Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Experience as a MAC Guest Artist

Before I say something for this short post, let me scream OH MY GOD!! **at the top of my lungs**

Another check on my bucket list. I've been dreaming about this all my life, to be a MAC Artist even just for a day. Many girls would definitely agree since it's every girl's dream as soon as they reach the age of 20 and start swooning over makeups, don't forget the aspiring and even pro MUA's goal, for sure.

It was a life long dream that I just don't know how to accomplish since I can't commit on working 6 days a week, but I'm still considering if I really want to become a full time, full pledged MAC Artist.

So it started when I bumped into Miss Marsie La Sangre and I've found out she's a guest artist for MAC. It usually lasts for 4 to 5 days only, and you have an option if you want product payment or monetary payment. I've been endorsed at MAC Rustan's Alabang and everything happened smoothly and swiftly. I was on duty for five days (Sept.1-5)

I've already met my co-Artists the day before and should I say I never felt at home with a job for a long time? I've met the manager Miss Jane, Ethel and Aron, and they encouraged me to apply the next day as they said I'm already welcome, just have to push with my plans. :)


I went to Estee Lauder Cosmetic's Office first for my interview and got my pass/ID at Rustan's office in Oppen Building. Wearing a corporate all black (should I say corporate goth style?) with high heels and full beat face, I was requested to start my with my first day asap. As soon as Miss Ethel handed me the brush belt, I was like "Dang! So this really is it!"

My first day wasn't really hard, or should I say I didn't have a hard time coz I totally love what I'm doing. By the way, fones were not allowed for Rustan's employees so I only get the chance to have my picture taken with the gang whenever my hubby visits me at the store.


Just like the MAC Artists, I'm there to assist the beauty needs and queries of each client, do some makeovers, give tips, techniques, suggest products and make every clients feel welcome and at the same time purchase more of what they're planning to get. :) On my free time I help maintain the store by helping them to clean, arrange the cosmetics display and even the stocks on each shelf. Still, it's such a fun task. More importantly, it's a plus if you know the products by heart since most clients ask for your opinion, best shades to get and more. I even exceeded my quota!


You get to experience all MAC products and brushes! It's like every three hours I change my lippie color, retouch my makeup or add more colors to it. One time I went on a glam goth mode and used Instigator lipstick mixed with Sin for an ombre look and most clients bought it! If I'm not in the mood for dark shades I reach for Please Me lipstick or Back in Vogue retro matte liquid lipstick.

You'll also meet new friends from the fragrance/perfumery and even from other Estee Lauder Cosmetics Companies.

More pictures!

With my new friends Ethel and May.

The whole gang (minus Miss Jane) L-R: Angel, Ethel, Me, Aron and May.

The person who never fails to support me with my craziness these days, my husband. :)

Looking forward for my next guesting with MAC or other ELC companies.
If you're a MUA and you want to become a guest artist, let me know so I can also help you become one. I was also given a chance and was given help so might as well return the favor to my fellow MUAs.

Going goth: The beautiful combo of matte lippies Instigator + Sin

 You can reach me though my FB page or IG account  if you got questions, I would love to help y'all!


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