @ssssss!!!
I think it goes perfectly with glowing skin,
and a glowing tan is a must have for me this summer.
I've been pale all my life.

3. Benefit Silky finish lipstick in Ms. Behavin'

The shade that the Cullen Clan wears in the Twilight Saga.
I know it looks good on pale skin,
so I dunno whether to get a tan and sport a Kardashian bombshell look,
or stay pale and get a vampire look.

4. Nox Twilight Nailpolish

Twilight has its own line of cosmetics called Twilight Beauty.
The makeup palettes are even named after Twilight characters.
They also sell the infamous vampire glitters. lol

 I've seen a Twilight beauty counter in
SM Mall of Asia,
but they are selling Luna and Volturi Twilight line only.

I want the Nox twilight nail enamels,
but I'm still thankful that we have some of the line
 here in the Philippines.

Look it has the Cullen crest!!!
I heard good reviews about the shade called Sangria, a bloody red.
Black Tie is also good since I love black nail polish.

5. Twilight Cosmetics

I'm not really a twilight freak,
but I love the idea of vampires,
black, goths,
scary and mysterious stuffs.

          I read some reviews that these cosmetics are really pigmented and waaaay better than Mac,
so I want to have any from this line, whether from Luna, Nox or Volturi.
The prices however are similar to the Kardashian gift set.
A pain in the @sssssssss....
Aren't they gorgeous and lovely? ^_^
It's dazzling!!!

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