Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Year End Special

2011 RECAP

Time really flies!!
 2012 is coming and I'm having a lot of positive vibes about it.
I think something big will happen,
but I really hope it's not the doomsday.

I want to have a flashback
about what happened to me this year,
 well it's not just about me,
but also to those people surrounding me,
 the trends, and everything that is happening.
Let me start by looking back with my crazy haircuts,
colors and hairstyles for this year.
 I know it's a bad habit
 but everytime I'm stressed out
I cut/dye my own poor hair.

For the first half of 2011,
 I got tired that I cut my hair really short.
It's because I had to attend a wedding
 and I couldn't curl my hair since some were long
and some were extremely short.


January  2011
my favorite cut and color, coz I think it looks good..
March 2011

then suddenly I wanted to go blonde but epically failed.
You see, I even looked too dark, it didn't complement 
my complexion.

April 2011

I changed my work around May and was given a yellow scrubsuit.
It didn't work well with my blonde hair, I looked like a corn!!
 I decided to dye my hair black.

June 2011

I changed job again and got tired from plain black
so I went to my friend's salon to get another dye.
I expected a good outcome, unfortunately the hairdresser
is a biatch.

September 2011
I told him to dye my hair red,
but wash/bleach it first coz my locks
were really dark prior to coloring.
Stupid fag didn't listen and did it
on his own way and not a single fuck was given.
So the tips of my hair were really dark
but the top part was really light!!
really terrible!! The worst of all,
he even called me stupid coz he said
I didn't know anything about hairdressing.
I promised myself I'll be kind and patient
but then I lost it..

so it ended into a huge fight!! If only didn't act stupidly then maybe
I wouldn't lose my temper and he will still have his job.
We had common friends and didn't even regarded me as one.

I tried to fix it and dyed it with Celtic copper
October 2011
 but his fail was too great that I couldn't fix it!!!
My hair has suffered a lot and I'm really sad about it.

After a few months I used my own knowledge and skills again and
I bleached it for the second time.
November 2011
This has been the lightest haircolor I ever tried and I'm not even 
ready to dye it blond. My original plan was to dye it red after a few days
but mom said I will definitely go bald if I continue my evil plan.

But I'm loving it so I have no regrets.

I'm so hard headed and I never quit, I noticed my hair's getting long and boring
 and I cut it into Korean~Harajuku style.. in which I failed again to achieve
and I was too lazy to style the spikes and layers.

November 2011

now I'm planning to have a normal, healthy hair by 2012.
** I dyed my hair again and this time it's dark brown mixed with red,
the results are amazing and this is how I really wanted it to be.
Maybe I really should stick with it.


I started wearing pale pink lippies for the first half of 2011,
 then peachy to coral lippies for the late part.

I purchased a lot of lippies for this year, which is really bad.
I remember back in 2007, I love gold eyeshadows and lipglosses.
For 2008, it's the bright, colorful eyeshadows.
2009, korean style eyeliners with glitters
2010, Smokey black eyeshadows
and for 2011: Smokey Browns.

My favorite makeup look for this year:

It looks natural and glowing.
I used peach blush mixed with pinkand few swipe of bronzers.
I'm too pale so this combinationgives some color and glow to my cheeks.

I considered many times to try fake tanning
but it was too high maintenance and streaky.

Smokey browns (though you can't see it in my monolids)
Peachy pink blush and pale pink lips.

For my lips here I used Kim Kardashian's fave combo:
Mac Angel lipstick mixed with Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss!!!

Although I'm pale the lippie turned out to be great.

For 2012 I'm rooting for Khloe Kardashian's coral lips.^^

Latest makeup additions for this year:

I got a new job last May, but it was short lived.
I used to have plenty of time to watch dramas,
 movies and even reading few books and e-book.
Honestly, I just finished watching the Korean Drama
Boys over Flowers this year,
and I regret that I didn't watch it earlier.
I love Gu Jun Pyo!!! -.-

Lately I'm so obsessed with the Korean Family Drama
Ojakgyo Brothers,
which is the story of a family that lives in Ojakgyo farm.
I still need to finish a few more episodes.
This is by far is the best drama for me for 2011.

Why do korean dramas seem so appealing?

 Aren't they hoootttttt????!!!

For American reality series,
nothing will beat
Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 6
I only watch it coz I love their makeups & style.
I don't get their high maintenance poshy life though.
Sometimes I cringe a little while watching them
spend money..

I listen to every songs from every singers possible.
This year, the most influential singer goes to 2ne1.

Every songs and music videos for this year's good too.

I love Nicki Minaj,

a few Gaga songs,
as well as Rihanna
and Selena Gomez.

The best song goes to SUPERBASS!!

