Friday, May 23, 2014

A Venomous Villain: Maleficent Collection for Mac Cosmetics

Maleficent is the fictional horned villain who needle-poked Aurora a.k.a sleeping beauty,
that induced her to sleep for years. I got a little bored watching the 1959 film, but then
Disney has revamped it and has added a little oomph and twist to the story and this time it
focuses more on Maleficent and how did a good girl has gone bad. As in really BAD.
I'm really excited for it! I saw the trailer in 3D, and it reminds me of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

She's less known. For years she's just there, a classic. Originally in the 1959 movie her skin color was green. Her chin's too pointed, no jaw. Unibrows were heavily stroked, too angled. Eyes were deep set in shades of her own complexion and purple. Eyes perfectly lined with a strong black liner. Lips were small in dark crimson shade. She has a pet raven.

I totally forgot who she is until Mac Cosmetics launched the Venomous Villains Collection 
way back Fall of 2010.  It mainly features more Disney Villains like Evil Queen, Cruella Deville and Dr. Facilier.

I didn't take Dr. Facilier's collection coz he isn't appealing for me.

I was in love with the Maleficent collection coz of the shades chosen for her were really dark, gothic and glittery. There's glittery purple, blue, green and the nail polish shades were really gorgeous. I was dying to have the Violetta lipstick but unfortunately it was already out of stock.

credit goes to

Then for 2014 Mac Cosmetics launched a new collection solely for her. This time the shades were more on the neutral side to dark and smokey. Instead of purple lips, they opted for bright red just like Angelina Jolie's lips for the movie.

credit goes to their respective owners.

For Angelina's makeup in the movie, she has pale skin with chiseled cheeks, or deeply contoured rather with a very prominent slash protruding cheekbones. Eyes were deeply set that emphasizes her uniquely colored iris. Brows were groomed well and perfectly angled.
Lips were bloodily bright.

My best friend sent me a message that she wants to watch the movie and there's a makeup collection launched for it, she was asking me to search and without batting an eyelash I told her it's Mac. She laughed. She said I know makeups so well. Sigh. If only she's here, we're definitely gonna watch it together. She's still in Singapore and happily shopping Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene bags.

Good thing my husband saw the trailer and he said we'll be watching it together. It's a fair deal when I took him to Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier in 3D. I'm really excited! Aren't you guys excited? I'll be wearing the same makeup inspired by this face chart from the 2014 collection, with cheeks less chiseled and zero horns! ^_^
Let me know if you guys love it!!

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