Monday, February 16, 2015

A Shelter for My Gems: Suesh Makeup Traincase

Hi lovelies! How's your valentine's? This year my heart's really happy because I received pre-valentines day gifts from my husband. First, it's a Lacoste polo shirt in dark plum and I love pairing it with burgundy plum eyes. My FOTD for this particular look will be up for my next blog post. Second, it was a surprise. A few weeks ago my husband and I were talking about something when suddenly he says he has a surprise and it's gonna be a valentine's day gift. It was actually a tough and busy week for me coz I have a few makeup gigs (you know it's prom season) then I'll be attending an alumni homecoming and a dinner party with my elementary-highschool alma mater, in which my family will be having our dance numberand we'll be awarded as Outstanding Family. Since I won't have time on heart's day, my hubby told me we'll go to Alabang Town Center and buy "it" before those busy activities I mentioned earlier. On our way to Alabang I was so excited and giddy I kept asking him to give me clues. I told him if it'll be from a makeup store he should tell me immediately coz I hate deciding under pressure. He just laughed and I got anxious.

When we get to Alabang Town Center I saw Suesh store from a far. My eyes went big coz I remember I used to frequently visit their multiply site coz I want to buy their brushes.

Suesh has been known to produce high quality makeup brushes for a cheaper price. Used to be sold online, it has its own store now at Alabang Town Center, Greenhills, Trinoma and Market!Market!. Now they also have their own cosmetics line that I'm dying to try soon. We went inside and my husband was actually taking the lead and though he's holding my hands he's like pulling me to hurry up and enter the store. While staring at the brushes he immediately said "Can you see that? (pointing on the shelf) That's my gift for you. Pick any color you want." What I saw from the shelf were big makeup traincases. My mind went blank and the first thing I said was "No. I think I don't like it"...

It's not that I don't really like it, I just couldn't believe what was actually happening, still not sinking in and flustered and couldn't decide. He said "No we really have to buy it, you need that for your makeup gigs this week, you have to organize your stuff". The sales assistant was laughing at us. Little did I know, my hubby has visited the store many times, inquiring about those traincases so they seem to know each other already. He even know the price. I just said "Give me some time. Let's eat first so I could think." Oh yes we ate steak! Then my mind's still flying, thinking if I really need it, trying to figure out if it'll be a good or bad decision if I get it.. Or is it really necessary?

He then starts to brainwash my already confused brain. He said I could fill those traincases with new makeups and brushes, and it'll add up angst on my makeup career and make me feel like a better makeup artist. He really insists. I'm just not used to this kind of situation, that I'm getting something expensive and I'm not the one who's paying for it. Yes I always buy stuffs for myself and I've never asked anyone to buy them from me. Whenever I want something I never ask for help from anyone, even from my parents. I should work hard for it. Getting something in an easy way is new to me.

look at that black big traincase on the first layer of that shelf, it's gonna be mine! :)

meet my generous manager, my husband Francis.

After weighing things down and even thinking about the pros's and cons, I said "Ok let's get it". So we get back to the store and I told him I want the black traincase. It's big, and of course I'm picking black coz it's my favorite color.
Upon opening, it has three layers then a separate container for brushes. There's also a shoulder strap and a bigger compartment for bigger palettes. It's made of synthetic leather with visible studs. The materials used looks very durable. There's also a lock at the top, and a key. I won't lock it, or should I say I have no plans of locking it in. I might have trouble opening it in the future and I don't want to take risks.

Just when I thought I have lesser makeup collection now from accidentally losing some it, some has been stolen, some were borrowed and never returned, some were now inside my cousins' kikay kit, I was still able to fill my big traincase!

On the first layer it's for my lip products. Several lipsticks and lip glosses, a few lip liners.

Second layer's for my eyeshadows and eyeliners. Third layer's for powder and cream foundations and a few cheek products. At the bottom is where I'm keeping my big eyeshadow palettes from Sugar Skull Cosmetics and Sephora.

At the side there's a container for my makeup brushes, hair products and makeup remover.

To clean it I just need to wipe it with a tissue and a makeup remover or makeup brush cleaner that is oil free. There's a strong scent of the synthetic leather too.

I'm now in love with it. It really helped me a lot during my makeup gig. It made everything seemed easier, and my clients and their parents were even amazed by what's inside it.
I also received personal messages saying it suits me, or should I say the design of the traincase is definitely so me.
I used it the next day for my makeup gigs, and I've been actually using it for five days straight! Though it's heavy I love the feeling of carrying everything with me. It's like I have everything I need in one simple case. 

More pictures with my useful traincase. My cousins love to play with it.

 I would like to share with you my favorite pic, this was when we're attending an alumni homecoming and dinner, and we received an award as an Outstanding Family.

By the way, Suesh will be having their makeup workshop on 21st of February. They were inviting me but I'm still not sure yet, maybe soon I'll try to contact them. They offer basic makeup workshop, Advanced makeup, airbrush, hairstyling, haircutting and extensive makeup.
Hope y'all like my Feb post and there will be more soon on my draft!
Happy hearts day everyone and spread the love!

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