Tuesday, July 1, 2014

End of June Rendezvous

It's not too late for summer to end, though it's officially rainy season. I love it when it rains and June has definitely been my favorite month. I love to swim on a gloomy rainy day coz I hate it when sun toasts my skin. I've suffered sunburns so many times on my shoulders and nose and it used to hurt so bad. I'm ok with tanning but I don't like the painful natural process of baking myself. Now I'm taking my little boy to swim, a simple get together and a birthday celebration for me. Just like what my husband told me, it's gonna be a week long celebration. FYI my only brother who's one year younger celebrates his birthday right after mine. I'm also excited coz the last time I went swimming it was before I got married and have a baby.

We went to Uno Vera Hotel and Spa.This used to be a private resort and lodging for the Japanese, now it's finally open to the public, but since it's pricey and no foods are allowed
 it became a private pool for us. Not your typical resort with so many peeps. The owner of Uno Vera Hotel and Spa were the family of my boss from my first job. It's so nice seeing nice familiar people around. They welcomed us warmly and gave us a few discount.

Only my close friends were invited. It's sad that some of them didn't make it. There's always next time.

I went there with my husband, my baby and two close friends.We're still waiting for 3 more friends. My husband didn't even stay longer coz he has a gig that night.

Here's my baby already pointing on the menu. I guess he wants the Samurai crepe.
When I was pregnant I was craving so bad for it coz it used to be my favorite 
when I was still working with the company that owns Uno Vera. I even remember I was so mad at my friend Marc coz he promised he'll buy me one, but it took him 2 months when he went back to my house.

Kong family pic time!

Since his "ninongs" were so fond of him, he got his treat.

The mouth-watering Samurai Crepe

Russell and Marc has always been my best buds. We've known each other since we
were 6 years old. They love my son, and he's always special to them. I guess this is the best part of producing the first baby among your circle of friends.Baby's totally spoiled.

this is kiok :)

My bestfriend misses my baby so much,
she sent him a big can of milk. thank you bezzie~!
wish you were here.

Swimming for the first time. Draven is now 7 months old.
Time really flies! have to save up for this first birthday though.


This epic smile of him gathered 168 likes on Facebook. My baby's really popular. Everytime I post pictures of him, he gathers more than a hundred likes. Not to mention when I announced I was preggy and posted an ultrasound picture when he was still an embryo, he already received 380 likes. When he was born, he got 280. Way to go, son!

baby's already sleepy. he wants to sleep in the water.

After a few hours we went home coz I need to help my husband prepare for his gig,
and I have to take Draven home, I'm afraid he might catch a cold. He even drank the pool water!

After an hour, I went back and it's gonna be a long day for me.Just like the old times. Yeah!

Disappointed that I'm not wearing a bikini just like the other girls out there?
SORRY! with my conservative family and now my husband becoming conservative like them, it'll be impossible. Besides, I'm not brave enough to flaunt my body on the internet.
You'll never know who will come across your picture and use it for something.. dirty.
There are so many bad people out there. There's also Photoshop. You'll never know what you're getting into. Plus I don't want to receive a karma for laughing at those curve less creatures fearlessly exposing themselves, and couldn't offer any talent other than their body and sexuality. There's no difference between getting caught with your brassieres and undies and wearing a bikini. Both of them exposes your body, and I'm strongly against it.
If you're beautiful enough, you don't need to flaunt everything.


Feeling free.. for just a couple of hours. At first I was enjoying it.. then suddenly I missed Draven and Francis. So this is how it feels like to become a mom and a wife. 
(no peace of mind, at all)


Now don't be scared...
Here's me without makeup...

Then horsing around with my childhood best buds.
We feel like kids again!

 I want to have a picture here with my husband.
Just a beautiful, perfect spot. Maybe next time.

More pictures..


Now see the beauty of sunset against the window.. reflecting on the water.

Night comes, and finally Doctor Edsie came! with food.. I'm so proud of her, she's a doctor now. She's also one of my childhood best bud. We've known each other since we were six years old.


My husband even cooked my fave pasta, carbonara. He cooks so well.. I must learn how to cook and surpass his skills. Someday.

If there's one thing I love about my life, it's becoming a mother to this wonderful gift.
He makes me smile and laugh out loud everyday. I'm inspired to live coz you're my reason.
I love you so much baby!

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