Friday, June 29, 2012

Emo Days No More!! Happy Bug is Back to Blog

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, sexy, smart and lovely girl in the world... ME!!!

 Yey!! I turned 26 and I want to reward myself with all my hardwork..
but then I realized that it's mom who does all the hardwork...^^
I really want to apologize for being so emo these past few days.
I guess I'm really just stressed out with everything that is happening with my life.
 Some events are just too overwhelming, but in the end I'm still happy.
So for today's blog it's basically about keeping up with what
happened to me this June, and things that really made me feel special.

Well I wanna start off with one gift I rewarded for myself.
I don't have enough money to splurge on expensive clothes,
but there are things that I might possibly like, and when I like it I will do everything to get it.
 I rarely see shoes that I like these days since I'm pretty much obsessed with makeups.

My admiration for the Kardashians never end,
 and I do a Kardashian reality show marathon every night,
 though I don't know much about clothes & branded goods,
I drool and lust over their expensive designer shoes and bags.

There's this particular ankle boots that I really want the first time I saw it worn by Kim.

I always try to look for replicas or something that looks close to it but I haven't seen any.
Even if I want to have the same shoes that she's wearing, omg it's Prada

It costs a whopping $890 and you can purchase it in Saks.
If I convert it into peso, let's say the value of 1 dollar is 43 pesos,
then 890 multiplied by 43 is equivalent to 38,270 pesos!!! Enough to send me back to college for one semester!!

Fortunately, there is this local online store and I found the "almost" exact replica of this shoes that I've been dying to have. Compared to the original, the heels and the platform are not as high as Prada's, and I'm fine with it
coz anything higher than 4 inches will definitely break my ankle, and in worst case, I might break my neck from possibly tripping accidentally due to my extreme clumsiness.

I received my order after a month and when I took it out from its
packaging, all I can say is whoooaaa it's so surreal!!
I'm not sure though, on when will I be able to use it.
It's just sitting there on my shoe rack..

So now, what happened on my birthday?
It was stressful. It's simple, but really a stressful one.
My birthday is always composed of 3 celebrations.
Pre- intra- post.

June 22nd - I promised my officemates that I'm gonna treat them
so I brought a dinner. We're only just 6 employees in our comfy office.
I told my other co-workers to bring their hubbies.

June 23rd - I met my friend whom I know since I was six years old.
I'm so touched he wanted to see me prior to my birthday coz he bought a present.
It's the shirt that I like.
It was used during the historical star formation from my
previous Alma Mater.

I wanted to treat him with lots of foods from McDonald's
since he requested for it.. but then he only asked for a happy meal
and a large float coz he's been suffering from tummy pains for 2 weeks
in a row. Poor him.

Then after meeting Russell I went out for a dinner with my cousins.
After having fun and munching on foods, we went to different makeup stores
and tried swatching lippies at the back of our hands and on our lips.
I really enjoy hanging out with them. They've grown so fast
and they can travel anywhere, and ride a public vehicle comfortably no matter how far
the destination is, whereas for me,
I couldn't still cross the street. They're smarter and have better sense
of direction. I therefore think they will succeed better than me
in the future. 

Around 1:30am of June 24th I went online
and I'm happy to see a lot of birthday greetings and wishes.
My boyfriend called, my family's still awake.. but I was sad that time.
I was thinking of my two friends, who had been with me
since I was little, and now they went to Singapore to work.
It's my first time to celebrate my birthday without them.

Then I was tagged on facebook that there's a video
that my bestfriend had made.
I thought it was just a typical picture compilation.
So the video starts with a simple greeting,
then my pictures with my family,
boyfriend, bestfriend and other friends....
I was literally holding back my tears....
coz mom and dad & my bro's also watching it...
too embarassed to bawl.. and they'll gonna troll on me
if I cry.. I knew it..

but the freaking video is 8 minutes long!!!!!!
In the middle of the vid I can't help it.
I couldn't hold back my tears,
my throat's already dry and my eyes are about
to pop out!! Damn, I cried!!

At first my Mom & Dad are like:

then mom's like:

then dad's like:

and my bro's like:

I was so embarassed but definitely touched.
I couldn't contain both my happiness and sadness.

The state of ambivalence made me like this:

I miss my bestfriends.
 I wish they were with me, having fun on my special day.
I only communicate with them through skype.

On the brighter side, I do received a few cute gifts.
Getting old means getting less, but I'm happy anyway.

Russell gave me a shirt from De La Salle University's
Human Star Event.

when worn:

Nikki gave me two pairs of cute earrings,
which best defines my personality..

After using the second generation of iphone for quite sometime
and still enjoying it, I got a new phone thanks to my

These days I'm so focused with work.. busy pretending to be busy.
I have so many things in mind and lots of plan to accomplish
before this year ends.

Next on my wish list is everything Chanel!!!

I want a 2.55 flap bag..

A cc logo earrings with pearl drop

A foundation compact..

And I really do want to have these from Louboutin!!!

The Impossible Dream.
I'm not rich, I'm always broke, but it's free to dream. :)

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