Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Original Is Always Better Than The Sequel

Nevermind the copycats they say...
But sometimes how will you ignore them if they continue imitating everything about you?
Your latest hair color, your favorite music, your favorite makeup, your fashion taste, the current book that you're reading, your new collection.. and many others that sometimes you really wanna punch them in the face for being that shameless.

Sad to say, I grew up having them. I'm just an ordinary person fascinated by different things with questionable style and eccentric taste in everything. I do whatever floats my boat. I admire people, I collect things.. I hoard things.. I do feel that sometimes I'm obsessed with something.. and maybe that sets me different from others. I always wanted to be different.
I don't go with the flow, and I NEVER imitated someone I know (especially when she's just an ordinary person) coz she happens to be "cool". I always believe I can be "cooler" than anyone else if I'll just be myself. I'm saddened by the fact that there are people who imitates other people..those just ordinary ones or someone they know. I'm not saying that ordinary people aren't cool. It's just not appropriate. Give her a break. Please. Copycats are annoying, really. Let that person do whatever she wants and do your own thing. Explore and discover your own interest. If I imitate an icon or a famous celebrity (well.. for instance.. when I was young I was a big Britney Spears fan) that would be more acceptable, especially if that public figure made you a better person. But imitating your neighbor? your schoolmate? your officemate? someone's girl? that isn't right.

A Britney Spears Copy Cat

I've loved her. Coz of her I learn a lot of dance choreography. My dancing skills have improved. I've passed several dance auditions. The famous dance organization of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute has welcomed me after dancing to Britney's I'm a slave for you. I did the exact choreography from her VMA performace. I've flattened my abs and did tummy crunches, pierced my belly button. While the other young girls after school goes out with their friends, I was at home learning these dance steps on my own.

And also, I've learned how to apply makeups too!. My highschool friends, dancemates
and officemates has labeled me as Britney not because I look like her.  It's because I dance like her. I've made it. My talent has improved.That's the best thing that happened... and she used to be my IDOL. I still love her now though..

I never imitated someone from my dance org. They all dance really good! We do have our own Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, J.lo.. I never piss other people. Britney is an icon. Not an ordinary person that will get pissed if she discovers I imitate her.

The Social Network

I remember during "Friendster" days I used to have 6 followers, I know 4 of them personally,
the 2 others I just found out that they're ex-girlfriends of my ex-bf and now my husband. They ALWAYS view my profile, as in almost EVERYDAY. Don't you have anything else to do with your life, girls? The other 4, 3 of them were someone I know coz
they're with the same company I was working with.One used to be the current girlfriend of my special friend. I started to know them by names coz of not just topping the list of "who's viewed me?" on my friendster, but they even followed me on Multiply, Twitter, and now Blogger. Yes, some of them learned how to blog as well. Boy, they really don't know what to do with their lives..Some blogs about makeup, but they just don't know how to apply it,
or what makeup brands are the best. Some blogs about high fashion, label themselves
as fashionistas but can only afford streetwears and casual clothes from Forever 21.
Some loves taking photos with their "lavish" lifestyles, knowing their wage couldn't really afford it. I just hope they won't pretend. Just be real. Try to discover your own talents.
I'm sure you all have it. You just haven't discovered it yet.

How do they become copycats? When I started collecting Hello Kitty stuffs, 2 out of 6 started collecting it as well, and they even asked me where do I get those stuffs.

Whenever I post about makeups, 3 of them asked me about my makeup collection
and one started bragging about her makeup collection, skills and whatsoever. Yeah right.

Well, I really used to dance, and suddenly they're dancers as well! They post videos with their mediocre takes of Britney and Beyonce choreographies,which was often used by my group mates in dance.

One started photography, coz I mentioned I wanted to learn it. Ok sure goodluck to you.
One even imitated my graduation hair and makeup. Hah! They listen to music I listen to, they like the brands of clothes I like as well, they started wearing cat eye makeups coz I loved it, they started wearing circle lenses coz I used to wear one. The annoying thing about it is they even have the nerve to ask me WHERE DO YOU BUY IT??

