Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sunkissed: Bronzed Beach Babe

Summer's fast approaching. The temperature's gradually rising and so is my temper. I'm getting constant headaches and lost my appetite with food but that's just good coz I should stay in shape for our beach bonding next month. Since I'm too excited I've already tried to look for bikinis and sexy beach inspired look. Summer makeup means neutral and bronze hues. Since it also means baring your skin, most hue and shades that's close to your skin color and will just enhance the natural beauty that you already have will definitely take center stage. Today's look will focus on day makeup, and a bit inspired by my favorite bronze queen Jennifer Lopez.
In early 2000, J.Lo has made her mark and started the "glow" era with her tanned skin and nude lips. Her makeup artist Scott Barnes has also gained popularity and he has launched his own cosmetics line that's mostly inspired by the color palette he used on J.lo. Thanks to her, most celebrities were still influenced by her look and makeups were used minimally and some opted for more natural looking or lighter makeup.

When I first saw this picture I thought to myself it'll be hard to recreate coz J.lo's facial features and skin tone were the opposite of mine. Though I love nude lips I couldn't pull it of well coz I'm already pale and it'll make me look unwell. The moment my lipstick fades or wiped out just by eating, my friends will already tell me to put lipstick on coz I look sick. Worst of all, those who told me to do that were guys! Now my mission for this makeup look is to look glowing and healthy, flawless and natural.

I mixed my Mary Kay Moisturizer number 3 with just a bit of Estee Lauder Cyberwhite foundation to create my own tinted moisturizer. J.lo's makeup is dewy and needs just a sheer coverage.
My complexion has turned into marshmallow like after using the combination of Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation and Avon Mineral Foundation. It creates a seamless sheer coverage and made my pores look smaller.
On my eyelids I just throw on a wash of shimmery gold eyeshadow and using my ring finger I applied the combination of Etude House Tear Powder in Crystal Gold Tear and L'oreal High Intensity Pigments in Phosphorescent. -I curled my lashes and put mascara on. Since it's a natural makeup look faux cils a.k.a false eyelashes were a no no.
To create the illusion of a sunkissed skin I used Everbilena bronzer in Tan and Maybelline Mineral Powder in Original Rose. Mineral makeups give the most natural coverage. Then I dabbed a white gold shade highlighter on my cheekbones.
For peach glossy lips like J.lo I used my Mac Heatherette Lipgloss in Sockhop. It's a warm coral that isn't sticky at all. It's also the same shade that Kim Kardashian got from the same collection.

I never knew I would look healthier in person coz of my attempt in creating a faux glow. I've never tried going out with this but since it looks very natural with a hint of shimmer I'm now considering doing it almost everyday as it looks more appropriate coz it seems I don't have a lot of makeup on. However I'm not into glossy lips so I might change it and use a matte lipstick, in shades of peach or mauve. I'm not sure if I'll look healthy in pictures but I want to try and find out. What I'm excited about is my summer get away next month with my besties. I will definitely rock this on the beach, with maybe less shimmer. 

Lastly for my beauty and body inspiration, it's none other than Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel.
Who's your fave bronzed beauty? What's your favorite bronzer? Coz of these beach bombshells I'm now dying to recreate a Victoria's Secret Angel Inspired Makeup! Now I'm excited! Please look forward for my blog post next month! 

For J.lo lovers like me, here's a throwback video for y'all:

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