Monday, February 22, 2016

Vampy Lips Must Have! NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Copenhagen and Transylvania

Hello everyone! Have you tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? Well I do, and I never thought I would love it. At first I thought it was overrated, then I've seen beautiful FOTDs wearing them on their lips. Now that I've tried it and have my own, I can't wait to share with you my experience, and I'm afraid I won't be using my lipsticks anymore, and soon I'll be buying all the possible shades coz they're perfect to use for my clients. I have a big wedding gig this year and I'm so excited to get all the shades and try it on different people with different skin tones.

Let's go on to my two favorite purchase early this year. I know fall season's over, but I don't really care to rock dark vampy lips all year round. Most people don't like it, or let's say don't have guts to wear it especially around daytime, or  when it's too early in the morning. Not for me, I care less about what others will think, and maybe if I see someone wearing dark lips like I do, I will definitely think they're pretty cool, coz it's not everyday that you see crazy people like me.

NYX lip creams were described as a straddle between lipstick and lipgloss but more on a matte finish, buttery, and deliciously scented in vanilla. Just like its name, it's really soft on lips without tightness/stickiness. It dries slower than L.A. Girl's Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss and not rub proof, coz if you eat with it or drink with it it'll surely fade, but it's transfer-proof and smear proof once on lips. If you hate seeing your glass, straw or cup with your lipstick mark, then you should give these lip creams a try. 

First lip cream 've got is Copenhagen. NYX's bestseller and always a Fall-must have, and usually sold-out.
It's a dark red with a touch of mulberry. If you applied it thickly it'll almost have a black finish with a red base/ red tinge. Very vampy and reminds me of those lips I used to imitate during the Twilight/True Blood/The Vampire Diaries craze. It my second everyday lip color next to peachy pinks.

I use it when I don't want to exert much effort on glamming myself up early in the morning just to look ok, and with my new work wearing a black uniform, it rocks my plain outfit. I originally bought this and Transylvania to pair with my almost Magenta Red/Burgundy red hair last month, but since I was a Winter Camp teacher for a month for Korean students I avoided using it, coz my students were already distracted with my red hair. What more if I pair it with dark lips?. hohohoho. :') Though they love my bright red hair and they don't usually see it inside their classroom/not a normal thing, my mere presence was already distracting them in the middle of the class and they play/ask a lot of questions about my hair.

Now here's my fave shot just using the camera of my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

Second lipstick that I so love to wear but it definitely attracts too much attention is Transylvania. From the shade's name itself, it'll remind you of Count Dracula. It's more on the dark purple side, like an eggplant, and when applied too much it gives a result of black lips with a purple base/purple tinge. It'll somehow remind you of Mavis Dracula's lips.

It looks good on people with fair and pale complexion especially if you're aiming for some goth vibe. For those with darker skintone then just think of how Rihanna perfectly pulls off black lipsticks.

Wear it on your lips when you're wearing a corset and you're now a Victorian Goth, or wear it with your all black street wear and you'll easily achieve the Street Goth fash.

 My work MOTD using Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania:

They're often bought in pairs and here's the swatches:

For a grunge look, try to do an ombre lip with the combination of these two lippies. Transylvania applied on corners and Copenhagen on the center. (will try that and do a blog post soon). As much as I want to do a full makeup today I don't have time coz my baby's not feeling well. Mommy duties first.

You can purchase these cool lippies at Sweet Frostings Cosmetics.

More makeups to be reviewed soon!

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