Wait girls, this is not a competition.Flowers don't compete with other flowers. They just bloom. yeah, ok suddenly we're all flowers.

The Cross Fire

First there is this dance organization in my town that are really obsessed with my dance group from De La Salle. They watch our videos. She happened to be the my brother's friend. Then they started dancing to the same song, and worst, same costume, same choreography. We argued coz I told her try to rip other's moves from youtube, there are better dancers there and why us? Sarcastically she said " so what?" being a self confessed war freak, it awakened the sleeping dragon in me... I said a lot of hurtful foul words and she was stunned.She said sorry and I don't know what happened to their group.

If she only asked for my help, I'll give her better tips and better concept.

Second is this, the infamous heart shaped heels. I saw it from an online shop and I bought 2, one for me and one for my bestfriend. This girl asked me where did I get it coz she saw me wearing it on a party and she happened to be there. Being kind hearted at first I told her the online shop and the price. After a month she bought one, and posted a picture similar to it.

My friends told me she's imitating me. I don't mind. Until she started telling her friends on facebook that I was imitating her the whole time! Hah! My eyes went red. I posted on my wall and tagged her name. I asked her for a confrontation and then in person she said sorry while crying. I'm a bad person I know. I just don't like it if people are being b*tchy or underestimating my ability. I'm warning you I'm the worst person when I'm mad.
Even my husband tries to avoid it. My close friends don't want to see it as well.

I TRANSFORM. That's why I'm two faced. There's a side of me you don't want to see.
I'm not a great person. I just do what I want, just leave me alone and there will be peace.

**I want to post pictures showing similarities and more.. but that might start as another
wild fire again ^___^**

Since I've got the BEST "bestfriend" in the world, she bought me another one
and told me "ok annoy her more :) "

Once again I'm saddened by what I observed with young kids these days.
They envy each other. They love imitating each other.

Atta Marie

My young cousin who's also a young online blogger, has been imitated by young girls at her age many times. She's really simple and she loves staying indoors. She's always in front of her laptop, or if not, she designs her own top and shoes. If she's not doing both, then she must be eating in the kitchen.

One time I asked her "you know ____? are you aware that she's your copycat?... haha"
and she said "yes", she smiled shyly and she's really quiet. Unlike me, she's cool and though she's annoyed she ignores them.. Atta is unique and she knows what she wants.
She likes to read books, cute fashion, music of One Direction, Hunger Games, The Fault in our stars. Sadly she has mini copy cats for all of it.

Atta, one day, they'll test your patience. Smile for now :)

It doesn't just happen in a normal, ordinary life. Beyonce has been tagged as a
swagger jacker.. jacked J.Lo's swag in many ways. The way Beyonce does it makes me think of someone so annoying.. hahahaha. Way to go, B!


I do want to gain friends, If only some of these girls were nice and grateful.
It's just ok if you want to copy someone or get her idea, but not always,
and do not start a fight, especially when you know
that you're not the original. Talk about PLAGIARISM :)


  1. The long awaited post! Mind if I share it? Uh, actually, I already did. Hehe! I couldn't agree with you more. Sadly, copycats are everywhere. Kilala ko pa nga yata yung isang tinutukoy mo. But I might be wrong. Hihi ;) They imitate either because of too much idolization or they are trying to prove something - whatever that is, I wouldn't know. I myself was once guilty of being a "copycat". I remember back in 2005 when I started blogging, I was copying a certain celebrity. But I eventually developed my own style. Ewan ko ba yung iba, masyadong consistent sa panggagaya. Kina-career! LOL Monkey see, monkey do. Le sigh...

    1. haha thanks ainnizisoka! sure you can share it! :) We've been copycats too but atleast they're celebrities and not other random ordinary people na we know din personally.. and yes coz of them we improved and finally developed our own.. yung iba kasi talaga namang... hahaha ayaw mag effort! tamad magkaroon ng sariling identity. I don't want to write about it sana but I feel bad for my cousin, I saw some pics from her copycats then ung poses sa pictures, accessories and concept parehong pareho.. *shakes head*