Friday, October 4, 2013

Etude House Cosmetics Haul and New Endorsers

I miss blogging and it's really been a long time! 
I have a few stuffs from Etude House that I failed to post and review
 coz aside from being busy my freaking laptop's still not working.
 I'll be updating you guys with some of the lippies that I have, and more.

The last time that I blogged I was all over SHINee and Dara.
Even when I went to Singapore their faces were all over Orchard Malls and K-Street in Bugis.
 I even watched SHINee's concert, alone.

Now they have their latest endorsers, SM Entertainment's Fx members
Sulli and Krystal.

Sulli and Krystal shares the same company/agency with SHINee.
They're from a 5 member girl group.
They're called F(x).

I knew that Sulli will be the next in line coz Etude House Korea was the sponsor
2012's teeny South Korean drama "To The Beautiful You".
Most of the casts' toiletries were from Etude, including Kwanghee's lipbalm
that made me laugh coz it looks familiar.

He's using the SHINI Star Lipbalm in Cherry, the main character from the drama's shade
(Minho's a.k.a Park Tae Jun)

I have 5 of it!! Then when I couldn't even use all of them at the same time,
I gave some of it to my cousins. I've done reviews from the past too, 
just click the "Etude House" label at the right lower side of my blog.

One lippie's left for me, and it's the guava flavor.

Throwback!! This has been my favorite picture, and I did an inspired look last year.
Unfortunately when I watched the concert last December I wasn't able to do this.
I was too lazy and I went to Singapore Indoor Stadium early.

For the makeup tutorial and to see the products used, click this link:

Now let me share with you the sweet smelling, sweet tasting lip tints!

Sulli is using the Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 pink

 I've bought 4 Fresh Cherry Tints from the past, and here's a collage
I made a month ago

I've got the 4 shades!!
In this pic, I'm wearing Fresh Cherry Tint in OR201 Peach

Still can't get over the Kiss Note Era of Dara and SHINee.
I've bought My Blooming Lips-Talk, one at a time.
in this crappy pic I'm using the lippie in OR204 Shy Coral.

So far, it's my favorite since it makes me look glowing,
and it complements my complexion and hair color well.
I used to like nude lippies but now i kinda hate them coz they made me look
ultra anemic. 

Now there's a new line of pink lippies endorsed by Fx's Krystal
called the Pink Talk Line.
I've got PK014 and I still want to get PK012.
I also got  RD306 and PK006


Pink play party was held at Marina Bay Sands last August.
Lucky Singaporean fans were able to catch a glimpse again
of the five boys together with Sulli.

I wonder where are my other nail polishes, lippies, lipbalms..
Last time I checked these are the ones left.. :(
I swear from now on I won't let my friends borrow
any of my makeups...
or my little cousins play with them..

I miss my shopping buddy, my bezzie.
She went back to Singapore last February.
Sooner or later I'll visit her there again, and I'll be bringing my baby and my husband. ^_^
Something to look forward to! It'll be next year.

In this pic we purchased lippies and nail polish, both pale pink and baby pink.
He're a few pics from her beautiful hands, and my thin bony hand.

**Trivia* Lippie Color Guide**

PK stands for Pink - PK006, PK009, PK014
OR stands for Orange - OR201, OR204, OR205
RD stands for Red - RD306, RD304
BE stands for Beige - BE101, BE1

So many colors.. new collections..
Here's Sulli's Orange lippie line,
and more.


Still, so many stuffs to look forward to!
What are your faves and latest hauls from Etude House? :)

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