Monday, November 28, 2016

Glam Fairies Makeup Artistry

Hello lovelies! 2016 is about to end, can't be thankful enough coz 2016's disrespectful af. Just kidding, Although so many twist happened early this year, the latter part has been a blast and two of my dream/life goals came true. I guess the love for makeup and face painting won't end til 2017, and hoping the full blast status will happen more in the following years. I really do think my calling has to do with brushes, palettes and faces.

I would like to share with you first the MAC products I got, and I'm planning to be a guest makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics again by January. My MAC family has been asking me if I could work with them anytime soon, but I couldn't drop off all the makeup gigs from weddings to special occasions. I miss everyone at the store, and I miss working and playing at the same time, not to mention the free makeups I could get. So dreamy!

I actually chose those makeups I could use everyday, or for my brides... and I want more!!!
Visiting my MAC Family, with my little one that looks exactly like his dad.
Now for the fun part!!! I've found another family, more of like sisters from another mother!
After searching for a glam team for a long time since I hate working alone, I'm now collaborating with makeup artist Ella and hairstylist Kristine. We share a lot in common, our love for makeups, photo shoot, making women look beautiful, and.... food!

so here, I'm with Kristine. Ella isn't into pictures and due to some personal reasons
I'm still gonna wait for the time I can post her pic. :)
I've been doing my own makeup for more than a decade and it feels so weird yet ticklish (and I love it) that someone's doing it for myself. Ella is one of the most talented makeup artist I've met, not to mention her pretty expensive makeup collection and a she's so amusing. She never fails to crack me up almost everyday!

Ella and I have different techniques and signature look and we love helping each other out, giving tips and exchanging makeups! I envy her precise makeup application and how neat the finish is.
She loves using airbrush foundation on me and I love how I look pore-less in person. :) I even tell her my secret to soft smokey eyeliner and more.

Since every two weeks we get gigs and makeup sesh, I can practice more and improve my skills though sometimes my hand and my wrist joint won't cooperate. This coming December will definitely be the busiest month for the Glam Fairies. There will be weddings and Christmas parties.
Now I would like to share with you my pretty clients from our makeup session this week.

and after every makeup gig and makeup sesh here's the after math pic. I can't... anymore :)

For my next blog post it'll surely be about the upcoming Dutdutan Version of Imus, The Tatak Sumi Etivac event. I'll be one of the host and you know guys how much I love tattoo conventions and competitions. If only my mom won't kill me I'll be the Kat Von D of the Philippines.

Til next post!

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