Monday, September 26, 2011

Experiment: Maximize your Makeups (D-I-Y Tricks)

These are tricks that I usually do
whenever I left some of my makeups at home
or I want to experiment and maximize the use of my cosmetics.
It is safe to combine different makeup products and playfully experiment with it.
Remember the rule of thumb: Mix , blend, mix, blend.

D-I-Y Nude Lipstick

I love the Kardashians for pulling off nude lips and for rocking smokey eyes.
Unfortunately, some nude lipsticks washes me out coz I’m so pale and fair.
Using my 15 concealer palette,
I try to blend it on my lips to achieve the perfect nude
that will match my complexion,
then top it off with a pink lip gloss or lip balm.
Since the palette contains different shades of nudes and neutrals,
it's easy to find your perfect match.
Just remember to bleeeeend your hearts out!!

You will need:
Concealer of your choice
Pink lipgloss or lip balm

I personally use these:

Don't tell me it's a cheap thing to do this. Even Victoria Beckham does it. :)

D-I-Y  New Lip gloss

4 years ago I discovered it on Youtube.
I forgot the youtuber's account I didn’t forget this trick.
If you are sick and tired of your lip gloss and lip balm colors
you can upgrade it and by using your pink,
red coral or gold eye shadows and pigments.
All you need is to powderize the pressed shadows
or sprinkle pigments on a pea size of lipgloss or lipbalm
then mix at the back of your hand with a lip brush.
You’ll have awesome lip glosses in no time.

You’ll need:
Eyeshadow or pigment of your choice
Clear lip gloss, lip balm or petroleum jelly

D-I-Y Liquid Eyeliner
Since my eyes are somewhat small and I think it is really crease less,
some eyeliners look too harsh and strong
that I have to soften it with a black eyeshadow.
To make a softer liquid eyeliner,
you just need black eyeshadow or any dark colored ones like
dark brown or blue
chunk it and blend with water, or visine.
You’ll need:
Dark Eyeshadow of your choice
Visine or just plain water

D-I-Y Tinted Moisturizer
Actually I need a heavy coverage foundation for my blemishes
but there are times that I need to tone it down
especially if I will just go somewhere that I don’t need makeup on
and I only need to even out my skin tone.
Tinted moisturizers are only for the gals blessed with flawless skin.
You just need to enhance it and add some glow.
You'll need:
Liquid foundation

D-I-Y Cheek Stain
Sometimes, I use lipsticks directly on my cheeks and blend it with my fingers
so that my cheeks will match my lips.
But if my skin is already prepped with powder,
then it’s too difficult to blend.
To make cheek stains,
just mix moisturizers/sunscreen with a creamy lipstick then blend well.
You’ll need:
A few drops of moisturizer or sunscreen
Creamy lipstick of your choice

D-I-Y  Nail Polish
I remember when I was in highschool
I used to blend different nail polishes to get the desired colors that I want.
One time I used my experimental  nail polish on my nails and my bestfriend borrowed it.
I mixed pinks, purples and glitters I think.
The next day her mom asked me what’s the name of the shade coz she liked it.
 I couldn’t answer her of course!^^
Now I learned how to do it well and hygienically. LOL
before I’m not sure if it was hygienic and the consistency was funny
coz I didn't use nail polish solvent.
You’ll need:
Nail polish solvent
Clean nail polish bottle
Nail polishes that you want to mix together

Enjoy and save at the same time!! ^_^

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