Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Personal Rant: Goodbye 25!!

I have nothing to blog about this month, I don't know..
I just don't feel like writing, doing something or even putting makeup on.
Too lazy to go out, dress up, or even wear a bra... LOL
I'm too lazy for everything. I guess I need another motivation.

My birthday's coming... few days from now I'll turn 26..
Most of my students, whose age ranges from 30's to mid 40's, are
saying I'm still sooo young to accomplish things and follow my dreams.
But living in the Philippines is quite different. 26 means you're a fully grown adult.
You need to be accomplished in life.. or have a few savings at the bank.
I've been working my ass off for 4 years but still I'm not satisfied with my status..
hence I got the idea of working abroad.

I used to experience a lot of pressure about the idea of tying the knot,
but still, things are not falling into its right place..
Now I have a new goal, but then things are still not falling into its damn place.
Excuse my frustrations in life, though I'm not 50 yet, I think I'm having mid life crisis,
or rather quarter life crisis?!

A month ago I had a plan to work in Singapore with my friends.
But then, maybe, it's not the right time yet.. mom disapproved. dad disapproved.
boyfriend disapproved. bf's family disapproved. aunts and uncles disapproved.
So you think I still can go to SG without messing up with myself?
PSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! &@(#!$%^!!!
Sadly, my besftriends flew there 2 weeks ago already.
I'm not sure if I can follow them as soon as possible.
I also think I'm not ready yet, but I miss my two bestfriends.. so bad.

Let me see, living for a year as a 25 year old adult is kinda hard.
Good things will come but bat shits are there too..
Not sure if there's a significant milestone that happened to me lately..
Life's pretty stagnant and I'm freaking tired of it, but then there are times
that I do enjoy living in my own separate world.
Will I ever commit suicide? HELL NO!!
I don't have any problems, I'm just a little disappointed
at this point in my life, but it's just for today.
Tomorrow my mood's gonna soar again.
As I'm getting older I hate it when people bug me, and approach me.
I just hate some people... I'm trying to like them but it's damn hard.
I got a pretty good advice from my highschool teacher last Saturday and he
taught me how to handle life's stressors and how not to stress myself.
Thank you Sir!! It's really helpful.

I don't expect much from my life as of now, I do enjoy the little things that I have..
my makeups.. and time with my family, friends.
There's no need to hurry and rush things, I still have a long way to go.

Life's offer is still unknown and I know God has better plans..
Sorry God if sometimes I can't wait and I'm too impatient...
I'll try to become a better person, better than I was.
One thing I learned as a 25 year old woman...
If it'll happen, IT WILL.

Once again, please excuse my emo self.
Been suffering from multiple personality disorder lately...

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