Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics at Vixen's Vanity Lair!

Hello dearies! I've mentioned from my previous post that I've reopened my online shop and we're now offering more lip products from high end to affordable ones. Now, if you're looking for a cheap but 100% authentic Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, fret no more coz I got you covered!

Let me show you the Lip Kits from first batch. Our intro price is just 2,000 pesos.
yes, while most of you have seen lip kits that are so expensive ranging from 2,800-4,000, our is obviously cheaper. It's just an intro price though, price increase is ineveitable due to shipping fees and taxes but will still be the cheapest coz we will just add a few hundred. We're so thankful that for our first ever batch of lip kits were already 17 pieces!

Now we're still waiting for the second batch to arrive with the third batch full of Kylie Glosses and Kylie Metal Mattes, and two pieces of Kylie's newest shades Exposed. All shades for metals and gloss available at a very reasonable price!

Sneak peak of Gloss from Sheena

The inquiries were flooding my FB, IG and even my fone inbox. Stressful yet fun. My makeup buddy and now business partner Sheena we're planning for more exciting surprises. We had our first successful raffle and the winner will receive the Lip Kit shade of her choice.

Now let me show you my very own Kylie Lippie that I never thought I'll have, shades name is Posie K! Swatches and review soon.

We'll also have our physical store that's due to open this month! Did I say I was too crazily busy these days? Really crazy, like for almost everyday I've got tons to do but 24 hours is too short to finish everything and accomplish many things. Soon I'll show you pictures of the studio, and post more reviews. For more details and availability of Kylie Lippies, visit our FB Page Vixen's Vanity Lair or our Instagram Page @vixensvanitylair. xoxo!!

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