Friday, February 24, 2017

January ~ February Guestings at MAC Cosmetics

Hello everyone! It's 2017 and I still couldn't keep my sh*t together! Anyways what's new?
The hectic yet dreadul and fun December left me extremely exhausted til January, but it's such a nice welcome for a new year to be back at my favorite playground/beauty haven.

Yep I'm talking about M.A.C. Cosmetics.
I was thrilled once again to receive a call and a request for duty from my Estee Lauder/MAC family.
I've already notified the HR head that come January and I'll be working with them as a guest once again. So for January I had two guestings with my MAC Family at Alabang Town Center. 

The fun part? I was with pro mua Marsie whom I haven't seen for a long time. The bonus part is that I get to chat with pro mua Jazel Vergara and we clicked right away. Also, I had a great time hanging out with M.A.C. Artist Marybelle, Bobbi Brown muas Neal Vicente and Jacob Guatiz  and Fredah of Hermes plus Miss Estee of Estee Lauder.

I had two guestings with M.A.C Alabang and there's another thrilling thing that happened when February came. I received a message from the Store Manager of M.A.C. SM Mall of Asia for another guesting, another home! :) Thanks again to my sis Marsie La Sangre. I got this wonderful referral from her.

This time, I've had a total of 10 guestings with them, the most I've had for a month and it was such a good training ground for me. M.A.C. Mall of Asia is more dynamic since the store's bigger. 

You'll encounter more foreigner, yep really from Asian countries to American, African and European. My skills have definitely hone up more since I've experienced working with NW tones, plus it helped me speed up my makeup application for each client. Did I mention I'm more confident now to work with their product and my wishlist to have all those dreamy MAC makeups were too long.

I get to test more products and use it on my clients, I was also given a sales quota and a product payment in return that I will request by the end of the month and probably receive it a month or two from now. If you wanna ask how much is the product payment, it's a whopping 2,500 worth of prod per day! :) 

It was definitely such a blessing and I was asked by my fellow muas how to become a guest artist, I've tried to help some but still the decision for their stores to ask for your guesting still relies with their head office at Estee Lauder Cosmetics. I've referred a lot but they're still on the waiting list. Please be patient and soon you'll all experience to become one. I've posted on my previous post the responsibilities of a guest and the perks. You can read it here: My Experience As A MAC Guest Artist

One thing I love about being a M.A.C. Artist that I'm also experiencing though I'm a guest is that you get to wear the most stylish black clothes you have and the most bad ass beat face. You are actually required to wear the most impeccable look as YOU ARE A MAC ARTIST. You are also treated fairly as a regular MAC Artist with your fellow co-artist and bosses.

One of my fave outfits of all time:


Heart's day at the store! Red rose from my husband :)

I'll be blogging more about my guesting and soon I hope it's all about my new MAC products! Looking back from my previous blog posts (back when I first started blogging) I've always wanted to be where I am now. You just don't quit on your dream (though I wanted to quit many times). All we need is a little "push". Ciao!
XOXO, Miss Vixen

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