Until now I'm having a hard time
rapping it like a boss.

I don't know who's copying who but it's the trend nowadays I guess

 goes to Party Rock Anthem..
and the SHUFFLE dance
which is popularized by Quest Crew
is really popular in South Korea
and my students were trying to
learn the dance.

In the Philippines, it's the dougie. lol


The most awaited movie for me this year is Breaking Dawn.
then Transformers part 3 in 3D & Kung Fu Panda 2.


I noticed that many women got pregnant
and gave birth this year.
Some of my highschool friends
 are pregnant again for the second time.
Some were first timers,
 mostly unexpected.

I have a very close friend who is confirmed to be preggoo
I won't tell who.. let's find it out next year!!


Bah! Wedding bells are everywhere.
Either it's really the year where everyone
wants to get married, or I'm getting old and it's
about time for my generation to get hitched.
Interesting isn't it?

I received a lot of wedding invitations,
but some got married without even inviting me!!!

Wedding color of the year is RED I guess.

I've seen brides carrying red bouquet of flowers.
I think it's being influenced by the Vampire era.
Even if I google some wedding ideas, it is mostly in red.
Pre-nuptial photos are usually inspired by forest and dark concepts.

3 Big Weddings happened.

The Royal Wedding

The Fairytale -72 days Wedding

The Mortal & Immortal Wedding

I've been to happy weddings.
Most of my friends got married,
I even got a special participation with my Bezzie.
Her uncle got married to a very pretty bride.

My close friend Ritchel tied the knot too.
Everyone wants to take a plunge on their
wedding reception.^^

Another close friend of mine
got engaged on her birthday.

I'm soooo happy for her!!!

but I'm sad at the same time coz I know for sure
we won't hang out more often in the near future.
Sigh!! happy endings for everyone
while my bestfriend and I are crying LOL

one really close friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend.
Very unpredictable. Again, I won't tell who...


I gained a lot of Korean and Filipino friends,
and I attended many good gatherings as well.
I've been to amusement park twice LOL

Marc & Joyce's Birthday Celebration
January 2011
What's the best way to celebrate your 24th birthday?
Go to the amusement park. We're not getting any younger!!
 The best part is when we got wet while riding Rio Grande.
The rapids were too harsh and scary. Everything is wet!!
Our hair, bag, shoes and undies.

My Birthday and Rio's Birthday Celebration
June 2011

A few weeks before my birthday there was a typhoon,
and on the day itself of this trip on my 25th Birthday, the classes were
cancelled and the typhoon was too strong. It was raining cats and dogs.


Reunion with my Highschool Friends
October 2011

My classmate since Kindergarden named Pipoy had his vacation
after cruising for a year. He asked for reunion and said it's his treat.
I was watching television and found out that it's really foggy in Tagaytay City.
The reason why it's foggy? Consecutive Typhoons!! What else??
The best trips of my life are always combined with typhoon.

We dined at Army Navy, had burgers and pizzas.

It was really foggy, rainy and beautiful.
I love my shots with the trees.

No major concerts for me this year, and unfortunately
I failed to see Super Junior for the second time.
their concert ticket was soooo expensive.
Last year I went to Rain's concert
and the ticket was really cheap for general admission and silver tickets.
So I just went to Filipino annual events

Philippine Tattoo Expo
also known as
Dutdutan 2011

It's my first time to go there with my boyfriend and brother.
I envy those young girls who are getting a tattoo and joining the competition.

 Why am I wearing a leather jacket? cos there's a typhoon again
and it's really cold.
Event Shirts and Freebies

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest Year 5

My boyfriend likes rock concert so even if sometimes
I feel really bored I go with him and have fun.
This year it's my brother's first time to watch an event like this.
He has been a killjoy and now he regretted that 
he didn't go to Rain's concert last year.


Two of my cousins celebrated their birthday
in a fun way, I was so involved with everything
from makeups to gowns, invitations and cakes.

Micah turned 7.

Shane turned 18.
 Also, Kim had her prom.
 I was too busy doing their makeups.

Good and bad things happened to me this year.
But I lived up with my resolution from last year.
I promised I will try to be less bully online, and be more patient.
I have a few accomplishment and few achievements.

 We should think positively and say 2012 is going to be a good year.
There are so many things that can possibly happen for one day,
what more if we have another 365 days?

The world is not going to end in 2012.
Why? Coz I still need to get married by 2013.

Something to look forward to next year:

Ghost Rider 2 3D

Breaking Dawn Part 2

and I really hope that next year the one that I've been
waiting for will happen....

The event organizer, although they aren't confirming it yet,
told fans that this group will perform by next year.
The fans were not hoping for anything, but
I hope they're not lying, coz if they are, then


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