Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Etude House Models and a Few Product Reviews

Etude House has been my favorite cosmetic line of all time.
The products' quality are really good and the prices are budget friendly.
I've been dying to go to Korea before
just to get a glimpse and get my fingers
on their products.
Now I'm too happy to see several malls in the Philippines
having Etude House stalls and boutiques.

The target market of this cosmetic company
 are middle school
and high school students,
so they only get innocent looking and
young Korean entertainers as models.

Etude (pronounced in korean as eh-tud-e) and according to my Korean friend
it means something light, peaceful, cute, bright, fancy and sweet.

I accidentally discovered them through the internet around early 2008,
I've seen a few promotional clips and it's too cute.
Cute things and I don't perfectly blend together,
but I really want to see those cute lipsticks and a doll house that sells
cosmetics, and every young customers are called "princess""

First product endorser that I saw was Song Hye Kyo for a double ended
mascara singing the three bear's song.

But then she was too old to endorse Etude and she moved to Laneige.

Next is Go Ara (though I'm not familiar with her)

Then Go Ara & Jang Geun Suk with their Tectonic dance

Our infamous A.N.Jell's Go Minam (Park Shin Hye)
with Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) is forever my OTP.

their VIP girl lippie CF o.o

then Boys Over Flowers Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Minho) replaced Jang Geun Suk

then there is 2ne1
who changed the definition of etude.. with edge
아까 방수카라엔 회오리 브러쉬가 있어서 눈매를 더욱 빛나게 한다고 말씀드렸는데요, 고 방수카라를 이용해 멤버들의 속눈썹을 아찔~하게 올려줬다면! 인증샷은 필수죠.ㅋㅋ 바로 들어갑니다~ 어떤 멤버의 눈인지 맞춰보세요 ^^

Dara made her way and becomes the solo endorser,
and the Miss Tangerine collection has been my favorite.

Then October 2011 Etude House announced that
they will be having SHINee as models til October 2012
for their "wanna be sweet?" campaign

Sweet looking cosmetics are meant for girls,
but honestly speaking it doesn't look good for men.

For example, Jang Geun Suk.



Lee Minho



Then there's SHINee.


Dafuq did I just see?? 0.0

2ne1 Dara and SHINee together.



Men using makeup expectation again:


LOOOOL I love them but, why???? T~T
In my culture, men being too feminine are being criticized,
if you know what I mean, but I do understand that
Etude House is preserving their sweet image and promoting
innocence, it means pastel colored tops and pure looking face.

I can't wait for the Etude House Mall of Asia branch to open.
My bf and I are strolling around MOA when I saw 2 huge SHINee posters.
One of them is this.
 But I want this.. >.<
but I saw nothing.

I haven't tried to hoard new products from Etude lately and also
I haven't made a review about the few products I got.
I only got three.
 June of last year my best friend gave me a present and it's
from the Miss Tangerine collection.

It's Sweet Shower Lips and the shade's name is Miss Sunny Tangerine.

When applied on skin it seems
too sheer, more of like a tinted lipbalm.

But once you applied it on your lips
it looks tooooo orangeeeey!!
It's like you drank too much orange soda that it stained
your lips, teeth and tongue. xp
For my complexion it's not wearable.

Fortunately, this color is perfect for Spring ~Summer 2012 Color Trend.

A month ago I got Strong Eyes Code B Gel eyeliner
in strong black.
 Very pigmented and smudge proof.
From the picture you can tell the difference by using
2 different brushes. First one is the free brush, second
is Fanny Serrano slanted brush.
I tried to rub it off but it won't  come off.
 It's really pigmented and glides on your eyelids
really well.

I also got a nail polish in PP04 shade.
A pale strawberry milk shade with a slight purple tone.
It flatters any skin tone and even short nails.
Etude House really got some of the best nail polishes.
It last long, doesn't chip off easily and it's smooth & glossy.
No need for a nail polish solvent. Do not shake to avoid bubble formation.

My Wishlist from Etude House:
Miss Tangerine Lipstick in OR205( the light orange one)
The Cute Lady Bug for SHINee's Missing U Bee Happy
hand creams

Ok now I'm convinced.
I also want these lippies but I have to hit the bottom of the can
just to see their autograph. Fail.

A good example of an older woman - too young boy relationship
Dara 28, Taemin 18
120220 [Me2Day] Dara (with Taemini ^^)
키스노트에 마법을 알아차린 다라….. 장난끼가 발동하는데..! 꽈연.. 이번에두?!? +.+

So far, I'm enjoying the new models.^^

Something to share..
I'm unsubscribing and blocking a few bishes from Facebook.
Some are so annoying already.
There's this one bish who will forever be a swagger jacker,
and for sure that old bish who happened to be immature
might read this blog soon.
Well, I'm sorry bish.
She's my number one annoying fan.

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